Kickstarter Blitz #12

A quick Kickstarter Blitz today – I’m on vacation, but I did want to bring up some games currently funding on Kickstarter that I think are worth a look.  Seven projects here, and I’ve included the game description from BGG, as well as some quick thoughts by me.

image by BGG user Imploded
image by BGG user Imploded

Viceroy (Yuri Zhuraviev, Mayday Games) “is a board game of bidding and resource management set in the fantasy universe of the famous Russian CCG Berserk. As the players struggle for control over the world of Laar, they recruit a variety of allies and enact various laws. These cards allow players to develop their state’s military and magical might, increase their authority, and get precious gems they need to continue expanding their nation.  As the game progresses, each player builds his own power pyramid using character and law cards. Each card has its own effect that depends on the level of the pyramid where the card is played. These effects may give more resources, more cards, or victory points. The player who has the most power points at the end of the game becomes the ruler of entire Laar and the winner!” (BGG game description)


  1. Originally from Hobby World, out of Russia
  2. Auctions don’t interest me
  3. Pyramid mechanism is intriguing
  4. Very nice art
  • End Date: December 27 @ 1:15 PM CST
  • Goal: $10,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: March 2015
  • To Get a Game: $22
image by BGG user mrblack86
image by BGG user mrblack86

Rum & Bones (Michael Shinall, Cool Mini or Not): “Based on online MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style games, Rum and Bones has 2-6 players taking control of legendary Pirate Heroes, each with unique powers and abilities, as their crews fight over Davy Jones’ legendary treasure!  Players will each control up to 5 Heroes at any time, moving them across the game board in an attempt to destroy various Key Features across their opponents ship. Victory is obtained by destroying enough of these Features. Your Heroes are not alone, however, as your crew also consists of Deckhands and Bosuns who, while not controlled by the player, will work on a simple AI to wreck havoc on the enemy!  Of course, what would Pirates be without plunder? And in Rum and Bones the most sought after treasure are Davy Jones’ mythical Pieces of Eight! Players will amass these powerful coins during gameplay to unleash devastating abilities and attacks from their Heroes, crushing all enemies before them until only they remain!” (BGG game description)


  1. Cool Mini or Not always does quality component work
  2. Pirates are always fun
  3. Expensive, but you know where money is going.
  • End Date: December 28 @ 2:01 PM CST
  • Goal: $50,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: July 2015
  • To Get a Game: $100
image by BGG user Wezl
image by BGG user Wezl

COGZ (Wesley Lamont, RAEZ) “is a mad scientist strategy board game set in the steampunk era, where someone has broken the mad professor’s chromatic contraption!  You are a cognizant cogineer trying to repair the broken cogtraption before the professor returns. The other cogineers all seem to think they have the superior cognition needed to rebuild the chromatic device. It’s time to prove you are the true cogineer genius!  Hurry! You recognise there isn’t much time to do this incognito before the professor returns with his cog-nac…

HOW TO PLAY:  Cogineers are all swapping segments of the broken cogtraption to repair it. As long as the segment is different, cogineers gain cognition (game points) for doing so. When a mechanism is repaired fully it can no longer be modified by the other cogineers who all have their own agenda for repairs. There is bonus cognition and bonus turns to be awarded for clever repairs as well.  COGZ is a very simple game though it hides a huge amount of strategic depth which is normally discovered as cogineers gain experience.” (BGG game description)


  1. Steampunk mad scientists?  Can’t go wrong.
  2. Seemingly more abstract.
  3. Building gears.
  • End Date: December 31 @ 10:02 AM
  • Goal: $5,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: July 2015
  • To Get a Game: $42
image by BGG user ravinck
image by BGG user ravinck

Taluva (Marcel-André Casasola Merkle, Eagle-Gryphon Games) “In Taluva, players place tiles consisting of volcanoes and other terrain. Tiles can be placed adjacent to other tiles or on top of other tiles. Thus, the island expands outward and upward during the course of the game. At the same time, the players are trying to settle their people on the island by building huts, temples and towers. Each building type has a different restriction regarding placement. The game ends when all the land tiles have been played or when a player builds all of his buildings in two of the three types.” (BGG game description)


  1. This is a deluxe reprint of a 2006 game.
  2. I’ve never played it.
  3. However, I generally like Merkle’s games, and would be willing to give it a shot.
  • End Date: January 2 @ 2:17 AM CST
  • Goal: $15,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: July 2015
  • To Get a Game: $97 (early), $105
image by BGG user idlemichael
image by BGG user idlemichael

BoardGameGeek: The Card Game (Candy Weber, BoardGameGeek) “This quick playing game is an homage to the site…Between two and six players build up cards, each card representing a much-loved game as seen on the site. Cards can be laid out in two ways, with vertical columns of games of the same color/category representing the ones that you’re playing, and horizontal rows of differently colored cards showing the games that you’re Collecting – after all, everyone has certain titles in their collection that they’re particularly proud of, don’t they?  As the game continues, you’ll participate in Math Trades, Buy Games, hit the Thrift Store and more… until The End card appears and you total up your final points! Each individual set that you have before you will score, and the winner receives the adulation of being the best Board Game Geek around – until the next game!” (BGG game description)


  1. Seems very light, and won’t really appeal beyond the collector aspect.
  2. Good way to support BGG.
  • End Date: January 5 @ 6:00 AM CST
  • Goal: $100 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: July 2015
  • To Get a Game: $20
image by BGG user Kyokai
image by BGG user Kyokai

Pixel Tactics Deluxe (D. Brad Talton Jr, Level 99 Games) “is a head-to-head game of tactical combat for two players. Each player has an identical deck of 25 cards, from which they draft a leader. The leader’s abilities alter vastly the strategy and playability of every other card in the deck, making the game playable in 25 different ways.  In the game, players take turns placing cards and attacking. Each card can activate in various ways, taking on offensive capabilities in the front rows of the unit, or support powers in the back rows. Cards can also be played as orders – powerful single-time effects that can turn the tide of battle.  Play continues until either player’s leader is defeated. A typical game is best of three or five rounds.Pixel Tactics Deluxe is a perfect place to start playing the game. This large box contains enough cards for two players, rules, punch tokens, and storage space for all the other Pixel Tactics games in print. Whether you’re a veteran of the series, or just looking to get your feet wet, it’s a great place to start. All 25 heroes in Pixel Tactics Deluxe are brand new!” (BGG game description)


  1. Love Pixel Tactics.
  2. Great to have a box big enough for everything.
  3. Seems like one set in the box, unlike the Summoner Wars Master Set, so $35 seems like you’re mostly paying for the box.
  • End Date: January 11 @ 7:59 PM CST
  • Goal: $30,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: June 2015
  • To Get a Game: $35
image by BGG user Funforge
image by BGG user Funforge

ZNA (Florian Desforges, Funforge) “is a cooperative survival board game in a unique post-apocalyptic setting. The action takes place in Boston, in 2025. The city has been struck by a storm of dark smoke that the inhabitants will later call “the Fog”. This fog destroys everything in its path, leaving behind it a world plunged into chaos. Nobody knows the exact extent of the damage. The Fog concentrates as it settles over the areas it hits, making them dangerous, almost impassable, and infested with threatening mutants. Indeed, the vast majority of the population seems to have been infected by the Fog. Those who were not killed have been contaminated to the point of transforming into violent and ruthless creatures with superhuman abilities. Their only motivation appears to be the constant hunt of the survivors. Will you survive the Fog, unpredictable and ever changing, throughout the 12 scenarios of the game? Getting out of this tainted and contaminated Boston will not be an easy task. Embody one of the brave survivors of the cataclysm: John (“The Eye”), the criminal with unerring accuracy; B-Mama, the paranoid, baseball-bat-wielding couch potato in need of anger management; Smokey, the specialist in maintaining the more dangerous parts of the city’s underbelly; or Mia, the prodigy chemistry student. Together, you will progress across the modular game board, searching for equipment, swapping objects with one another, looting chemical storage facilities in order to mix up concoctions for various uses, and most of all, fight the Fog and the mutants it created. Be careful where you step: The Fog is thicker in some more contaminated areas, rife with mutants — stronger mutants. In order to avoid contamination, or a worse fate, you will also need to anticipate what surprises the Fog holds for you next, as you search or fumble through the map tiles darkened by its presence. By making use of clandestine Bio-Hacker labs, you will be able to create cocktails of chemical reagents to suit any purpose: decontaminating areas; healing or decontaminating yourselves; attacking, freezing, confusing, or even controlling mutants! Best of all, though, is to kill them before they can fight back through nasty dice combos and special abilities, such as accelerated mutation, teleportation, regeneration, or contamination. Enjoy an even more immersive experience by using the ZNA App, which provides game help, interactive scenarios, a map editor, storytelling, and more! Hack BioCorp’s Drones, and scan map tiles using augmented reality through your smartphone or tablet. Discover the different game modes: Adventure, Siege, Escape, and all their original mechanisms. Survive an epic story in a devastated urban environment. Welcome to ZNA!” (BGG game description)


  1. Not zombies – mutants and a killer fog.
  2. Seems different than your standard Funforge gate.
  • End Date: January 16 @ 12:00 PM CST
  • Goal: $80,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: November 2015
  • To Get a Game: $125

That will do it for this month.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and I’ll see you again on the 1st!  Thanks for reading!



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