Game Buzz: FlowerFall

Another game I’m looking forward to trying at GenCon is one of the biggest hits from Origins:

image by BGG user angelkurisu

FlowerFall is a ten-minute game for 2-7 players (age 6+) designer Carl Chudyk.  Asmadi Games did a small print run for Origins, and since it was such a big hit, they did a short Kickstarter run that funded in July.  Now, I don’t know if it will be available to purchase at GenCon, or if it will just be there for demos, but it’s one I definitely want to check out.

Rules have not been released for this game, but it’s pretty easy to figure out what the rules are from the various videos that have been produced.  There are several flower terrain cards that get scattered around the table.  Each one has some flowers with yellow dots in the middle that are against a green background.  These represent flower patches that you are trying to control.  On your turn, you’ll draw one card from your colored flower deck, lift it to approximately eye level, and drop it.  You can use either side of the card – the flower side, or the back which matches the terrain cards.

After everyone has dropped all of their cards, you’ll score points based on the patches you control.  If you have the most flowers showing that are touching a patch of green, you will get one point for each yellow dot that is showing.  The player with the most points wins.

It’s interesting that the designer that brought us some pretty deep games (specifically Glory to Rome and Innovation) made this relatively light game.  From what I hear, this game is a very interesting mix of dexterity and area control, with strategies coming in when to cover other players’ flowers and when to try and build up your own total.  For a ten-minute game, I can see this one getting a lot of play.  It’s always nice to find a great filler, and I think this will be a classic.  Definitely looking forward to checking it out.

Wow, this was a quick one.  Thanks for reading!


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