Kickstarter Blitz #20

And now…the 20th monthly Kickstarter Blitz.  On with the show!

image by BGG user ccgfarmer
image by BGG user ccgfarmer

Five Minute Delivery (Bryun Lemon, Chapter Three Games) is a real-time pick-up-and-deliver game with a fantasy theme.  From the Kickstarter description:

Five-Minute Delivery is a unique game that takes… five minutes to play. (Seems obvious, doesn’t it?) The game is played in real time, meaning everybody plays at the same time with no turns. A variety of MP3’s give you different directions and play experiences, and each track lasts…five minutes! Of course, if you don’t want to use the MP3, you can play it unplugged with the included goblin die! We know life is packed with countless activities and plans, which is why we developed this quick game for 2-4 players (and as many as 10 players with upcoming expansions!) Spending time with family and loved ones has never been easier!

The game features a modular board, and players are instructed by the MP3 to move certain numbers of spaces.  You are racing around, trying to complete deliveries to assigned addresses.  It looks like a nice, fast, fun game from an independent designer that funded at the eleventh hour.  There’s still a little time to get in on it, so act quickly.

  • End Date: August 28, 2015 @ 10:00 PM CDT
  • Goal: $16,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: March 2016
  • How Much: $36
image from Kickstarter project page
image from Kickstarter project page

RPG Coasters (Alexander Ingram) are obviously not a game themselves, but rather an accessory.  These coasters were designed for RPGs so players could have an indicator of their class as well as a place to place beverages.  From the Kickstarter description:

RPG coasters have classic fantasy class icons and names carved into hardwood.  These coasters, or drink enhancers, are made for you and your whole rag-tag party of do-gooders and ne’er-do-wells.  They complete any gaming space by making sure that surfaces stay in tip-top shape and our significant others remain free from drink-ring induced stress. 

While not designed for board games, they look really cool, and you could still use them in games like Descent.  Check them out.

  • End Date: August 30, 2015 @ 7:56 PM CDT
  • Goal: $2,500 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2015 (single), February 2016 (set of 5)
  • How Much: $10 (single), $40 (set of 5)
image by BGG user David Miller
image by BGG user David Miller

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse (David Rene Miller, subQuark LLC) is a microgame of surviving the apocalypse.  From the Kickstarter description;

It’s a nice day in Meepleton. You and your friends are enjoying the day without a care in the world when suddenly…BOOM! Transformers blow, cars crash, people fall to the ground. Phew, you’re wobbly but okay. RAWR! Nearby a giant, nefarious monster wreaks havoc! Be forewarned: this is no B-movie monster. It has its own intelligence, specifically level 2 AI (artificial intelligence) as defined by Tom Jolly. Hurry! Get your team to the school’s forgotten fallout shelter. Once two or more of your team members make it inside the shelter, send out a reconnaissance pair to grab a box of supplies. One box is plenty and it doesn’t matter who grabs it. But the monster spots you once you do – so you gotta be fast!  The shelter holds a max of 7 and it takes 4 from the same team to pull the door closed. Do what you must to survive – If you’re standing outside, knock down an opponent and make them scramble to their feet again. If you’re in the shelter, shove them out and make room for your team. Once the fallout shelter is closed, it sucks to be outside! But wait! It might not be over if you spot a manhole cover. Grab it and knock the monster down or use it to pry open the fallout shelter. If you grab the cover before you secure the box of supplies, the nefarious monster will surely notice you. Don’t waste time and be careful! This is a simultaneous, competitive, and frantic 2 player game all packed into a tiny tin. So ridiculously small that it makes other microgames look monstrously huge!

I don’t know about gameplay, but I think it’s awesome that the designer took the challenge to design a game that would fit into an Altoids tin.  For the sheer audacity of that move, I’m making this my PICK OF THE MONTH.

  • End Date: August 30, 2015 @ 10:59 PM CDT
  • Goal: $2,500 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: November 2015
  • How Much: $13
image by BGG user alfseegert
image by BGG user alfseegert

Dingo’s Dreams (Alf Seegert, Red Raven Games) is a game about an Australian walkabout that seems very similar to Bingo.  From the Kickstarter description:

You start with a grid of 25 tiles, set up at random in a 5×5 dreamscape. You also start with one extra tile, with a picture of your animal on it. On the opposite side of each of your tiles is a picture of your animal. Each turn, a random card is drawn, telling players which tile they should flip. When you flip a tile, it means your animal is travelling through a part of the dreamscape. Your goal is to guide your animal through the dreamscape by putting him in specified spaces (which are different each time you play).  Each time after a card is drawn, you take your extra animal and slide him into the dreamscape, shifting one row or column of tiles until a new, different tile emerges from the opposite side.  You’ll use this tile to shift another column or row on your next turn.  Play continues until one player’s dreamscape tiles matches the goal.  The player then shouts his or her animal’s name– “Dingo!”, for example, to win the round.

This basically seems like Bingo, but with some board modularity as you can move tiles around until they are in the position you want.  It seems to be a multiplayer solitaire game with a strong puzzle element, but with some really nice art (as all Red Raven Games have).  As a part of this Kickstarter, you can also get the 2nd edition of Ryan Laukat’s City of Iron.

  • End Date: August 31, 2015 @ 9:00 PM CDT
  • Goal: $15,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: May 2016
  • How Much: $16 Dingo’s Dreams, $42 City of Iron, $52 both
image by BGG user W Eric Martin
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

One Night Ultimate Vampire (Ted Alspach/Akihisa Okui, Bezier Games) is a prequel to the popular One Night Ultimate Werewolf.  From the BGG description:

No moderator, no elimination, no werewolves. In One Night Ultimate Vampire, the sun has just set, and vampires have descended on your sleepy little town, slowly turning the villagers into even more vampires. Fortunately, the village has several residents with special powers, with most willing to help eliminate this fanged menace! One Night Ultimate Vampire is a fast game for 3-10 players in which everyone gets a role: The nefarious Vampire, the well-meaning Cupid, the sneaky Assassin, or others, each with a special ability. In the course of a single evening, your village will decide who among them is a vampire…because all it takes is finding one vampire to win! One Night Ultimate Vampire can be combined with One Night Ultimate Werewolf or One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak or both games.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf was a great refinement of the Werewolf game, and One Night Ultimate Vampire seems to be trying to continue that tradition.  I don’t know how it will change things, but for fans, this is probably an instabuy.

  • End Date: August 31, 2015 @ 10:59 PM CDT
  • Goal: $5,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2015
  • How Much: $25
image by BGG user chillibean
image by BGG user chillibean

Treasure Hunter (Richard Garfield, Queen Games) is a game about…well…hunting for treasure.  From the BGG description:

Get as much valuable treasure and coins as you can, as everything counts at the end of this 5 round game! Watch out for treasure that isn’t treasure at all, and draft your team of Treasure Hunters wisely. There are only 2 treasures available in each of the 3 seasons, so get it while you can! Treasures are placed on the game board first. Then all players are given a hand of 9 cards in which to draft from, drawing one card and passing to the left or the right depending on which round is being played. At the end of drafting, all players will have a hand of 9 cards and a little knowledge of what the other players may have in their hands as well. All players must play any and all cards from their drafted hand of 9 for each season they have cards for, whether they want one of the two treasures or not.

I wanted to point this one out since it is a game by Richard Garfield, designer of Magic: The Gathering, RoboRally, and King of Tokyo.  Seems like an unusual combination of designer and publisher, what with Queen being known mostly for Eurogames.

  • End Date: September 1, 2015 @ 5:00 AM CDT
  • Goal: $10,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: October 2015
  • How Much: $48
image by BGG user eg1105
image by BGG user eg1105

Prime Time (Elad Goldsteen, Golden Egg Games) is a game about setting a television lineup as an executive.  From the Kickstarter description:

As a big shot executive you need to keep your network stacked with the best shows in Prime Time. A basic goal for any TV show is to “win” its time slot for the network by having the highest ratings, and thus the highest ad revenue. As you add talented actors, producers and writers to the show, you’ll have to decide how to arrange your TV Guide to win over the most viewers. Will you be putting your best shows early in the week? What will you leave for the Friday night death slot? Make your choices wisely so you can become the #1 network.

This is a worker placement game where players are trying to buy shows, hire talent, fire talent, and even play golf.  You’re trying to attract certain demographics as you play, and player are trying to get the most points.  It’s an interesting concept, and looks like a cool game.

  • End Date: September 3, 2015 @ 11:39 AM CDT
  • Goal: $7,500 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: January 2016
  • How Much: $45
image by BGG user cosine
image by BGG user cosine

Sun, Moon & Stars (Eric Jome, Minion Games) is a microgame of deduction where each player has a secret objective to complete.  From the Kickstarter description:

Sun, Moon, & Stars is a fast playing, easy to learn game of deduction. Each of the four great totem spirits, Wolf, Deer, Owl, and Serpent, chase their favored celestial bodies through the heavens to be the first to capture them and prove they are the greatest of their peers, The Sun, Moon, and the Stars circle the table, mirroring how they move across the sky. In whose domain will they finally come to rest? Sun, Moon, & Stars is played with 4 totem animal cards used as hidden roles by the players during the game. There are 11 action cards which move the Sun, Moon, and Stars tokens among the players until one achieves their victory conditions or the game ends. The game is quite short, taking 5 minutes or so to play; players are invited to play until one wins 3 to 5 games.

This looks like a pretty simple game with the Love Letter gameplay mechanism of draw a card, play a card from a hand of two.  It’s got some nice spirit art to it as well.

  • End Date: September 3, 2015 @ 10:00 PM CDT
  • Goal: $3,500 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: January 2016
  • How Much: $10
image by BGG user aza543
image by BGG user aza543

Cat Tower (Aza Chen, IDW Games) is a dexterity games about making a tower out of cats.  From the Kickstarter description:

Your goal is to play your kitty-hoard completely onto the tower where they will live out a long and prosperous cat life in the sky. But watch out! One wrong move and they’ll tumble down, landing back in your filthy, filthy cat pile where no cat wishes to ever be. And don’t forget about the “Fatty Catty” cards! These felines are long, lean, and call for the flip of a cat token, requiring extra, unforeseen plays. And for the adrenaline junkies out there, Cat Tower has an alternate set of rules with every player stacking their own tower as fast as possible, immediately replacing each fallen catfriend until one tower is fully loaded. Set the die on top, and if the tower fails to crumble for five seconds—a new Cat Queen or King is crowned. WARNING: this mode equals feline pandemonium!! Sound too easy? Not so fast! Taiwanese designer Aza Chen purposefully crafted these adorbs little guys to be wily as all get out. Like we said — dexterity-based! The point is, Cat Towerbrings smiles, jeers and bitter, bitter tears! And it’s got cats. Did we mention the cats?

This looks like a cute stacking game kind of in the tradition of HABA’s Rhino Hero.  But with adorable cats.

  • End Date: September 4, 2015 @ 3:59 PM CDT
  • Goal: $15,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Deliver: February 2016
  • How Much: $20
image from Kickstarter campaign page
image from Kickstarter campaign page

BattleCON Online (D Brad Talton Jr, Level 99 Games) is an online implementation of the popular BattleCON series.  From the Kickstarter description:

BattleCON, short for “Battle Connection Fighting System”, is a card-based duel between two fighters. BattleCON gives you a wide variety of unique tactics, and you’ll combine these with strategic play to take down rivals in fast-paced duels. We’ve come to Kickstarter to bring an unprecedentedly full-featured version of BattleCON to your Web, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices (with cross-platform play, of course!). We want your help to develop and test new fighters, new modes, and more! Join in to help make this dream a reality to get early access to the game’s beta in December, as well as a bunch of other exciting bonuses! Beyond even that, with the success of this project, we’ll be able to make the game even better for both current and future players through stretch goals!

Look for my review of this implementation next week.

  • End Date: September 6, 2015 @ 5:00 PM CDT
  • Goal: $10,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: December 2015
  • How Much: $10 for 5 characters, $20 for the first 10, $60 for all present and future characters

I wanted to make one more mention of the Wallet Games series, which I reviewed last week.  That campaign wraps up on August 29th (tomorrow), so check it out – it is already funded, but they always like more support.  Thanks for reading!


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