Kickstarter Blitz #40

The Blitz turns 40!  Let’s head over that hill with some Kickstarter projects that are closing within the next few weeks.

image by BGG user jason2043

King’s Champion (Jason Washburn, Talon Strikes Studios) is a medieval game of jousting.  From the BGG description:

You are in charge of a stable of Knights that each have their own Knightly ability. Your Knights are going to the King’s Jousting Tournament in order to joust against Knights from another House. You will roll dice to show your prowess and might. Use your influence gained during jousting to gain workers. You can increase the ability of your Knights with dice, cards, and powers!

Jousting is a theme that is not used enough.  I’m interested to see how this one works.

  • End Date: April 28, 2017 @ 9:00 PM MDT
  • Goal: $15,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: November 2017
  • How Much? $23
image by BGG user Falco84

Rise to Nobility (Vojkan Krstevski, Final Frontier Games) is a dice/worker placement game set in a fantasy world.  From the BGG description:

Five years after the events of Cavern Tavern, where a fragile peace was brokered between The Five Realms, the High Queen Tabita Orestes has ordered a new city to be built. The city of Caveborn will be the capital of the Five Realms, a place where all the races will learn to live together in harmony, with the main purpose being to bring them closer and prevent another war. The Queen needs to keep the alliance between the races and ensure that Caveborn is peaceful and prosperous. To that end, a Settlers Council has been formed with Berk the Town Clerk as its chairman — but Berk is getting old and needs a successor. Are you that person?

This is a very pretty looking game, and has some very glowing reviews.  I tend to like dice allocation type games, so this is one I’ll keep an eye on.

  • End Date: May 3, 2017 @ 3:59 PM MDT
  • Goal: $19,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: December 2017
  • How Much? $49
image from Kickstarter project page

7th Guest (Rob Landeros, Trilobyte) is a board game based on a video game/app property.  From the Kickstarter description:

In the world of The 7th Guest: The Board Game, you re-enter the mysterious and magical Stauf mansion, filled with diabolical puzzles, riddles and other mind games to test your wits and knowledge against your friends and family. But as with all haunted houses, know that you enter at your own risk. The goal is to emerge with your sanity – and your soul – intact.

The board game remains true to the original award winning computer game, although now you play the role of one of the six guests in direct competition with the other guests. Starting from the Foyer, you are randomly assigned destination rooms to which you must go, by roll of the Magic Die, and there, solve the mysteries and challenges within. Be the first to finish your tour of the mansion, arrive at the final destination, the Little Room at the Top, solve the final puzzle there, and you best your fellow guests and achieve your heart’s most secret desire. Which, for one thing, is to best your fellow guests.

I know nothing about the video game property, but I do like puzzle games.  There are apparently at least 300 puzzles to solve, so that helps replayability.

  • End Date: May 4, 2017 @ 9:52 AM MDT
  • Goal: $57,611 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: July 2018
  • How Much? $65
image by BGG user Xion Aritel

Rockopolis (Azzurra Eschini/Andrea Sbragia, Minos Games) is a card game about building a rock band.  From the Kickstarter description:

Rockopolis is the game that lets you Hire musicians for your Rock Band, Buy the needed equipment, do Rehearse, play Live gigs and become famous recording a Demo CD. Try to avoid all the bad lucks an emerging rock band has to face, and be careful trying to match your band members musical tastes. Do you want to take the risk to have a Metal Singer near to a Punk Guitarist? Metal, Punk, Glam and Rock-Blues: what Rock genre fits your tastes better? Rockopolis is a light-medium weight game, it’s easy to learn, has a fast pace and can be comfortably played even by non-seasoned players. Hardcore gamers can enjoy it too, ’cause the goal is one, but there are various strategies to reach it. If you’re a Rock music fan, you’ll enjoy it the double!

This is a theme that appeals to me, so this is one I want to look into in more detail.

  • End Date: May 4, 2017 @ 3:59 PM MDT
  • Goal: €9,000 (not funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: September 2017
  • How Much? €34
image by BGG user Imploded

Five Seals of Magic (Thorsten Reichwein, Hobby World/Mayday Games) is a game about hunting for new spells.  From the Kickstarter description:

Explore the dungeon of the Arcana Tower in Five Seals of Magic to find powerful spells! Magical seals of four elements block your way to the scrolls. Use the dice of four matching colors to break the seals and clear a path to the scrolls. You should also keep an eye on your opponents. Use your powers at the right time and at the right place! Manipulate dice and other elements of the game with scrolls, which you’ve collected (which will be different from game to game, offering much replayability). This way, you can break stronger seals and open your way to more powerful scrolls. The player who collects the most powerful scrolls wins.

Hobby World has been making some very interesting games, so I’m glad to see more crossing to our shores.  This one has a very unique look to it, so I’m adding it to my list of games to watch.

  • End Date: May 7, 2017 @ 9:00 AM MDT
  • Goal: $5,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: August 2017
  • How Much? $35
image from Kickstarter project page

UNIMO (Max Grecke, Mo’Games) is a game about a Universe of Monsters.  From the Kickstarter description:

UNIMO is a fast paced and highly strategic tabletop card game for 2 or more players of all ages where you have to become a monster in order to beat them. If you’re ready to unleash your inner demons then you’ve found the right game, but we need your help to bring it to life!

This game looks a little bit like a cross between UNO and Smash Up.  It looks cute, and is probably a good light family game.

  • End Date: May 8, 2017 @ 1:03 AM MDT
  • Goal: SEK 100,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: September 2017
  • How Much? SEK 190 for starter kit, SEK 300 for starter kit plus expansion
image by BGG user Scott Rogers

Rayguns and Rocketships (Scott Rogers, IDW Games) is a game reminiscent of classic sci-fi.  From the Kickstarter description:

Designed by renowned video game designer and author Scott Rogers, Rayguns & Rocketships is a miniatures board game for 2-4 players. Featuring an inventive dual-scale system, players in Rayguns & Rocketships take command of their bulky-but-powerful Rocketship, as well as their agile crew of Planeteers! Players will need to think strategically and plan ahead as their Rocketship’s movements must be pre-programmed. Luckily, any poor decisions on the Rocketship scale can be quickly adjusted on the crew scale. Provided you have enough action points saved up, you can send your crew to repair the ship, man the Rayguns, or push the engines into overdrive!

The game has some action programming, which I usually like, and some very retro sic-fi art, which is also appealing to me.  Check it out, it looks like a good time.

  • End Date: May 9, 2017 @ 5:00 PM MDT
  • Goal: $60,000 (not funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: November 2017
  • How Much? $70
image by BGG user TDaver

Petrichor (David Chicrop/Dávid Turczi, Mighty Boards) is a game where you are a cloud.  From the Kickstarter description:

Petrichor is a highly interactive board game, playable by 1-4 people (up to 5 with the expansion). It’s an action selection/area influence game, with 4 simple actions which interact with the various fields in ever surprising ways. The players move clouds with water droplets, and then rain those droplets onto specific fields, to make sure they have the right amount of water for the Harvest. During a Harvest, crops that have been watered enough are scored! Players are able to influence when, and how often the harvest happens. Players need to strike a fine balance between maintaining control of the different fields as well as influencing Harvest, to make sure the two come together in the optimal time.

The game is quite lovely, and the theme is certainly unique.  This is one I’m very interested to look into more.

  • End Date: May 9, 2017 @ 5:40 PM MDT
  • Goal: $25,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: December 2017
  • How Much? $45
image by BGG user fabweb

Fantasy Fantasy Football (Daryl Andrews/JR Honeycutt, CSE Games) is a follow up to the recently released Fantasy Fantasy Baseball.  From the Kickstarter description:

A card-drafting and hand-management game where you are the Oracle Manager of a team of powerful and gruesome fantasy creatures going through a full season of fantasy football.

I love the idea that you’re playing fantasy football with fantasy creatures.  Looks like a good time.

  • End Date: May 10, 2017 @ 10:16 AM MDT
  • Goal: $4,000 (not funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: March 2018
  • How Much? $25
image by BGG user phileklund

Bios: Genesis (Phil Eklund, Sierra Madre Games) is a game originally released last year, but now is getting a  second edition.  From the BGG description:

In Bios: Genesis, one to four players start as organic compounds shortly after Earth’s formation, represented by up to three Biont tokens. The Amino Acids command Metabolism, the lipids create cells, the pigments control energy absorption and storage, and the nucleic acids control templated replication. Their goal is a double origin of life: first as Autocatalytic Life (a metabolic cycle reproducing, yet not replicating, its own constituents), and the second as Darwinian Life (an Organism using a template to replicate in an RNA world). Players can play cooperative, competitive, or solitaire.

Phil Eklund’s games are well known for being highly researched and very thematic, almost to the point of being simulations.  They’re also very deep and complex, and I’ve never tried one.  Maybe someday, if I have the guts.

  • End Date: May 10, 2017 @ 7:15 PM MDT
  • Goal: $7,900 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2017
  • How Much? $39
image by BGG user Xoui

Dead Man’s Doubloons (Jason Miceli, ThunderGryph Games) is a pirate game.  From the Kickstarter description:

As the game begins, each player assumes control of a unique pirate captain, their ship, and a rapacious crew. The first task is to gather treasure map fragments scattered in the waters surrounding a mysterious Island, while fending off rivals and navigating the reefs.  With a mostly assembled map, the captains then lead a small landing party along the obstacle-strewn paths to the summit of Zotètmon Mountain. There a legendary treasure trove is buried, one that only the savviest of Captains will find. The final phase brings the ships back to sea in an epic battle royale. Sunken vessels become ghost ships, with their treasure cursed. Yet even a phantom ship may prevail, if they play their cards right. When the smoke clears, the game ends and the richest pirate is crowned the winner!

The ships look really cool in this game (regular AND ghost), and the game seems to be very much a take-that treasure hunting adventure.  Looks like a good piratey game.

  • End Date: May 11, 2017 @ 8:00 AM MDT
  • Goal: €40,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2017
  • How Much? €39
image by BGG user RoosterJuice

Brass: Lancashire (Martin Wallace, Roxley Games) is a reprint of Wallace’s 2007 title originally published by Treefrog Games.  From the BGG description:

Brass: Lancashire — first published as Brass — is an economic strategy game that tells the story of competing cotton entrepreneurs in Lancashire during the industrial revolution. You must develop, build, and establish your industries and network so that you can capitalize demand for iron, coal and cotton. The game is played over two halves: the canal phase and the rail phase. To win the game, score the most victory points (VPs), which are counted at the end of each half. VPs are gained from your canals, rails, and established (flipped) industry tiles.

The campaign is also funding a sequel, known as Brass: Birmingham, which is apparently similar to the original but with some fundamental differences.  I’ve never played Brass before, but it currently stands as Wallace’s highest rated game on BGG (#25 at the time of this writing).  This edition looks AMAZING – Roxley knocked it out of the park with Santorini, and this game looks to continue that legacy of excellence.

  • End Date: May 11, 2017 @ 8:30 PM MDT
  • Goal: $80,000 CAD (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: January 2018
  • How Much? $79 CAD for Lancashire or Birmingham, $132 CAD for both
image by BGG user jayahre

Tesla vs. Edison Duel (JR Honeycutt/Dirk Knemeyer, Artana) is a two-player version of the popular Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents game from 2015.  From the BGG description:

A 15-30 minute 2 player card game that brings the War of Currents to light in an easy-to-learn, fast-playing, but seriously strategic game. Players take control of Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison and build a company that claims projects in regions around the United States, advance the latest technologies, engage in a propaganda war around AC and DC technologies, and buy stock shares in smaller electricity companies. During the game players bring famous luminaries of the time into their company that each offer unique actions and abilities. The winner is the company that wins two of the three main systems – controlling regions with projects, being ahead in the PR race, and holding the most valuable stock portfolio. Tesla and Edison each have a special auto-win condition that players can trigger during the game to win right away.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original, which I admittedly only played in demo at Gen Con on one of the last days through some exhaustion.  However, it does have its fans, and looks very good overall.  So check it out if that interests you.

  • End Date: May 16, 2017 @ 9:59 PM MDT
  • Goal: $5,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2017
  • How Much? $24
image by BGG user Atomicovermind

Sentinels of Earth-Prime (Christopher Badell, Greater Than Games) is a spin-off from the very popular Sentinels of the Multiverse series.  From the Kickstarter description:

Sentinels of Earth-Prime is a cooperative card game that recreates the pulse pounding action of superhero comics. It uses the rules of the hit game Sentinels of the Multiverse and the setting and characters of the critically acclaimed Mutants & Masterminds roleplaying game. Everything is 100% compatible with previous Sentinels of the Multiverse releases and decks can be mixed and matched as you desire.

I enjoyed Sentinels of the Multiverse, though I didn’t dive quite as deeply into it as some people did.  I know they ended that line, but it’s curious that they’re reviving it as something else now.  I guess I’d understand better if I followed it more.  Anyway, here it is.

  • End Date: May 17, 2017 @ 8:00 PM MDT
  • Goal: $40,000 (funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: April 2018
  • How Much? $40
image from Kickstarter project page

Gardens of Mars (Néstor Romeral Andrés, Big Kid Games) is a reprint of a 2011 title published by the designer’s own company, nestorgames.  From the Kickstarter description:

Gardens of Mars is an easy to learn abstract strategy game with dice drafting and a bit of area influence. Players will choose from the movement options available, by drafting dice, to find the best spots to plant their flowers. Players are rewarded more glory points by planting a flower next to other flowers of the same family. And even more glory points by completing missions!

Abstract games are something I enjoy, and with Mars so big right now, it seems natural that this should be themed that way, however lightly.  Looks like an interesting game.

  • End Date: May 24, 2017 @ 10:54 AM MDT
  • Goal: $23,000 (not funded)
  • Estimated Delivery: November 2017
  • How Much? $39

And now, a few games I’ve talked about in the past:

  • Exceed Season 2, from Level 99 Games, is themed after 7th Cross, an upcoming game world from Level 99.  I reviewed the Season One prototype a couple of years ago, and enjoyed it.  You have until April 30 to back this version.
  • Gloomhaven is funding a second printing.  I previewed the first printing a month ago, and of course, the hype surrounding the game is older than that.  The reprint has raised over $3 million so far, and you have until May 1 to back.
  • Morels Foray is the first expansion to the great two-player game Morels.  I previewed it just this week.  You have a little longer to back this one – until May 10.

And that will do it.  There may or may not be a Blitz in May – we are in the process of buying a house, and the closing date is the day that I would normally put the Blitz up (May 26).  So well see.  But I will be back before that with more posts.  Thanks for reading!


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