Contest Winners! Plus, Some Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who entered my 5 year/500th post contest!  I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.  Here are the winners:

image from Stonemaier Games website
image from Stonemaier Games website

The winner of the Stonemaier Games Treasure Chest is Jason from Rochester, NH!

image by BGG user henk.rolleman
image by BGG user henk.rolleman

The winner of Evolution by North Star Games is Josh from Wisconsin!

image by BGG user Kyokai
image by BGG user Kyokai

The winner of War of Indines from Level 99 Games is Michael from Placerville, CA!

image by BGG user exa1zar2ius3
image by BGG user exa1zar2ius3

The winner of Wrong Chemistry plus the expansions is Silvia from Lourinha, Portugal!

Congrats to all of the winners!  I’ll be sending out an e-mail soon so I can get your address to the publishers for shipping.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the survey.  I got a lot of good results, and I wanted to do a little bit of analysis here.

LOCATION: Most of the entries (83%) came from the US.  That’s to be expected – only one of the prizes went anywhere in the world.  From the US, the most represented state was Illinois, with 11% of the US entries.  From the rest of the world, Portugal had the most entries (3), followed by France, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Mexico, and Iceland.  If nothing else, it’s really kind of cool and to know people are reading my little blog all over the world.

WHERE YOU FOUND ME: Most people (35%) reported finding me via BoardGameGeek.  After that, it was Facebook (25%), Twitter (19%), and Internet Search (16%).  This doesn’t surprise me too much – that’s consistent with what I see in my stats.  Though it always does surprise me how many people find me through Facebook – I don’t advertise via Facebook, and I don’t really know who’s talking about me there.  Other people found me via links from Board Game Giveaways, Board Game Links, Everything Board Games, and Today in Board Gaming.

FAVORITE GAME: I got a lot of different responses to this, and I always love to see what other people enjoy playing.  The single game that had the most love was Pandemic (8% of voters), but several people also love Dominion, Dead of Winter, Terra Mystica, Agricola, Cosmic Encounter, Galaxy Trucker, Imperial Settlers, Mage Knight, and Smash Up.  No other game got more than a single vote, which really speaks to the variety of tastes in our hobby.

FAVORITE DESIGNER: This one didn’t have quite as many different responses as favorite game.  In the end, it was a tie between two designers, and I don’t think either one is a surprise – Antoine Bauza and Vlaada Chvátil each were mentioned by 14% of the respondents.  They both were a ways ahead of their nearest competition – Stefan Feld and Eric Lang both had 6%.  A lot of the superstars had votes, including Knizia, Rosenberg, Trzewiczek, and Stegmaier, but several people said they didn’t follow designers at all.  Some people even responded to this question by naming their favorite publisher (Eagle-Gryphon, Plaid Hat, and Tasty Minstrel were all mentioned).  This is a trend I’ve been noticing for a while.  When I first came into the hobby, there weren’t as many publishers out there, and games were mostly being sold on the strength of their designers.  But I think we’re shifting to more of a publisher driven industry.  I suspect this has a lot to do with Kickstarter, and the players supporting the people who make the games look good rather than the originator of the idea.  Who knows.  I know that I like studying designers, and seeing what connections I can make between their work.

LOOKING FORWARD: Lots of different responses for this one.  In the end, it was a three-way tie between Pandemic: Legacy, 504, and Scythe, each mentioned by 9% of respondents.  But a ton of other games were mentioned, and I think that also speaks to the strength of the hobby – there’s still a lot to get excited about.

FAVORITE MECHANISM: This one was not even close.  Worker Placement by a mile, with 45% of the vote (and one all out “Anything BUT worker placement” vote).  The nearest competitor, Cooperative Play, had 10% of the vote (deckbuilding was next with 9%).  A lot of the mechanisms mentioned are ones I personally like a lot too, though I was sorry that no one picked Programmed Actions, which is my personal favorite.  Auctions, which I tend to dislike, got two votes.

FAVORITE THEME: Another slam dunk winner here as Space/Sci-Fi got 32% of the vote.  So clearly, the ideal game for my audience would be a Space-themed worker-placement game designed by Antoine Bauza or Vlaada Chvátil.  The next closest theme was Fantasy with 12%.  A lot of interesting themes were mentioned (including one vote for Pasted On – that one made me laugh).

OTHER BLOGS YOU READ: A lot of people answered this question with podcasts rather than blogs, and The Dice Tower had the most votes with 22%.  BGG blogs and Shut Up and Sit Down both had good showings as well (18% and 17% respectively).  A lot of different blogs were mentioned, including a bunch I had never heard of.  I’ve linked to many of them in the footer at the bottom of this page.  Go check them out – there’s a lot of good stuff being written about board games out there.

And that wraps up my first contest.  It was a fun experience, I may have to do this again sometime.  Thanks to everyone for reading, and in particular, thanks to those of you who included positive comments in your responses.  There were some things said that made me feel quite special, so thank you.  And as always, thanks for reading!


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