2017 Anticipation

In my last post, I looked back at 2016.  In this one, I look ahead to 2017.  But not before I look back and see what I was looking forward to last year:

  • Back to the Future: An Adventure Through Time – It came out to some pretty meh reviews.  I haven’t played, and am not as eager as I was.
  • Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks – Not out yet, but I hear it’s close.
  • The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game – Now scheduled for Summer 2017.
  • Gloomhaven – Should be out early 2017.
  • Millennium Blades – A big hit.  Everyone who has played this seems to love it.  I still haven’t gotten to.  Sadness.
  • The Networks – I demoed it at Gen Con, and really enjoyed it.  Hope for a full play sometime.
  • Quadropolis – Days of Wonder’s release for the year was pretty well received, though not as big as Five Tribes.  I haven’t played this one yet either.
  • Roll Player – Still pretty intrigued by this one, but I haven’t had a chance to try it.
  • Scythe – One of the big hits of the year (already cracked the BGG Top Ten).  I have seen it, it looks great, haven’t played.
  • Star Trek: Frontiers – From what I hear, it holds up pretty well compared to Mage Knight.  Haven’t played.
  • Wits & Wagers: Epic Geek Edition – I was hopeful that this would make some noise in 2016, but it didn’t.  They’re aiming for 2017 now.

So, of the games I was most excited for this past year, I played exactly zero.  But hey, there’s always next year, right?  And speaking of next year:

image by BGG user jamerystegmaier
image by BGG user jamerystegmaier

Charterstone  is the latest sure-to-be hit from designer Jamey Stegmaier and Stonemaier Games.  The idea is that you are building a village with other players, but are competing to do it the best.  It’s a legacy style game, which means that choices you make will affect the layout of the board.  Unlike the Rob Daviau-designed legacy games, this one (from what I understand) will not include in any destruction, and once the campaign is over, you’ll be able to continue playing your own unique worker placement game one what you have created.  It’s definitely one to keep an eye on, hopefully in 2017.

image by BGG user Kermit2005
image by BGG user Kermit2005

Dice Forge is an upcoming dice-building game from Régis Bonnessée to be published by Libellud.  If you know my preferences, you know I hate it when games like Quarriors purport to be dice-building games when you’re not actually building dice.  However, a game like Rattlebones is another story.  This one appears to be more like Rattlebones as you are questing and upgrading your dice as you play.  I don’t know too much more, but as it’s from the designer of Seasons, I’m on board to check this one out when it hits the market.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Flatline is a game from FUSE designer Kane Klenko to be published by Renegade Game Studios.  As I understand it, the game is kind of a continuation from the FUSE storyline – the destruction of your ship has been prevented, but people are hurt and you have to save as many as you can, as well as dealing with other emergences that pop up.  It looks like it’s round based rather than strictly real-time, but each round has a one-minute timer on it.  I thoroughly enjoyed FUSE, and Renegade has a very good track record so far, so this is one I’m looking forward to.

image by BGG user Fubeca
image by BGG user Fubeca

Fugitive is a two-player card game designed by Tim Fowers and published by Fowers Games.  It is set in the world of 2016 Spiel des Jesse winner Burgle Bros, with one player as the Fugitive and the other as the pursuing agent (aka Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, Jean Valjean and Javert, etc).  The fugitive is playing cards, and the agent is trying to guess them.  It’s not anything like Burgle Bros, but Tim Fowers is one of the designers I’ve been keeping an eye on going forward – his only three games so far are Wok Star, Paperback, and Burgle Bros, but all are very highly regarded.


image by BGG user Richard Breese
image by BGG user Richard Breese

Keyper is the eighth game in designer Richard Breese’s Key series, as published by R&D Games.  It’s a worker placement game where you can send your meeples (here called keyples) out to do various jobs, and others may send their own to join you to the benefit of all.  Each worker can be used twice, and the country boards where you will be sending your keyples can be folded into several different combinations to suit your strategy.  It looks like a very unique take on worker placement from the guy who created the genre (the 1998 game Keydom is regarded as the first WP game).  Of the Key games, I’ve only played Keyflower, but that too was a very unique game, so I’m very interested in this one.

image by BGG user mechanicalfish
image by BGG user mechanicalfish

Near and Far is a new story-driven game from designer Ryan Laukat and published by Red Raven Games.  It kind of follows the tradition of Above and Below, though it is a fairly different sort of game.  This one is more about exploration and adventure rather than building – you’re collecting the resources you’ll need for a journey, then setting out into a world of encounters.  The game comes with an encounter book (a la Tales of the Arabian Nights), and plays over a series of ten game sessions.  Laukat’s games always look very beautiful, and people really enjoy them.  The only one of his games I’ve played is Eight Minute Empire, but Above and Below has been one I’ve been itching to try, and I expect this one will be along the same lines.

image by BGG user Floodgate
image by BGG user Floodgate

Sagrada is an upcoming dice game from designers Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews, published by Floodgate Games.  In the game, you are essentially building stained glass windows through the rolling of and placement of different colors of dice.  It’s a puzzly type game with a dice draft, and is fairly easy to understand.  It’s a gorgeous game that I got to demo at Gen Con, and I can’t wait to see how the final version turns out.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Back in the old days, you wouldn’t know about the newest Days of Wonder game practically until it was on the market.  With the release of Five Tribes, that stopped and now we know about these games up to a year in advance.  Yamataï is DoW’s 2017 release, designed by Bruno Cathala and Marc Paquien.  In the game, you’re using ships to explore, collect resources, and build.  There are a few details out there, and not much final art.  But it’s Days of Wonder, so you know there’s going to be a high standard of quality.  Their games are always worth a look.

There are many more games coming out in 2017 that I will be interested in, but these are the ones that have my interest now.  We’ll check back in 12 months to see how they did, and to see what is on tap for 2018.  Thanks for reading!



    • I think Charterstone is going to top most people’s lists, just like Scythe did last year. But I think right now, Dice Forge is the one I want to learn about the most.

  1. “As I understand it, the game is kind of a continuation from the FUSE storyline – the destruction of your ship has been prevented”

    Umm a continuation of the FUSE storyline would be the exploded ruins of my ship, floating in outer space…

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