Game Buzz: Thief Dreams

Today, I wanted to highlight a couple of games on Kickstarter that have caught my eye.  We’ll start with the one that is ending their run first:

image by BGG user W Eric Martin
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Thief’s Market is a game by Dave Chalker, designer of games like Get Bit! and Heat.  This one is being published by Tasty Minstrel Games, is for 3-5 players, and takes between 30 and 50 minutes (I’m guessing that’s ten minutes per player).  It’s a dice game where players are thieves splitting the loot from the day’s heist.

The game will come with a start player marker, 33 gold tokens, 33 infamy tokens, 13 loot dice, and 41 market cards.  The cards are split into A, B, and C decks based on their backs.  You’ll remove a few cards so there are 13 cards in the A deck, 12 in B, and 11 in C.  Each player starts with one gold.

A round of play has two phases.  First, the start player rolls the dice and places the start player marker in with the loot.  Then, beginning with the start player, you’ll SPLIT THE LOOT.  To do this, you can either take any number of objects from the center and put them in front of you, or steal a pile from in front of another player.  If you steal, you must return at least one object to the center (rerolling it).  You only get to take if you have nothing in front of you, and you can’t steal from someone who has only one thing.

Once everyone has a pile, it’s time to MAKE PURCHASES.  The player that now has the start player marker can purchase a card using objects that match the card requirement.  Each player may only buy one card, unless a card they buy instructs them otherwise.  Gold can be used in place of any color gem.

Once everyone has had an opportunity to buy a card, the round ends.  You get one gold for every yellow bag die face you collected and one Infamy for every purple laurel die face.  Restock the card market, and return all dice to the center for the next round.  If there aren’t enough C cards left to fill the market, the game ends and the player who has earned the most points is the winner.

image by BGG user UncleDragon
image by BGG user UncleDragon

This game looks like an interesting take on the “I cut-you choose” concept.  In this case, you can take however much you want, knowing that someone could very well take it from you later.  It looks like there will be lots of interesting decisions to make.  I like the look of the art, and it seems like the game will provide lots of opportunities for some back-and-forth squabbling.  Looks like a good time.  If you’re interested, the campaign runs until February 12, and you can get your own copy of Thief’s Market for $17.

image by BGG user Action Phase
image by BGG user Action Phase

Dreamwell is a game by Nick Little that is being published by Action Phase Games.  This one is for 2-4 players and takes 30-45 minutes.  The idea is that you’re looking for lost friends in the Dreamwell, represented by a 4×4 grid.

The game comes with 72 friend cards, 15 advanced friend cards, 16 double-sided dream tiles, 4 player markers, 8 player pawns, and a first player marker.  The 16 tiles are placed randomly in a 4×4 grid.  The white bordered side should be face up, and orientation should be random. The friend cards are shuffled into a deck, each player is dealt two of them, and four are laid out face up.  Each player gets a marker and two pawns, and the first player is the one who got the most sleep last night.

On your turn, you take three actions.  You have five choices, and you can do the same thing multiple times if you wish:

  • Draw: Take a card from the deck or the display.  If you take from the display, replace it immediately from the deck.
  • Replace the Display: Put all four cards in the display on the bottom of the deck and draw four new ones.
  • Rotate a Tile: Turn a tile 90, 180, or 270 degrees.  You can only rotate an unoccupied tile or one you’re on.
  • Play a Friend Card: Each card has two creatures and a terrain on it.  In order to play a card, you must have your pawns on tiles that represent all of those elements.  Once you play it, you get an ability as listed on the card.  This ability will remain in play until you play another friend card, at which time the new friend takes over.
  • Move: You can move a pawn through a door on the tile your pawn is on.  If the tile you move to has a door that connects to the door you just came through, you can move again for free.  If your pawns are off the board, you can bring them onto any of the edge tiles.  If that edge tile has a door pointing off the board, you can move again for free.

Once one player has played seven friend cards, the game ends after everyone has had the same number of turns.  The player with the most points is the winner.

image by BGG user Action Phase
image by BGG user Action Phase

First of all, this is a very unique looking game.  Art is done by Tara McPherson, and she’s really captured the dreamlike quality this game is aspiring to.  It probably elevates this game over a relatively simple abstract into something that attract attention and get people playing.  The maze aspect of trying to go through doors to get to where you need to go seems like the most interesting part of the game to me.  It looks like it will be a good accessible game.  If you’re interested, the campaign runs until February 25, and you can get your own copy of the game for $29.

That will do it for today.  Thanks for reading!

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