Boards and Bees NEWS! Issue #1

Some changes to announce on today’s post.  First of all, I am happy to announce that this blog has been purchased by Asmodee, and I for one welcome our new French overlords.  It promises to be a very fruitful partnership, and I am proud to have been assimilated into their growing monopoly on all things gaming.

Secondly, this will no longer be a site that features reviews and game previews (that is, unless it is of Asmodee products, which are all awesome).  We are making the switch to a weekly news site, one that features all of the relevant information you need to keep up with the gaming world.


Let’s start with the huge news that Fantasy Flight, Eric M. Lang and Rob Daviau have teamed up to bring us the Back to the Future LCG.  It is scheduled to be released on October 21, 2015, which fans of the franchise know is the day Marty McFly arrived in the future in BTTF part 2.  Fantasy Flight is keeping most details under wraps, but we know several pieces of information at this point.  First of all, it will be for two players with the potential to add more with additional sets.  Secondly, it’s a competitive game in which players are attempting to change the future by altering the past.  The basic game comes with several decks representing different time periods, and promises a unique method of traveling between them, as well as lots of scenarios for missions that need to be accomplished.

In their cryptic announcement last weekend, Fantasy Flight also hinted that Rob Daviau’s involvement in the project “will be exactly what you might expect from Rob Daviau.”  Speculation has run wild since then with most everyone assuming that means this will be a Legacy style game.  Lots of people are already praising this as a perfect match-up of theme and style – changing cards really makes this time travel game LIVING – but critics have already pointed out that people invest a lot in cards, and to ask them to destroy them or otherwise alter them is not going to sit well with the collectible market.  There are also questions about what will keep people from changing their cards outside of play to gain advantages in tournament play.  FFG assures us that these concerns are well-addressed, so time will tell.  The title has already become the most anticipated game of the year, with FFG projecting that preorders will outsell all previous LCGs combined.


World renowned game designer Reiner Knizia is reportedly working on designing an abstract game with pasted on theme.  Details at this point are sketchy, but it likely will feature auctions, Egypt, and some very convoluted scoring in the end.  Tom Vasel already hates it, while Doug Garrett has already declared it to be the best game ever.

image by BGG user Steverino
image by BGG user Steverino

GSN is in talks with Asmodee to produce JUNGLE SPEED: THE GAME SHOW, which is based on the popular dexterity game.  Just like the game, players are looking for matches before trying to be the first to grab the totem.  In this game show, however, the cards that are to be matched will appear on a big TV screen, one for each player.  Once a match comes up, players will have an obstacle course to clear in order to get to the totem.  Rather than cards, players will be trying to get rid of points.  False starts lead to point penalties.  The show is set to premier in the spring of 2016, hosted by Marc Summers – good to see hime back to game show hosting, hopefully this means the show will have a lot of the wackiness of Double Dare.


Days of Wonder will release Ticket to Ride: Pacific during Quarter 3 this year (in other words, GenCon).  This is a version that is not compatible with any other version of TTR as it will use boats rather than trains.  You’ll be connecting various islands across the ocean to score points and complete tickets, as in all versions.  There will be some unique mechanisms, as in every TTR game, but many people have pointed to one spot on the map where a route crosses over what appears to be a great white.  Is this Days of Wonder’s subtle way of telling us that TTR has finally jumped the shark?  Time will tell.


As I was writing this post, news just came across my desk that Asmodee has just purchased Kickstarter.  That’s great, it means I can keep doing my monthly Kickstarter Blitzes.

That’s all the news for today.  Please join us again for another rundown of all the most important news in the board gaming world.  Merci beaucoup!

Editor’s Note: You may notice that this post went up on April Fool’s Day.  And you may feel that this invalidates anything reported here.  I would never participate in such juvenile activities.  It would completely discredit me.  Thank you for your understanding.


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