2017 Random Spiel Preview, Part II

Time again for a Spiel preview, with titles randomly plucked from the BGG Spiel Preview.  The list was at 426 games when I picked the games.  Here we go!

image by BGG user Big Bad Lex

Nimbee (Nick Case, A-Muse-Ment) is a game about that most beloved of game subjects, bees.  This one uses a rondel as bees fly around, collecting honey and trying to position themselves to get high scoring cards.  You can walk to the next space, or fly to the next empty space, taking the associated action.  The queen is also moving around the rondel, and you can’t land on her space.  There’s a lot of manipulation going on as you try to figure out how to get yourself into position.  It looks like a pretty good and quick game.  And of course, I like bees.

image by BGG user reoia

Harvest Island (Chih-Fan Chen, Big Fun Games) is a game about cultivating seeds into fruits.  On your turn, you can either cultivate by playing cards, or harvest fruits.  Different cards you play can allow you to sow seeds, plant fruits, fertilize a field, or release a fruit (discard).  When you harvest, you’ll collect fruits as points (but not seeds or fertilizer).  As you play, weather cards may wreak havoc on your plans.  The player with the most points after Winter is the winner.  It looks fairly light, and quite pretty.  No real opinion on it from me, just kind of a wait-and-see.

image by BGG user davidrosillo

Aristeia! (Alberto Abal/Jesús Fuster/David Rosillo, Corvus Belli) is a two-player game about a futuristic bloodsport.  I haven’t really looked into gameplay, but it seems to be a two players enter, one leaves type of experience with miniatures.  The BGG page promises regular expansions to keep the game fresh.  It doesn’t look like my thing at all, but there are doubtless many who would enjoy it.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Nusfjord (Uwe Rosenberg, Lookout Games) is all about a quaint little fishing village in northern Norway.  There are no rules or videos for the game yet, but here’s what it says on BGG:

In the time period in which the game Nusfjord is set, things looked quite different. Sailing ships dominate the fjord. The rocks around Nusfjord are covered in trees. As the owner of a major fishing company in Nusfjord on the Lofoten archipelago, your goal is to develop the harbor and the surrounding landscape, and to succeed you must enlarge your fleet, clear the forest, erect new buildings, and satisfy the local elders. Others do this as well, of course, so the competition is steep.

The game appears to have all the Uwe Rosenberg hallmarks – lots of stuff, worker placement, and a slightly obscure theme.  It will definitely be worth a look.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Meeple Circus (Cédric Millet, Matagot) is a dexterity game set in a circus.  With meeples.  The circus is played out in three acts (first rehearsal, second rehearsal, the great performance).  Each act has four stages – preparation, where you gather the stuff you will use; presentation, where you set up your circus ring with the components you gathered; evaluation, where you earn applause for your acts; and the end, where you clear the ring but keep your bits.  The game looks really fun to me – there’s even a circus soundtrack to use.  I hadn’t heard of it before writing this post, but it’s definitely on my radar now.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Merlin (Stefan Feld/Michael Rieneck, Queen Games) is all about King Arthur’s search for a worthy heir from his Knights of the Round Table, with Merlin’s assistance.  The game features a large action rondel, and players will be moving around the rondel by selecting a die from their castle board and moving that number of spaces.  You could also move Merlin, who can be moved by any player.  It features that standard Feldian trope of pain that must be dealt with (in the form of traitors here), and the player who collects the most victory points is the winner.  My biggest takeaway is that it’s a roll-and-move game – I look forward to seeing how that works out.

image by BGG user zosro

Lawless Empire (Shin Wong, Randomskill Games) is a dice placement game set in the world of the Mafia.  Each player has a hidden identity, and throughout the game you’ll be placing dice on different locations to try to win them.  Over the course of five rounds, you’ll be trying to gain points based on what your identity is.  The player with the most in the end wins.  I need to look further into this game, but it sounds interesting.

That’ll do it for this time.  Thanks for reading!


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