Movie Buzz: CATAN

I’ve never done a post about movies and board games.  Who can blame me?  Besides Clue (one of my favorites), Battleship (by all accounts a horrid, horrid film), Jumanji (based on a book), Zathura (Jumanji in space), and rumored projects like Monopoly and Candyland, there’s really not much there.  If Hollywood were to look into the hobby game market, they’d find a number of rich themes that might make for some compelling blockbuster entertainment.  I’d personally love to see a Cosmic Encounter movie, or Pandemic, or even RoboRally.  Unfortunately, it has seemed like the movie industry refuses to look past the mass market.

That is, until now.  After yesterday’s big announcement that Joss Whedon will be writing and directing a movie set entirely on the island of Catan, the board game blogosphere has absolutely BLOWN UP.  Speculation about plot and casting is rampant, but it’s all really just speculation at this point.  So, I thought I’d fan the flames a little bit and offer some of my own thoughts about the general plot.

The Catan board game is all about settlers on an island building up their own civilization, so you have to start there.  Maybe a boat of ENEMY clans arriving on this uncharted island and trying to claim it for their own.  But there also needs to be some sort of uneasy peace between them because trading is such a big part.  And of course, there’s the ever present shadow of the dark and mysterious robber who shows up to wreak havoc, but can also be bribed to go elsewhere.  I would imagine that there’d have to be a heavy political element, and possibly a love story between people from different clans.

Honestly, I’m having a hard time thinking of how the story will be compelling, but Joss Whedon has earned my trust, particularly because of the Avengers movie and Dr. Horrible.  I’m guessing Nathan Fillion will be involved somehow, and I wouldn’t be surprised a all to see any of the gamer geek actors in the movie – Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Rich Sommer, and Simon Helberg could all make appearances, if not feature prominently in the roles.

So, I’ll definitely be looking out for this movie.  It has to be better than Battleship.  Thanks for reading!



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