Buzzworthiness: AttrAction

A quick review for you today:

image by BGG user W Eric Martin
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

AttrAction is a 2012 game that was designed by Jeff Glickman, and published by R&R Games.  The game is for 2-5 players, and lasts 10 minutes (if that).  The game consists of 25 magnets and a bag.  All you do to set up is scatter the magnets around a playing surface, each one far enough from any other so that they don’t accidentally stick together.

On your turn, you take one magnet from your hand.  If you have none in your hand, you can use one one the table.  Flick it towards any other magnets on the table.  If any magnets stick together as a result of this flick, you claim them (if two clusters are created, you only get one).  Once all magnets have been claimed, you see who has the most.  They win.  You can play as many games of this in a row as you want.  And you will.

COMPONENTS: The only component in this game, really, is the magnets.  The bag is just a carrying case.  The magnets are generally round, though kind of irregularly shaped.  And they are super strong.  When they cluster together, you know it because they make a very loud CLICK.  They also will sometimes repel each other, which can be maddening and a lot of fun.

THEME: The only theme I can find here is “how magnets work.”

MECHANICS: This is a dexterity game.  All you’re doing is flicking magnets around and trying to create clusters.  In a sense, it’s a set collection game since you’re going for having the most magnets, but that’s reaching.  It’s all about the flicking.

STRATEGY LEVEL: There’s no real strategy here.  Try to collect as many magnets as you can.  Flicking hard doesn’t always work since the magnets will repel if the wrong side is out.  There might be some strategy in how you line up your shots, but really it comes down to skill.  And some luck.

ACCESSIBILITY: This game could not be easier.  I wouldn’t play with little kids because they might eat the magnets.  However, I would play with just about anyone else.  It’s a fantastic bait game.

REPLAYABILITY: This game is so fast, you’ll knock out several rounds in a row without even noticing.  It’s very replayable, primarily because the magnets are so cool and the game is so easy.

SCALABILITY: This game is for 2-5 players, though the number of magnets per person goes down the more people you have.  I see no reason why you couldn’t just get several sets and play with as many people as you want to – except there might be a lot of waiting around if you have 50 people playing with 10 sets.

FOOTPRINT: This game takes up hardly any room in storage, but will take up a whole table in play.  I wouldn’t play on a table where you’re worried about scratches.  You also should be careful about WHERE you store it.

LEGACY: I don’t know a whole lot of magnetic games.  This and Rattlesnake, that’s all I know of.  I haven’t played Rattlesnake, so this is the best magnetic game I’ve played.

IS IT BUZZWORTHY? Yes.  It’s a lot of fun.  The magnets are awesome, and the game is easy enough that anyone can play it.  There’s a sequel, Hearts of AttrAction, that has heart shaped magnets.  Otherwise, it’s the same thing.

I told you this would be a short one.  Thanks for reading!


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