2017 Random Spiel Preview, Part III

Here’s another random preview for Spiel, the German gaming fair coming up in October.  As always, titles were randomly plucked from the BGG Spiel Preview, which at the time of this writing was up to 625 items.  Off we go!

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

60 Seconds to Save the World (Jason Tagmire, AEG) is a 2-6 player card game where you have one minute to save the world.  There’s not a whole lot of info out there, but here’s the BGG description:

The day we have been dreading is finally upon us…We need you, our fearless leader, more than ever. You have been hustled down into the command bunker to lead the world to salvation. For you see, something catastrophic has happened and the world is only ONE MINUTE from ending! You and the other world leaders need to join forces and coordinate a plan to save the planet. Use your terminals to execute orders, fax information to our allies, broadcast to succor continental panic, and enact a plan that will solve our problem. You have 60 Seconds to Save the World, so act quickly!

I guess we’ll have to see going forward.

image by BGG user tomasto

BONK (David Harvey, Competo/Marektoy) is a reimplementation of Rollet, which I reviewed last year.  As a reminder, this is a team dexterity game where you’re shooting little steel balls at a wooden ball in the center, attempting to knock it into your opponent’s goal.  The first team to five points wins.  Rollet was a pretty fun game, and BONK changes things only slightly with a smaller board, plastic slides, and a different curvature to the wood.  This is a game I would definitely recommend you check out at the show – I enjoy it a lot.

image by BGG user Eagle_Gryphon_Games

The Scarlet Pimpernel (Brian Kelley, Eagle-Gryphon Games) is a semi-cooperative game where players are assisting the Pimpernel in his quest to resuce the innocent from the guillotine in 18th century France.  Players are working together to complete various missions, but everyone is trying to be the one to gain the most points throughout the game. The game doesn’t LOOK terribly exciting to me, but the few comments I’ve seen about it have been positive.  So I’ll keep an eye on it.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Sticky Chameleons (Théo Rivière, IELLO) is a dexterity games where players have long sticky tongues and are trying to catch insects.  At the start of each round, a player rolls the dice.  This will tell everyone the color and bug type they need to grab.  Everyone then tries to grab the insects using their sticky rubber tongues, which they will slap down, hopefully in the right spot.  Once someone has removed the appropriate bug from their tongue, the round ends and you start again.  Once someone has caught five bugs, they win.  It looks like silly fun, probably a good one for kids.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Emporion (Xavier Carrascosa, Mont Tàber) is about the first ancient Greek settlement on the Iberian Peninsula.  It’s a card game where players are improving their armies, constructing buildings, trading, exploring, and in general trying to increase their own culture.  The art looks lovely, and it’s a period of history I’m not familiar with at all.  I’ll need to find out more.

image by BGG user redglove

Warstones (Andrea Chiarvesio/Maurizio Favoni, Red Glove) is a dexterity-based tactical battle game.  There’s not a whole lot of information out there (in English), but it looks like you build an army as in a lot of wargames – agree on the size of the armies then draft to fill the point limit – but then you’re moving around the battlefield by flicking.  I like flicking games, even though I’m terrible at them, so I’d be interested to find out more about this one.

image by BGG user rokarege

Viking Tourists (Péter Szöllősi, Vagabund) is a game about lazy Vikings that will only get on the boat if they can go sightseeing.  There’s no English info about the game, other than the BGG description:

Erik the Red, leader of the vikings, has decided it’s time to discover America — but the vikings are lazy and in no mood to go on a long holiday trip…The players in Viking Tourists are tribal leaders who try to gather the young and the old of the village to go and see the world. Every player builds their own sequence of vikings and the opponents’ sequences as well, but without helping each other, victory cannot be achieved. Whoever first collects all fifteen members of the village, uses all four action cards (which can set back or help opponents), and has no more cards in hand wins the game and can set sail to America.

It’s a quirky theme, I’ll give ’em that.  I’ll reserve judgment on gameplay until I see it.

And that’s another random preview in the books!  Thanks for reading!


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