Game Buzz- 12 Realms: Dungeonland (plus a contest!)

This is my second attempt at writing this post.  I wrote the first one and it posted this morning.  I know it did because some people entered the contest.  However, it then mysteriously vanished, and I have no clue how.  So I’m now super annoyed that I have to write it again.  It probably won’t be as detailed as the original, but I’m going to give you a general overview of

image by BGG user exa1zar2ius3
image by BGG user exa1zar2ius3

12 Realms: Dungeonland is an upcoming game from MAGE Company that is a new system set in the universe created for their 2010 game, 12 Realms.  In this one, 2-4 players will be doing what is basically a dungeon delve to protect the realms, rather than an overland defense as in the original game.  The game will be up on Kickstarter in approximately 11 days, but here’s the overview for now.

Dungeonland will come with heroes, bosses, cards, tokens, tiles, and miniatures – all the stuff you would expect in a modern dungeon crawl game.  The game is played in scenarios, and at the start of each you’ll set up a starting tile as described in the scenario.  You’ll also have some other tiles available for exploration.

Within each scenario, players will go through a number of rounds.  Each round has four phases.  First, you’ll REFRESH any used abilities, as well as perform any start of round effects.  Next, a player will draw the top card of the EVENT deck and resolve its text.  Then you come to the ACTION phase.  Here, players and monsters will act in initiative order to do two actions.  The heroes’ action choices are as follows:

  1. Move a number of spaces equal to your speed.
  2. Explore an adjacent area.  This can only be done if there are no monsters on the board.  You’ll open a closed door, which reveals a new tile on the other side as specified on a drawn exploration card.  There will only ever be two tiles in play, so if you’re placing a third, simply remove the one that has no one on it.
  3. Attack an adjacent monster.  This is done by choosing a weapon, calculating how many attack dice you’ll roll, rolling them, and determining whether you hit, missed, got a critical (which allows you to roll more dice) or can use an ability.  The monster will also roll defense dice, and you’ll deal damage accordingly.
  4. Cast a spell in much the same way as an attack – choose your spell, calculate what dice you’ll need, and roll them.  The monster will once again roll for defense.
  5. Use a skill by paying its full cost.
  6. Interact with an object in your space.
  7. Swap/Trade Equipment with your backpack, or with an adjacent hero.
  8. Rest by taking no actions this turn and recovering all of your energy points.
  9. Loot by rolling the Look die, which will either yield gold, a consumable, equipment, or nothing.  Each player can only do this once there are no monsters left on the board.

Monsters will also take actions this turn – first a move, then an attack.

After all have taken their actions for this round, any end-of-round effects happen in the END PHASE.  If you have successfully completed the current adventure, collect your rewards and move on to the next.  If not, start a new round.

image by BGG user Diretrolijake
image by BGG user Diretrolijake

Those are the basics.  It seems like a fairly light version of a dungeon crawler, reminiscent of heavier fare like Descent while still embracing the family nature of 12 Realms.  The miniatures I’ve seen in pictures so far look really nice (see the Wizard of Oz above), and the game looks like it’s not throwing too much at you at once so that you get overwhelmed.  The initiative mechanism reminds me of Mice and Mystics, which is not a bad thing.

So keep an eye out for 12 Realms: Dungeonland when it goes up on Kickstarter.  Until then, you can go to the game website for more information.  And with that, its time for a


MAGE Company is offering a copy of the original 12 Realms base game plus the Ghost Town expansion to one lucky reader of this blog.  All you have to do is go fill out this five-question quiz.  Each question you get correct will give you one entry into the contest, and just entering it will give you another.  Also, if you tweet about the contest, I’ll give you an extra entry – just leave your Twitter handle and be sure to tag @boardsandbees so I know to give you credit.  So that’s seven possible chances to win!  Good luck to you, thanks to MAGE Company for donating the prize, and thanks to you for reading!


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