The State of the Blog: January 2015

Last year, I wrote a state of the blog post about where the blog had been and the way I wanted it to go in 2014.  I was in desperate need of some reinvigoration, and I set some goals for myself.  So, let’s see how I did in the last 12 months:

  • One of my goals was to write 50 reviews during the year.  Mission accomplished – I published #50 on December 16.
  • I was looking forward to continuing The Eleven.  Mission accomplished – eleven lists published, with the last one of Season Two appearing on November 11.
  • I was thinking about starting a Game of the Month series.  That didn’t happen.
  • I was also thinking about trying to do some session reports.  That also didn’t happen.

It was a very good year for me with the blog.  I set myself a structure – at least two posts a week every week.  One of those posts had to be a review, otherwise I would be cramming in reviews at the end of the year or abandon my goal altogether.  The other post was reserved for a game preview, The Eleven, or anything else I wanted to try.  It worked pretty well for me at first, though I found I missed doing Game Buzz.  I like learning about new games, and doing this blog has really helped me to figure out what I need to know about the games.

As the end of January approached, I wanted to do a Game Buzz on a few of the Kickstarter projects that were out.  But I couldn’t do separate posts for each of them in time for their campaigns to be over.  And so the Kickstarter Blitz was born.  In this format, I looked up projects that had some interest for me, and reported on them.  It wasn’t a full Game Buzz, but it was enough to whet my appetite, and hopefully encourage people to go out and back them.  I set the date for this new series to be published on the last Friday of every month, and stuck to it.  Over the last year, I’ve done eleven Blitzes, and covered ___ projects.  I don’t want to think about how much money I would have spent on all these projects.  It ends up being quite a bit of work, especially since I usually have 10+ projects to look at.  But I’ve found that I kind of like doing the anthology posts – each individual game is less work for me since I don’t feel like I have to get every single rule explained, just synopsized.  I also did anthology previews for GenCon and Essen, starting them well in advance of their cons.  I’ve even started anthologizing some of my regular Game Buzzes, covering multiple games in a post.

Overall, I kept to my schedule pretty well this year.  Reviews typically appeared on Tuesdays, which I designated as Reviewsday.  The Eleven appeared like clockwork on the 11th of each month, at 11:11 AM Central Time.  The Kickstarter Blitzes went up on the last Friday of each month, sometimes only hours before projects were complete.  Somewhere along the line, I started trying to work ahead, having some posts cued up and ready to go.  I’m finding it’s a lot less stressful to know that the next posts are done, particularly when one of my stupid arbitrary deadlines is looming.

So where do I go in 2015?  I have some ideas.

  • I want to continue with The Eleven (Season Three premieres January 11) and the Kickstarter Blitz.  These features will remain on their regular dates.
  • I will continue doing reviews, but there is no way I’m doing them with the same frequency.  I’m not even going to set a goal for myself.  Probably no more than two a month.
  • Game Buzzes will continue, and only with games I’m really interested in, or games that are creating enough buzz that I can’t ignore them.
  • I wanted to do some session reports last year, and I am going to set a goal this time.  One a month, so 12 overall during the year.
  • I would also like to do some publisher spotlights, looking at some of the smallish publishers in the US.  With that, I may try to do some interviews, though I have no idea what I’m doing.
  • And of course, I reserve the right to do whatever I want to.  It’s my blog, and the nice thing about having a one man show is that I don’t have to run ideas by anyone.

So, thanks for continuing to read!  Looking forward to 2015 already!


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