Kickstarter Blitz #43

It’s the final Friday of July (already?), so that means it’s time for another Kickstarter Blitz!  Let the blitzing commence!

image by BGG user wolf2tyto

Stone Daze (Sharon Katz, Tyto Games) is a tactical battle game featuring cavemen (and women).  From the Kickstarter description:

Can you outwit the rival clan? Would you reach their sacred place in time? Plan ahead with your team mate, make good use of your characters’ special abilities, throw your clubs effectively, and your clan just might make it and stay in the place you call home…

This game has programmed actions, which I usually enjoy, as well as some pretty cool looking bits – clubs, cavemeeples, and magnetic action boards for planning what you’ll do.  It looks like a fun game, and one to keep an eye on.

  • END DATE: July 31, 2017 @ 9:10 AM MDT
  • GOAL: $10,000 (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: December 2017
  • HOW MUCH? $40
image by BGG user cwali

Habitats (Corné van Moorsel, Cwali) is a game that originally came out last year and is now getting a reprint.  From the Kickstarter description:

In this game for 2 to 5 park managers, you expand your park’s landscape and add animals, watchtowers, extra entrances and tour spots. Try to construct your park the best for animals and visitors.

This is a tile laying game, and you’ll be placing animals out according to different landscape requirements.  I’m always interested in Cwali games as Corné van Moorsel tends to have some really interesting ideas, so this is one I’d like to know more about.

  • END DATE: July 31, 2017 @ 1:00 PM MDT
  • GOAL: €8,000 (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: October 2017
  • HOW MUCH? €22
image from the Kickstarter project page

Star Maps/Blood Royals (Bryan Fischer/Jason Tagmire, Spiel Press) are two different roll-and-write games, each in their own books.  From the Kickstarter description:

Our gamebooks measure 6.5″ square and feature 120 pages of full color, strategic gaming. They feature decision driven games embellished with interactive fiction, meaning that the outcome of your current game can affect future games. Each book features game rules, double-sided game sheets, and thematic fiction. The game sheets are perforated for easy removal and designed with writing (and possibly erasing) in mind.

Roll-and-write games have been gaining in popularity recently, and this seems like a good way to get them out there.  Both games feature a story progression as well, with Blood Royals establishing a line of kings from game to game, and Star Maps allowing winners to name stars and losers to unlock technologies.  These seem like fun ideas, so this is worth checking out if you’re interested in the genre.

  • END DATE: August 4, 2017 @ 8:00 AM MDT
  • GOAL: $7,500 (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: December 2017
  • HOW MUCH? $17 for one book, $30 for both ($5 and $9 for PNP)
image by BGG user sheppyboy

Spookre (David Sheppard, Twitch Factory) is a haunted trick-taking game.  From the Kickstarter description:

Ghost hunting has become a major industry, and you stand to make a lot of tourism money on your run-down property if you only had some famous ghosts lurking about. Players try to convince ghosts in the graveyard to haunt their homes. The player with the most ghosts wins.

I’m guessing the name of the game is a play off of Euchre, but I don’t think the two play similarly.  The idea is to play cards that are as close as possible to the strength of a target ghost without going over.  Looks pretty light, and it’s basically just a 52-card deck.  I like the title and box art.

  • END DATE: August 4, 2017 @ 9:00 AM MDT
  • GOAL: $4,000 (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: February 2018
  • HOW MUCH? $12
image by BGG user sedjtroll

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done (Seth Jaffee, Tasty Minstrel Games) is a game set in the 12th century, when knights were assigned to protect pilgrims to the Holy Land.  From the Kickstarter description:

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done, a brand new game from designer Seth Jaffee (Eminent Domain, Terra Prime), will put players in the role as the leader of a Crusading Order. Using an innovative Mancala/Rondel mechanism, they will move their knights through Europe and the Middle East. They will battle with enemies, construct buildings, and train troops – all the while trying to be the order that has gained the most influence before the game comes to a close.

The rondel on the game can be set up in different ways each game, and the wedges can be upgraded.  The mancala mechanism determines the strength of each action.  Seems like an interesting game.

  • END DATE: August 4, 2017 @ 10:00 PM MDT
  • GOAL: $40,000 (funded)
  • HOW MUCH? $50 regular, $69 deluxified
image by BGG user willdesigns

Pepper and Carrot: The Potion Contest (Guillermo H. Nuñez, Loyalist Games) is a board game based on the Pepper and Carrot webcomic.  From the Kickstarter description:

Welcome to the magical world of Pepper & Carrot, where 1-4 players get to take on the role of their favorite witch and compete to win the annual Potion contest…So pick your favorite Witch and her familiar, such as Pepper and her little orange cat Carrot, grab your ingredients and prepare for the excitement of The Potion Contest.

I had never heard of Pepper and Carrot before, but I’ve looked into the comics online and they’re pretty good.  There’s even a storyline that matches the theme of this game.  It’s essentially a puzzle game where players are trying to arrange ingredients to match recipes.  Looks like a fun family game.

  • END DATE: August 5, 2017 @ 3:03 PM MDT
  • GOAL: $25,000 CAD (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: January 2018
  • HOW MUCH? $40 CAD
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Beasts of Balance (George Buckenham/Alex Fleetwood, Sensible Object) is a stacking game that is getting a reprint and expansions after its first edition came out in 2016.  From the Kickstarter description:

Beasts of Balance is an award-winning game of dexterity, strategy and creation. Players take on the role of Divine Creators, tasked to play solo or with friends to build worlds and reach high scores by stacking magical Artefacts into incredible towers. But this is no standard dexterity game – everything added to the tower interacts with a world that evolves on a wirelessly connected digital device. Stack an Octopus and *poof* you’ve just made a digital Octopus! Add a Migrate Artefact and *shazam* you’ve turned it into a land-dwelling Rocktopus! There’s real skill in deciding on the next piece to add to the stack, and it takes smarts and teamwork to build high-scoring towers and find the most elusive beasts.

This is a really interesting idea for a dexterity game, adding in a little digital world building. I think it looks like a lot of fun, and gives you more freedom than this type of game usually does.

  • END DATE: August 8, 2017 @ 12:45 AM MDT
  • GOAL: $50,000 (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: November 2017
  • HOW MUCH? $79 base game, $49 just expansions
image by BGG user Endymian

Overworld (Nemo Rathwald, Magic Meeple Games) is an exploration game with 16-bit graphics.  From the Kickstarter description:

In Overworld, players act as explorers piecing together bit by bit the map of the Overworld by placing specially designed interlocking tiles drawn from a bag onto an expanding world map and adding your explorer tokens onto any new tile you explore. The interlocking teeth will only allow you to place your tiles in legal locations, making gameplay very smooth and easy to learn.

I’ve never really understood the retro video game art craze.  Graphics are better now, let’s move on.  I understand nostalgia, but keep the modern games looking modern.  Here, you’re creating dungeons (gaps on the board) and wanting to have your dungeons be far away from each other.  It looks like an interesting game, I’m just not crazy about the graphic style.

  • END DATE: August 8, 2017 @ 11:00 PM MDT
  • GOAL: $10,000 (funded)
  • HOW MUCH? $25
image by BGG user zymzym

Star Scrappers: Cave-In (Filip Miłuński/Jan Zalewski, Hexy Studio) is a space mining game.  From the Kickstarter description:

Cave-In! is a tactical “discard building” card game for 2-4 players, where your strategy really matters. The game is set in the Star Scrappers Universe, a sci-fi world of endless intrigue, conflict and adventure. Will you be able to use the unique skills of different factions and make them work together? 

You’ll be recruiting new mercenaries, mining crystals, gathering artifacts, and using special skills to try to get enough points for the victory.  It looks nice and I’m interested to learn more about the discard building thing (which I’m sure is completely misnamed).

  • END DATE: August 10, 2017 @ 4:00 AM MDT
  • GOAL: $12,000 (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: October 2017
  • HOW MUCH? $25
image by BGG user Cephalofair

Founders of Gloomhaven (Isaac Childres, Cephalofair Games) is the prequel to the massively successful game Gloomhaven, which isn’t anything like the original.  From the Kickstarter description:

Building a city is no easy task. You would think so many races working to toward a common goal might make things easier, but everyone is just out for themselves, and too many dissonant voices cause only chaos.  Still, building the legendary city of Gloomhaven is the task before you. Can your race use the resources of your opponents effectively enough to hold the most prestige when the city is complete? Can you leverage your influence and construct the building projects that will benefit your race the most?

All the pre buzz I’ve been hearing about this game has been glowing.  As mentioned, it’s not anything like the adventure game of Gloomhaven, but rather its more of a Euro city-building game.  Looks like a good one to check out.

  • END DATE: August 10, 2017 @ 10:00 AM MDT
  • GOAL: $50,000 (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: January 2018
  • HOW MUCH? $49
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Star Realms: Frontiers (Robert Dougherty/Darwin Kastle, White Wizard Games) is a standalone game/expansion to go with the very popular Star Realms.  From the Kickstarter description:

Star Realms is a fast-paced game of space battles that combines the fun of a deckbuilding game with the interactivity of Trading Card Game-style combat. As you play, you make use of Trade to acquire new Ships and Bases from the cards being turned face up in the Trade Row. You use the Ships and Bases you acquire to either generate more Trade, or to generate Combat to attack your opponent and their Bases. When you reduce your opponent’s score (called Authority) to zero, you win! Battle your friends or team up to play cooperatively against the game!

Star Realms is a game that is more fun than I expected it to be.  It’s a small deckbuilding game where the object is to destroy your opponent.  You can build some massive combos, and while it can be kind of clunky at times, the game is pretty great.  So I’m glad that they’re continuing to pump out content.

  • END DATE: August 10, 2017 @ 8:00 PM MDT
  • GOAL: $100,00 (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: December 2017
  • HOW MUCH? $20 for just Frontiers, $65 for everything they’re offering
image by BGG user sidusov

Master of the Galaxy (Timofey Bokarev/Konstantin Seleznev, Igrology) is a 4X game that utilizes card drafting and resource collection.  From the Kickstarter description:

The Galaxy is vast, rich and open to any species who discovers space flight… but nine Elder Races are expanding through space, ready to assimilate or exterminate anybody who stands in their way. We are proud to announce Master of the Galaxy, a fast playing 4Х board game – eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate – using a unique and innovative blend of bag-building, card-drafting and tech-tree development mechanics. Drawing inspiration from classic science-fiction, movies, and computer games, Master of the Galaxy’s setting is familiar and extraordinary at the same time.

Despite the description saying the game uses bag-building, I see no evidence that you are constructing a bag.  I think what they meant to say is resource pool building in which you draw resources from your bag.  Despite that, it looks like a fun game.

  • END DATE: August 11, 2017 @ 3:00 PM MDT
  • GOAL: $20,000 (funded)
  • HOW MUCH? $40
image by BGG user W Eric Martin

A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game (Eric M. Lang/Michael Shinall, CMON Limited) is the current CMON title raking in the cash on Kickstarter.  From the description:

A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game is a competitive miniatures game for two or more players. Each player controls one of the Great Houses of Westeros, commanding battlefield units, recruiting legendary Heroes, and manipulating the political stage, in the attempt to claim the greatest prize of all: The Iron Throne. Featuring House Stark and House Lannister, the Starter Set comes with over one hundred amazing, preassembled miniatures that are ready to play out of the box! All-new sculpts are based off original art created for the game by our crew under the direct supervision of George R.R. Martin and Dark Sword Miniatures, to ensure that the game delivers what fans have been envisioning for years.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this Game of Thrones thing, but apparently it’s got its own cult following.  This campaign just covers the Stark vs. Lannister starter set, and you probably already know if you want it, so I’ll stop there.

  • END DATE: August 15, 2017 @ 6:00 PM MDT
  • GOAL: $300,000 (not fundedjust kidding, it’s a CMON game, of course it’s funded)
  • HOW MUCH? $150
image by BGG user ricky2002

Renegade (Richard Wilkins, Victory Point Games) is a cyberpunk themed deckbuilding game.  From the Kickstarter description:

It is the dawn of the Super-Massive Computer (SMC) Age, when an increasingly amoral society in rapid decline created an SMC named Mother to understand this wane in morality. A series of city-wide neural implant programs, dubbed “the harvests,” enabled data gathering directly from a person’s cerebral cortex. Becoming increasingly empowered by the collective thoughts of a city, Mother soon became her own master, not just reading minds, but controlling them. Only the few that avoided the harvests remained untouched by Mother’s influence. Among those hardened criminals and frightened refugees, the “Renegades” fight back.

You’re trying to hack into computer networks, and each one has increasing complexity the more time goes on.  It’s a cooperative game, and looks pretty good.

  • END DATE: August 17, 2017 @ 12:00 PM MDT
  • GOAL: $12,000 (funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: February 2018
  • HOW MUCH? $39
image from the Kickstarter project page

Out of the Woods (American McGee) is a card game based around classic fairy tales.  From the Kickstarter description:

Once upon a time, there was a game designer called American McGee who having lived a life of dramatic ups and downs, decided to present a unique creative take on a selection of traditional fairy tales as a Table Top Card Game, Illustrated Book, Coloring Book, and Collection of Art. He hoped the lessons contained within might help others along their journey through the dark woods of existence.  If this project is a success we hope to turn Out of the Woods into an ongoing series of games, books, and original art which will explore lessons for overcoming life’s challenges contained within classic fairy tales.

The art here is very creepy and definitely hailing back to the pre-Disney darkness to be found in fairy tales.  Cardplay seems to fall into the “I do random stuff at random times just because I have the right cards” genre, but the art here is pretty amazing.

  • END DATE: August 18, 2017 @ 9:59 AM MDT
  • GOAL: $175,000 (not funded)
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY: January 2018
  • HOW MUCH? $25

Finally, I’d like to point you towards the campaign to reprint Argent: The Consortium.  I reviewed this game back in 2014, and it currently sits in my Top Ten of all time.  Go check it out, and back it.

That’s it for the Blitz this month!  Thanks for reading!





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