Expansion Buzz: The Future of Dominion

I stumbled upon a website recently that had a listing of each of the next seven expansions for Dominion (after Cornucopia) that have not even been announced.  I copied down some of the information, but the website disappeared mere moments after I logged on.  I’m not sure of its accuracy, but the fact that it was taken down so quickly lends some credence to the theory that these are in fact the next planned expansions.  I bring the information to you now in celebration of my fiftieth post on this blog…hopefully you will read it and pass it on before the legal eagles at Rio Grande shut me down for good.  Freedom of information!

  • DOMINION: BESTIARY (October 2011) – Introduces animals to the game, mostly fantastic beasts.  The Minotaur is one of the most interesting of these – when played, it goes into another player’s discard pile.  When it comes up in their hand, they must play it as their first action.  It will destroy one victory card in their hand (player’s choice).  If they have no victory cards, it simply goes into their discard pile.  It also gives an action, so you’ll still be able to play afterwards.  You also get the Unicorn, which allows you to trash any number of cards from your hand, but which may only be played if a female character card has also been played in the current turn; the Phoenix, which gains three gold each time played, but must be trashed and replaced with a new card from the supply piles if possible; and the Basilisk, which freezes the other players and allows you to take another turn immediately after your current turn ends.
  • DOMINION: RENAISSANCE (April 2012) – Here, you’ll be hiring various artisans and free thinkers to provide different bonuses to your deck.  The cool thing about this set is that the game features some absolutely stunning art.  Dominion has been criticized in the past for having very uneven art.  I assure you, those critics will be silenced with this release.
  • DOMINION: NECROPOLIS (October 2012) – In this expansion, you’ll be exploring the crypts below your dominion, the tombs and dark places where no one else will go.  The website hinted that the fabled Zombie card will be part of this expansion, so I’m pretty excited about that.
  • DOMINION: SLUMLORD (April 2013) – This small expansion will include 12 kingdom cards, including the Vagrant, which should be used in every game that includes Slumlord cards.  One Vagrant card will be shuffled into each of the 10 kingdom decks and into each of the victory point piles.  When that card is on top of the deck, every other card in the deck now costs two more.  The good news is that the cards are generally pretty cheap, but when you combine this with Prosperity, you’re going to have problems.
  • DOMINION: STEAMPUNK (October 2013) – Steampunk is an up and coming genre, and Dominion is jumping into the fray here.  I didn’t get a chance to look at many of the cards, but there’s a time machine, robotics, and some very creative machinery.  I’m definitely excited about this one.
  • DOMINION: MONOPOLY (April 2014) – Now they seem to be running out of ideas.  Dominion: Monopoly is all about acquiring real estate and charging rent.  If you manage to collect all cards of a kingdom deck (the kingdom decks will be smaller, and more than ten will be used in game play), rent doubles and you can start building estates, duchies, and provinces on them.  It’s unclear to me at this time what the purpose of the Free Parking card is, but I’m sure there will be something cool.  If not, you can always house rule it.
  • DOMINION: DOMINION (October 2014) – In this massive expansion, you will be playing a person playing a game of Dominion.  Kingdom cards outline some of the various strategies you could use, and profitable combinations of cards.  It’s very meta, and will probably blow your mind.

Now, by this time, I’m sure you have looked at the date stamp and decided that I’m not being completely serious.  Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.  In fact, here’s proof.  See?  Told ya.

Thanks for reading.



    • There’s always next year. 🙂 I love that type of thing, and while I really don’t care about actually “getting” someone, I do enjoy letting my imagination run wild.

  1. What is this “website” where you found this information? The new dominion in October 2011 is Dominion:Hinterlands, you apparently you are WRONG!

    • As I mentioned, the website disappeared shortly after I found it. However, I remain convinced that this “Hinterlands” expansion is nothing but a devious distraction from the real future of Dominion. Did you check my link?

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