The Random GenCon Preview, part I

I’m going to do something a little different with my pre-GenCon coverage this year.  Rather than cram everything in one post that will inevitably miss stuff, I’m going to let fate decide what I’ll talk about.  I’m using to generate five numbers per post, which I will then cross-reference with the GenCon preview at BGG.  We’ll see what comes up, and maybe we’ll find something worth talking about.  I ran the numbers on June 26 when there were exactly 300 titles on the list.  My numbers that came up were 35, 114, 209, 239, and 253.  So here we go.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Odyssey: Wrath of Poseidon is a game from designer Leo Colovini, and is being published by Ares Games.  In the game, one player is Poseidon and the others are Greek sailors he is trying to keep away from the center island.  Poseidon plays behind a screen, and one his turn, he can play one token to move one or more ships.  The players don’t know where he has moved them.  Each player then moves their ship, which Poseidon mirrors on his board.  He now knows exactly where that player is, but they don’t.  He tells them what they can see (water, islands, etc) in the surrounding spaces, and they need to deduce their position so they can know how to get to the central island.  The game ends when all players make it to the center island, or if eleven turns pass without everyone making it.

Colovini’s games don’t really do much for me.  They tend to be very abstract, which is not a bad thing, but with a little too much going on to really allow anyone to focus on the strategy.  This one seems to be more straightforward than some of his, but I can see how it might get really confusing after a while.  This one is not currently on my watch list for GenCon, but maybe it will interest you.  To see a preview of the game from Origins, follow this link.  It’s available for preview ahead of its planned September release.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Bears! Trail Mix’d is an expansion to Fireside Games’ 2011 release entitled Bears!  It was designed by Anne-Marie de Witt.  Bears! is a dice game where players are trying to collect sets of dice.  In each round, 5 dice per player are rolled, and will show either a bear or a tent.  Each player then rolls their five black dice and starts matching them with dice in the center.  A rifle can be matched with a bear for one point.  A running man can be matched with a tent for two points.  A sleeping bag can be matched with a tent and will score five points if no bears remain in the center at the end of the round, but will lose two if there are bears left.  The expansion adds a single die to the game that will change the rules for each round – extra points, limitations, etc.

Bears! sounds like a fun filler, nothing with too much depth, but something that will have some laughter as people crash into each other’s hands while grabbing dice.  The expansion looks like a cool way to shake things up, and I’m sure they’ll have copies of the original for sale to go with it.  This is one I hadn’t been aware of, but I think it looks worthy of some play.  Here’s a Dice Tower review of the original game.

image by BGG user l4studios
image by BGG user l4studios

WarQuest by Glenn Drover was successfully Kickstarted back in May.  It’s being published by Mr. B Games and L4 Studios.  The game is a large-scale fantasy board game with a 31×46 map 165 detailed miniatures, 22 dice, 151 cards, 80 plastic coins, 25 banner stickers, 120 control markers, 60 VP markers, 20 damage markers, 5 reference boards, and of course, the rulebook.  I haven’t delved at all into how to play, but here’s the BGG description of the game:

WarQuest is a game of grand strategy, conquest, and heroic quests in the fantasy world of Myrathia. Immerse yourself in this chaotic and mystical world! Take on the role of a warlord who seeks to reunite the fractured land under your banner. Recruit wood elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs and beast-men to fill the ranks of your armies and engage in epic battles. Travel across the tormented lands in an effort to drive back chaos by completing desperate quests. Conquer and control strategic cities and regions, and if successful, declare yourself ruler of all Myrathia!

It sounds kind of generic fantasy to me, but Mr. B has a reputation for some good games and Glenn Drover has some hits on his hands as well (Age of Empires III and Railways of the World, for example).  Drover really likes huge games, and it you’re into that, this is probably a good one to check out.  Here’s Undead Viking’s review for more.

image by BGG user Happykali
image by BGG user Happykali

Flick ‘Em Up! is a new Western-themed dexterity game from designers Gaëtan Beaujannot and Jean Yves Monpertuis.  It’s being published by Pretzel Games.  In the game, you’re setting up a western town made up of cardboard set pieces, then trying to complete a given scenario.  You could be trying to rob the bank, or trying to rescue a guy from being hanged, or just trying to have the most people left standing on your team in the end.  You move around the board, shoot others, and do all kinds of actions based on flicking discs around the board.

This has been on top of my most anticipated GenCon game list for several weeks now, so I’m really excited that it randomly came up to be covered here (what ARE the odds [that would be a 1 in 300 chance, I suppose {don’t be a smart aleck}]).  It’s one of the coolest looking games I’ve seen in a while, and looks like it has that kind of feel that Rampage/Terror in Meeple City gives me.  It looks like a ton of fun, and I’m very excited to play this one eventually.  Here’s the Dice Tower review for more information.

image by BGG user Ianotoole
image by BGG user Ianotoole

Fool’s Gold was designed by Joshua Balvin and is being published by Rock Paper Scissors Games.  It’s a dice-rolling, commodity speculation type game set in the mid-1800s during the Gold Rush.  You’re placing people on the paths to various mines in order to get the best choice of cards from that mine.  After five rounds of this, players add up their treasure after removing the color in which they’ve gotten the most (which is Fool’s Gold).  The player with the most gold wins.

This is one I had initially surpassed when looking through the GenCon list, but after taking a second look at it, I think it looks pretty interesting.  It’s a race to find the gold, and you have to spend money to make money.  There’s some luck pushing as you draw, which reminds me a little bit of Thebes.  I don’t know if it will set the world on fire (in fact, I doubt it will), but I think it’s worth a look.  Here’s a link to the Dice Tower review.

So that’s my first random preview.  That was kind of fun, I’m definitely going to do that again.  Hope you enjoyed it too – thanks for reading!



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