Kickstarter Blitz #16

Time for the monthly Kickstarter Blitz!  Here we go:

image by BGG user davechi
image by BGG user davechi

Posthuman (Gordon Calleja, Mr. B Games) is a post-apocalytpic adventure game.  From the Kickstarter description:

Posthuman pits you as one of the last human survivors in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet and our evolved offspring are working to eradicate us. Will you resist mutation and survive, or give in to the inevitable and join the evolved?  In the game, players are humans on a solitary journey to a promised safe house. This journey takes them through ten zones, with the zones being tile-based and randomly generated. As they travel, they encounter each other, other humans, and posthuman mutants. Encounters with mutants may inflict scars, and the more scars players have, the less human they are and the more posthuman they become. Will they strive to cling to their humanity and make a run for the safe house, winning the game? Or will they give in to the ever more tempting mutation, join the posthuman, and deny the win from the rest of the humans?

Each player creates a character, then makes their way across the post-apocalyptic landscape.  As a human, there’s only one winner – the first one to get to the safe house.  If you get turned into a mutant, your objective changes to preventing the humans from winning.  Mr. B has been coming out with some pretty good games, and this one looks like it’s going to be a pretty tense experience.  It’s way overfunded at this point, but there’s always stretch goals.

  • End Date: April 24, 2015 @ 4:50 PM CDT
  • Goal: $27,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2015
  • To Get a Game: $52
  • Video: Rahdo’s Run-through
image by BGG user tosx
image by BGG user tosx

Norsaga (Kevin Bishop, Meromorph Games) is a game about the ancestry lines of Vikings.  From the Kickstarter description:

Norsaga is an epic 2-4 player puzzle battle card game where players vie to recount their heroic exploits and ancestries while undermining each others’ stories at every turn. It features fast-paced, highly interactive gameplay, gorgeous art and simple rules that make it fun and easy to pick up. Five asymmetric trees of upgradeable powers plus special attack and combo cards give you loads of strategic options. In the end, only one player’s saga will stand the test of time!

In this game, you’re playing traits into a family tree (you, your parents, your grandparents) to try to complete a given saga.  Dominant traits on the people and recessive traits lined up between your branches may be used.  You can also embellish your story based on the hero you have in your generation’s position.  Once you have lined up all six traits of your saga, you win.  This looks like an interesting filler, maybe a little weak on theme, but some nice art and definitely an interesting sort of thinky game.  You can try an online demo here.

  • End Date: April 28, 2015 @ 10:59 PM CDT
  • Goal: $15,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: December 2015
  • To Get a Game: $20
  • Video: Undead Viking’s Review
image by BGG user shem84
image by BGG user shem84

Raiders of the North Sea (Shem Phillips, Garfill Games) is another Viking themed game, though this one probably a little more thematic.  From the BGG description:

Raiders of the North Sea is set in the central years of the Viking Age. As Viking warriors, players seek to impress the Chieftain by raiding unsuspecting settlements. Players will need to assemble a crew, collect provisions and journey north to plunder gold, iron and livestock. There is glory to be found in battle, even at the hands of the Valkyrie. So gather your warriors, it’s raiding season!  The aim of Raiders of the North Sea is to impress the Chieftain by having the most Victory Points (VP) at the game’s end. Victory Points are gained primarily by raiding Settlements, taking Plunder and making Offerings to the Chieftain. How players use their Plunder is also vital to their success. The game ends when either only 1 Fortress raid remains, all Valkyrie are removed, or all Offerings have been made.

This is a worker placement game where you are working to build up your crew and provisions.  Once you have enough, you can go raiding.  This is how you score points to win the game.  It’s quite a pretty looking game, and the world definitely needs more good Viking games.  As much as I love Michael Kiesling’s Vikings, I get no feeling of Viking-ness from it.  Looks like this one will fill that void as more of a Euro-style game with plundering Vikings.

  • End Date: April 29, 2015 @ 10:00 PM CDT
  • Goal: $23,000 NZD (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: December 2015
  • To Get a Game: $56
  • Video: Rahdo’s Runthrough
image taken from Kickstarter campaign page
image taken from Kickstarter campaign page

RPG Dice Board (John Taylor) is designed for role-playing games, but I think there are some board game applications there.  From the Kickstarter description:

The POPR [Personal Object for Producing Rolls] is a housing, nay, a shrine, for polyhedral dice of all kinds, from the garden variety six-sided die to the overly pretentious hundred-sided and up. The construction allows you to easily change out the dice contents, and our larger models allow you to include multiple dice in the same enclosure. Each board is made of solid, finished wood and features a spring mechanism that pops the dice in a random roll when you push down on the dome.

This is basically the Trouble Pop-O-Matic adapted to fit seven dice at once.  It’s kind of cool.  At this point, I don’t think it’s going to fund, but I did want to bring it up as a nifty outside-the-box project.

  • End Date: May 1, 2015 @ 12:21 AM CDT
  • Goal: $10,000 (not funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: August 2015
  • To Get a Board: $30 for a single dome, $99 for the seven-dome board
image by BGG user Mad Scientist
image by BGG user Mad Scientist

Orcs Must Die! (Sandy Petersen, Petersen Games) is a board game based on the popular video game tower defense franchise.  From the Kickstarter description:

Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame dares you to preserve your stronghold sieged by orcs. You have traps & weapons galore, and can team up with your friends to obliterate the nasty orcs and their grotesque allies. Robot Entertainment has joined forces with award-winning designer Sandy Petersen to create Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame project. Our new game has been precisely adapted to the tabletop environment. It includes scores of great plastic figures of all your favorite heroes, plus hordes of orcs, crossbow orcs, kobolds, gnolls, trolls, ogres, and more. Build an exciting fortress using our tile-based system, then watch as swarms of baddies plunge through your defenses to wreck your Rift.

This is a cooperative game where players take their own heroes onto a map of 4-13 tiles.  As you kill enemies, you collect trophy skulls which can be spent to upgrade items, buy new items, and more.  There are two editions of this game, Unchained and Order, and if you get both, you can play head-to-head instead of purely cooperatively.  I don’t know the video game myself, but it seems to be sufficiently popular so that this game has reached its goal and much more.

  • End Date: May 1, 2015 @ 11:59 PM CDT
  • Goal: $40,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: February 2016
  • To Get a Game: $90 for Order or Unchained, $150 for both
image by BGG user Mad Scientist
image by BGG user Mad Scientist

Sitting Ducks Gallery (Keith Meyers, Playroom Entertainment) is a deluxe edition of a 2005 game.  From the Kickstarter description:

Sitting Ducks Gallery is a hysterically fun, stick-it-to-your-neighbor, line manipulation game invented by Keith Meyers. Sitting Ducks is reminiscent of the classic carnival-style, midway shooting galleries, where players are trying to take out as many ducks as possible. Players move ducks and targets, take aim, and eventually eliminate other players’ ducks using a variety of humorous Action Cards, while trying to keep their own safe.  The goal is to be the last duck in the pond!

It looks like a silly, fun, light take-that game with some cute art.  It’s probably going to be really good with families or as a end-of-the-night filler game.  Take a look if you’re interested.

  • End Date: May 8, 2015 @ 8:00 PM CDT
  • Goal: $10,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2015
  • To Get a Game: $35
image by BGG user Dagerr
image by BGG user Dagerr

JunKing (David Gerrard) is a game set in the Imp Lands world of artist Justin Hillgrove.  From the Kickstarter description:

JunKing is a game about finding and hoarding junk.  Everyone draws off the same shuffled deck of cards in the center of play, called the junkpile. Players are the Scavenger Imps looking for valuable pieces of discarded garbage from both our world and the Imp Lands that bestow prestige by their mere possession.  On your turn you draw a card, put a piece of junk into play from your hand, and then use one of the abilities on any of your cards in play.  All junk is worth something and the objective of JunKing is to amass the best hoard of junk.  In the Junkpile, there is one card that is the most coveted item called “The Crown”.  Once a player draws that card, the game is over and everyone adds up the points displayed on the pieces of junk they have found or hoarded. The player with the most points wins the current round/game.  The game only takes about 15 minutes to play, and is designed for multiple rounds of games, in much the same way you would play other fast paced games.

This seems like a light character building game where you’re trying to a) find the best junk, and b) use it so that it scores you maximum points.  It looks like a fairly simple game to learn, another good one for families.  Plus, it has a cool theme.

  • End Date: May 9, 2015 @ 12:00 AM CDT
  • Goal: $12,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2015
  • To Get a Game: $20
  • Video: ?
image by BGG user shockpanda
image by BGG user shockpanda

The Nobles (ShockPanda Games) is a medieval fighting game where you are trying to dismember your opponents.  From the Kickstarter description:

The Nobles is a fast-paced medieval fighting game where you take turns hacking and slashing at each other to see who can strike the killing blow first.  Every single strike there’s a chance to lose your head, adding a suspenseful life-threatening urgency to every move!  The game is simple.  Like in the iconic black knight fight scene from a classic movie, each player fights until they lose all their limbs, or lose their head.  Play cards to fight and confuse your opponent.  Roll the dice to charge and retreat.  And draw from the bag o’ death to see what body part gets cut off.  The Nobles can be played with two players in a one-on-one duel, or with three to four players in a free-for-all death match, or played with teams (2-on-2 or even 3-on-1).  With a mix of strategy and luck, games can average around 20-30 minutes, or can be over in as little as 60 seconds.  We’ve played a lot of games and only once witnessed a killing blow in the first turn, but boy was it satisfying.  Boom… head shot!

The game is played on a grid of hexagons, and fighting is done by playing cards.  If you score a hit, you draw body parts from the bag o’ death.  Four lost limbs or a lost head results in death.  The object is to be the last man standing.  It sounds like some silly fun, particularly if they’re going to invoke Monty Python in the description.  Check it out.

  • End Date: May 9, 2015 @ 7:01 AM CDT
  • Goal: $8,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: June 2015
  • To Get a Game: $39
  • Video: Undead Viking Review
image by BGG user tehero22
image by BGG user tehero22

Millennium Blades (D. Brad Talton Jr, Level 99 Games) is a CCG simulator – in other words, it’s a board game where you and the other players are playing a CCG.  From the Kickstarter description:

In a world very much like our own, Millennium Blades is the world’s most popular collectible card game.  Continuously in print for more than a thousand years, the game has seen thousands of expansions and billions of cards.  Players from around the world seek to become world champions by mastering duels and collecting the game’s rarest and most coveted cards.  Still others live by the game, building financial empires by dealing, speculating, and trading in the aftermarket.  Many are content simply to play for fun and meet new friends.  Millennium Blades is a board game about a fictional collectible card game, which is also called Millennium Blades.  You begin the game on pre-release night with just your starter deck.  You’ll open new packs, form collections, and sell your junk cards on the aftermarket to buy hot new cards.  Trade with your friends, build up your deck, and prepare to compete at Millennium Blades Worlds for the title of World Champion!

In each round, there’s a tournament phase where you play cards and try to score rank points.  This is followed by a deckbuilding phase where players try to add new and better cards to their deck.  This game is so meta I can hardly stand it.  But it looks pretty amazing, and I think it will be a blast to play, especially for CCG fans.  I’m naming this my PICK OF THE MONTH, so be sure to give it a look.

  • End Date: May 17, 2015 @ 8:00 PM CDT
  • Goal: $50,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: January 2016
  • To Get a Game: $50
  • Video: Undead Viking’s Review
image from Kickstarter project page
image from Kickstarter project page

The Titan Series (Calliope Games) is an extremely ambitious long-term project that is definitely worth a look.  From the Kickstarter description:

The Titan Series is a line of gateway games—casual, family-friendly tabletop games—being created by some of the best game designers (“Titans”) in the world.  Each a legend within the gaming industry, these Titans are responsible for such wildly popular games as Magic: The Gathering, King of Tokyo, Shadowrun, MechWarrior, HeroClix, Quarriors!, Risk Legacy, and many more.  Now Calliope Games is harnessing the talents of the Titans to create games you can play with anyone, regardless of age or skill level.  Not only will you be able to play Titan games with your regular gaming group, but your friends and family—who might rarely touch a die—will also love playing them!  We’ll be releasing a minimum of nine gateway games over the next three years.  Once per year a package of three games you helped create will be delivered to your doorstep.  Though each game is expected to retail for approximately $30, backers of this Kickstarter can get them for just $16 each.  As an added benefit, you won’t have to wait for the games to arrive to enjoy them—you’ll be an integral part of the creation process: honing rules sets, choosing art and art styles, identifying themes, and voting on game titles and character names.  As a backer, you’ll get the opportunity to help shape different parts of the series all along the way.

These games are not finished yet, so you’re mostly just banking on reputation at this point.  But here are the nine designers they have on deck: Zach & Jordan Weisman, Paul Peterson, Richard Garfield, Eric Lang, Seth Johnson, Mike Selinker, Mike Elliott, Rob Daviau, and Mike Mulvihill.  Stretch goals will unlock games by James Ernest, Matt Forbeck, and Peggy Brown.  There’s a lot of uncertainty around this project because the games are not there yet, and several people have cited the failed anthology project Stonehenge in expressing their concern.  But I do think this WILL fund, and we’ll just have to see how it all shakes out.  At the very least, it works out to $16 per game if you go for all nine.

  • End Date: May 30, 2015 @ 9:00 PM CDT
  • Goal: $135,000 (not funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: 2016-2018
  • To Get a Game: $25 for one, $145 for all nine
  • Video: An Introduction to the Titan Series

I’ve already talked about them on this blog, but I did want to mention One Night Resistance and Evolution again as their Kickstarter campaigns continue.  Also, be sure to check out The King’s Abbey, which I covered in KSB #13, but it was unsuccessful then.  This time, it has reached its goal and beyond.  Lots of stuff to take a look at, so head on over to Kickstarter and see if anything strikes your fancy.  Thanks for reading!


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