Game Buzz: New York Slice

I’m hungry.  Are you hungry?  Let’s have a

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

New York Slice is a game by Jeffrey D. Allers that was published earlier this year by Bézier Games.  It’s a reimplementation of Allers’ 2008 game …aber bitte mit Sahne, published in English as Piece O’ Cake.  New York Slice is a 30 minute game for 2-6 players that is about dividing up pizzas.

The game comes with 69 pizza slices, 14 Today’s Special chalkboards, and a guest check pad for keeping score.  You’ll remove some pizza slices for 2 or 5 players, then shuffle the remainder.  Form face down stacks of 11 each.  There will be three unused slices, which are returned to the box unseen.  Shuffle the specials and put one face down on each stack of slices.

image by BGG user punkin312

There will be as many rounds as there are stacks of pizza slices.  At the start of each round, the first player (called the Slicer) will deal the 11 slices out to form a full pizza, as seen above.  The Slicer will also read the special card, which gives a special rule for the round.  Once this is all done, the Slicer will divide the pizza into as many portions as there are players, as seen below:

image by BGG user punkin312

Once the pizza is divided, the player to the Slicer’s left chooses a portion for himself.  He may decide to keep some or all of the pieces face up in front of him, with points awarded at the end of the game for the person that has collected the most of a type.  He may also chose to eat some that have pepperoni on them, with each pepperoni piece eaten scoring a point at the end of the game.  The decision about whether to keep or eat must be made immediately before the next player’s turn.

The round continues until all have chosen their portion, ending with the Slicer.  You move on to the next stack, and continue the game until all stacks have been played.  Then you to proceed to final scoring.  The player with the most slices of each pizza type get bonus points as printed on those slices.  You also score a point for every pepperoni you ate, but lose a point for every anchovy you did not eat (i.e anchovies on the slices you kept instead of ate).  The high score wins.

image by BGG user punkin312

Whenever you hear people talk about game mechanisms they wish got used more, one of the first ones they usually pick is the “I split, you choose” mechanism.  They’ll often cite Piece O’ Cake as the archetype of the genre as its one of the most pure versions of the mechanism, though it also exists in games like San Marco, Isle of Skye, and Castles of Mad King Ludwig.  I did play …aber bitte mit Sahne a long time ago (I don’t think the English version was out yet), and it was fun.  I’m not a big dessert eater, so I think the pizza theme is a little more appetizing to me.  (Pun absolutely intended.)  This version has a lot of little thematic tweaks to it, from the pizza box it comes in and the check pad that doubles as a score pad.  It’s a little weird that the pizza got cut into 11 pieces, and that every slice in that pizza is a different part.  However, it looks like a good reimagining of the game.

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  1. The only time I don’t really care for the “I split, you choose” is when I am the last one to do it (as in final round). Then you have so much work you have to do to figure out how to split it your head wants to explode. It almost seems like it would be better to conceal what you have, but then the portion slicing will be really arbitrary.

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