Kickstarter Blitz #22

Happy almost Halloween!  Time for some Kickstarter projects!

image by BGG user RoadtoInfamy
image by BGG user RoadtoInfamy

Road to Infamy (Jeff Chin/Andrew Nerger) is a bidding game where players are trying to win various benefits.  From the Kickstarter description:

Road To Infamy is a crime-themed board game for 2-4 players. You are a wealthy gang leader competing to run the most infamous crime operation in Chicago. You will place bids on the black market to recruit gangsters with unique abilities, buy contraband to become more infamous, and bribe the cop to protect your goods and sabotage your rivals.

Normally, I don’t like auction games, but I do like simultaneous auctions better than other types.  That’s what this one has, and it looks fun.  Some of the bid cards also have special abilities, and that looks like it will help with keeping things interesting.

  • End Date: October 31, 2015 @ 4:00 PM CDT
  • Goal: $4,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: January 2016
  • How Much: $35
image by BGG user Ravachol
image by BGG user Ravachol

Covalence (John Coveyou, Genius Games) is a cooperative science-based game where players are trying to build molecules.  From the Kickstarter description:

In Covalence, players work together to accurately build a number of secret organic molecules. One player takes on the role of the “Knower” who has knowledge of the Secret Molecules, while all other players, “Builders”, must deduce what these secret molecules are, based upon clues given to them by the Knower. All Builders must cooperatively utilize a limited number of clues available in order construct their molecules before the clues run out!

This game really looks to me like Science Mysterium.  It’s the same basic principle – a dude with the knowledge is trying to get everyone else to know what he knows.  Could be an interesting educational game.

  • End Date: November 4, 2015 @ 11:00 PM CST
  • Goal: $7,500 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: May 2016
  • How Much: $19
image by BGG user Richard Breese
image by BGG user Richard Breese

Inhabit the Earth (Richard Breese, R&D Games/Game Salute) is a game about populating the earth with animals.  From the Kickstarter description:

In essence, [Inhabit the Earth] is a race game played on six continent boards. Players create their own menagerie of up to six creatures, each of which is represented by up to six cards, by using cards to introduce, multiply, evolve, and adapt their creatures. Each of the 162 unique cards identifies a creature’s class, a continent and terrain that the creature inhabits, and a special or scoring ability. Each class of creature is also represented by a counter, and the cards are also used to trigger the movement of the counters along the trails on the boards and by migrating, from one board to another. Breeding, achieved by flipping over a creature’s counter, generates new cards. Movement facilitates further breeding and the chance to secure tokens for additional icons and point scoring. At the end of the game, points are scored through abilities on the creature’s cards, the position of the creatures’ counters on the boards, and from tokens; the player with the most points wins. Rules for an introductory game for up to three players are also included.

This game was well received when it came out at Spiel a few weeks ago, and Game Salute is now bringing it to the US, as they did with Breese’s last release Keyflower.  They’re using Kickstarter as a preorder only – the games are already produced, they just want to know how many to bring over.

  • End Date: November 2015 @ CST
  • Goal: $100 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: December 2015
  • How Much: $39

Wolf and Hound (Fukutarou, Ninja Star Games) is a partnership game about protecting your sheep from wolves.  From the Kickstarter description:

To start the game, team members will sit across from each other. Each player will start with 3 sheep in their pasture, and 4 cards in their hand.  Each turn you will play one card from your hand which will move the wolf or the hound. Where the wolf or the hound moves to determines the fate of your sheep. If there is a wolf in your pasture at the start of your turn, then the wolf will chase away one of your sheep. Rest assured though, if there is a hound in your pasture at the start of your turn, then he will rescue the lost sheep and bring it back to your pasture.

This looks like a cute accessible game with some nastiness to it as you try to sic the wolf on your opponents.  Wolves chase sheep away while hounds return them.  If someone loses all of their sheep, they lose.  It looks pretty simple to understand, and a good family game.

  • End Date: November 6, 2015 @ 12:00 AM CST
  • Goal: $10,000 (not funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: May 2016
  • How Much: $24
image by BGG user exa1zar2ius3
image by BGG user exa1zar2ius3

Raid & Trade: War on the Streets (Charalampos Tsakiris, MAGE Company) is an expansion to this year’s Raid & Trade (as covered in Kickstarter Blitz #11).  From the Kickstarter description:

Raid & Trade expands its legacy and return with the expansion “War on the Streets“. This time, far from the Golden City comes a new breed of survivors. Forged in the most desolate conditions these opportunistic individuals prowl the ruins watching for passers-by – to either join or exploit. Skilled nomads, these ‘Hitchhikers’ can twist any situation to their advantage, whether through silver-tongued and honeyed words or brute force and lethal cunning. But they are not the only ones who come from the shadows.. Riders & gangs, rebels & outlanders are rising in the wastelands. They tried to enter the Golden City, but they were stopped by the Forces and now they are exiled forever in the wastelands. Anyone who is trying to reach the Golden City, has to face them and their minions!

I liked the look of this when the base game was being Kickstarted, and it was apparently successful enough to warrant an expansion.  So give it a look, see what you think – it’s a big expansion with the possibility of also getting the base game.

  • End Date: November 8, 2015 @ 5:00 PM CST
  • Goal: $15,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: June 2016
  • How Much: $45 expansion only, $95 expansion plus base game
image by BGG user W Eric Martin
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Sword & Sorcery (Simone Romano/Nunzio Surace, Ares Games) is an epic fantasy cooperative adventure from the company that brought us War of the Ring.  From the Kickstarter description:

In Sword & Sorcery, one to five players control heroes with unique powers. The heroes will fight together against the forces of evil – controlled by the game system itself – to save the kingdom and break the spell that binds their souls. In Sword & Sorcery, the players become heroes who must explore dangerous ruins, ominous forests, and besieged cities. Their skills and abilities are the last, best hope of Talon’s Coast. These heroes are not your run-of-the-mill adventurers – they are legendary characters, brought back to life by powerful sorcery. Weakened by the resurrection, they grow stronger during the story-driven quests. By acquiring soul points, players regenerate the heroes’ souls, returning them to their legendary status – with multiple powers, magic and soul weapons, and powerful artifacts. Sword & Sorcery‘s game system represents the perfect evolution of the mechanics first used in Galaxy Defenders. From its forerunner, Sword & Sorcery inherits key features such as advanced AI for monsters, a high degree of character customization, and multiple tactical options during battles. At the same time, gameplay in Sword & Sorcery is fast and dynamic, thanks to an innovative area movement and area control system, and includes new features never seen before in a game of this category.

This game was designed by the same team that did Galaxy Defenders, which is a game I have not played.  It has highly detailed miniatures, which always helps.  I’m not yet sure what sets it apart from the plethora of other dungeon crawls out there, like Descent, but it does look like something that will really appeal to fans of the genre.

  • End Date: November 12, 2015 @ 8:00 PM CST
  • Goal: $75,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2016
  • How Much: $110
image by BGG user AndrewScott
image by BGG user AndrewScott

Crimson Creek (Andrew Scott, Toystorian Entertainment) is a semi-cooperative pocket horror game.  From the Kickstarter description:

It’s a familiar story. You’ve heard it before. A group of friends head off for a weekend escape, to a cabin by the lake, in a quaint sleepy town, just a few hours north of the city. But as night falls, what was meant to be an amorous filled weekend, quickly turns into a hellish nightmare. A crazed maniac is slicing and dicing his way through the unsuspecting party. You shield your eyes thinking “Don’t go in there. Don’t go in the barn.” You can’t believe the obvious missteps these foolish kids are making. You would never make such careless mistakes. But then again, you start to wonder, “Would I survive?” Crimson Creek is an homage to 80’s slasher films. It is a 2-6 player semi-cooperative pocket horror deduction game that takes 30-45 minutes to play. Where players run to safe locations, peek from hiding places, and search for clues all while trying to survive the blade of The Hatchetman.

This is a game that uses a kind of traitor mechanism similar to Battlestar Galactica or Betrayal at House on the Hill where the bad guy may not know it until partway through the game.  Personally, I’m not a slasher movie fan, but this does look like something that might be fun on a horror movie night.

  • End Date: November 12, 2015 @ 9:00 PM CST
  • Goal: $1,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: April 2016
  • How Much: $12 base game, $19 with expansion
image by BGG user chaddyboy_2000
image by BGG user chaddyboy_2000

Prospectus (Chad Krizan, Mr. B Games) is a fantasy stock game with mages trading potions. From the Kickstarter description:

In Prospectus, players are apprentice-level mages who earn their tower rent by trading potions in the underground Kriztus potion market. Using their powers, they can peer into their crystal balls to predict prices and make their fortunes. But beware! Their prognostication is not perfect, especially when rival wizards cast spells to advance their own agendas! Meanwhile, the greedy, power-mad High Council demands potions as well. A timely sale will make a recipe fashionable, and raise its price in the market, but if the council does not get what it wants, they will retaliate, by telling the townsfolk that the potion is nothing but fizzwater and newt juice. The mage that is able to earn the most money through cunning investments, shrewd spell-casting, and lucrative sales to the council, will be the most successful potion trader and win the game! Heck, maybe you can even pay off your tab at the Drunken Dragon Inn…

This game features a crystal ball that acts as a sort of cube tower.  Drop ingredient cubes into the ball, then adjust prices based on what comes out.  It’s a pretty cool looking component, and I’d love to see it in action, even though I’m not much of a stock game guy.

  • End Date: November 12, 2015 @ 9:00 PM CST
  • Goal: $14,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: May 2016
  • How Much: $48
image by BGG user Action Phase
image by BGG user Action Phase

Kodama: The Tree Spirits (Daniel Solis, Action Phase Games) is a 2-5 player area control game set in a forest.  From the Kickstarter description:

The forest is growing fast! As caretakers for kodama, the tree spirits, you must keep the forest a healthy and lush home for your little friends. Over three growing seasons, you must cultivate trees with the right mix of flowers, insects, and branch arrangements to make your kodama as happy as possible. Whoever cares for their kodama best will be remembered for generations! From the designer of the hit game Kigi, Kodama branches out into a fun new way to play! Grow your tree by placing cards in clever arrangements, being careful to leave room for future growth. At the end of each season, one kodama will award you points for how well your tree suits its needs. With beautiful art and innovative mechanics, Kodama is an inTREEguing game for the whole family.

In this game, players are putting out cards to extend tree branches and try to arrange different symbol chains to score points.  It’s an very interesting looking game, one that I think will be pretty accessible to a wide range of people.  I think I’m going to make this one my PICK OF THE MONTH.

  • End Date: November 12, 2015 @ 10:59 PM CST
  • Goal: $10,800 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: May 2016
  • How Much: $19, $27 deluxe version
image by BGG user edelen
image by BGG user edelen

Kill Doctor Lucky (James Ernest, Cheapass Games) is a reprint of Cheapass’ first and most popular game.  From the Kickstarter description:

Kill Doctor Lucky is a fast, easy board game. The goal is simple: to kill Doctor Lucky. You’ll sneak around Lucky Mansion looking for good weapons and hiding places. To make a murder attempt, you must be in a room with Doctor Lucky where no one else can see you. And of course, he’s very lucky, so he’s quite hard to kill.

I compare Kill Doctor Lucky to Clue, but in reverse – you WANT to be the murderer here.  I’ve played the Titanic Games reprint, and liked it a lot.  This edition of Kill Doctor Lucky is an upgrade from the original, both in component quality and in the rules.  It’s an odd sort of game, but it’s got a great theme and is pretty fun.  Check it out.

  • End Date: November 13, 2015 @ 10:00 PM CST
  • Goal: $40,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: March 2016
  • How Much: $50
image by BGG user SebasKO
image by BGG user SebasKO

Cul-De-Sac Conquest (Andrew Birkett/Barry Congressi, Atheris Games) is a game about annoying your neighbors in suburbia.  From the BGG description:

In Cul-De-Sac Conquest players compete to annoy each other out of their neighborhood. Each player selects a character and draws five cards, which include annoy cards and relax cards. Each character has a certain annoyance meter, once it is reached they are out of the game. If other players are actively going after one player than they must relax themselves in order to stay in the game (though they can only be relaxed to their max meter). After the first turn players can chose which deck to draw cards from one that includes annoy/relax cards and the other which includes house upgrades that will allow the player to increase their overall annoyance meter.

This is clearly a take-that style game, which people don’t always like.  But I think they’re funny, particularly when they don’t take themselves too seriously.  This looks like a very light game with a fun theme, nothing that will be too taxing on your brain.

  • End Date: November 14, 2015 @ CST
  • Goal: $10,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: March 2016
  • How Much: $20
image by BGG user apegamer
image by BGG user apegamer

The Great Dinosaur Rush (Scott Almes, APE Games) is a game about paleontology.  From the Kickstarter description:

Players take the roles of paleontologists in the late 1800’s, competing to find the most lucrative dig sites, find the best bones and build the most unique dinosaurs for the world’s most prestigious museums. Those were cutthroat times and these otherwise reasonable scientists did whatever it took to stand out from their peers. Sabotage and other notorious acts were not uncommon. Players are paleontologists collecting bones and building dinosaurs for the most prestigious museums. Each turn, in addition to collecting bones, players will select various actions to perform. Some actions will gain players notoriety – secret tokens ranging in value from 1-3. Notoriety is revealed and added to players’ scores at the end of the game. But the player with the most notoriety is called out and their notoriety is subtracted from their score! Building dinosaurs using the discovered bones gives players a chance to unleash their creative side. The size and shape of your creations are limited only by your imagination!

Scott Almes is really on fire with the amount of games he has been coming out with lately, and they all seem to be quite well received.  That alone is enough to get me interested in this one.  Add on a good dinosaur theme, and I’m even more intrigued.

  • End Date: November 23, 2015 @ 8:00 PM CST
  • Goal: $16,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: August 2016
  • How Much: $40

A couple of other projects that I’ve talked about previously and wanted to make sure to mention: Exceed from Level 99 is a two-player fighting game that ends its campaign on November 1; and Scythe is an alternate history war/economic game from Stonemaier Games that ends its campaign on November 5.  Thanks for reading!

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