Kickstarter Blitz #60

Tis the season for more Kickstarter projects!  The Kickstarter Blitz usually posts on the last Friday of the month, but as I’ll be away from the computer for a few days on a family vacation, it’s going up a week early.  And quite honestly, there aren’t that many games currently on KS that are jumping out to me this month – December always seems to be a bit of a lull.  Nevertheless, here are a few you might be interested in, presented in a more abbreviated format than usual (I’m on vacation here).  As always, times given are MST.

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon (Krzysztof Piskorski/Marcin Świerkot, Awaken Realms) is the big hotness right now, having raised well over $3 million at the time of this particular writing.  It’s a kind of reimagined Arthurian tale, set in a very bleak version of the Camelot era.  It’s solo or cooperative, and seems to be a pretty dense narrative game.  (Ends 12/28 @ 8:59 AM.  Currently funded.  £70, estimated to arrive August 2019)

War for Chicken Island (Ivan Escalante, Draco Gaming) is a tactical war-type game where players are battling over Chicken Island.  With chickens.  It seems like an interesting enough game, but there are chicken miniatures, and that’s enough to make me want to know more. (Ends 12/28 @ 2:00 PM.  Currently funded.  $57, estimated to arrive October 2019)

Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age (Tom Lehmann, Eagle-Gryphon Games) first came out four years ago, but is getting a new edition now with the Mediterranean expansion.  The system is based on Matt Leacock’s original design from 2008.  (Ends 1/2 @ 8:00 AM.  Currently funded.  $29, $40 with expansion, estimated to arrive February 2019)

The Final Flicktier (Game Barrett, Barrett Publishing) is a space-based dexterity game.  Your ships are dice that you flick around the galaxy, trying to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate.  It’s basically a boiled down 4X game with flicking dice.  (Ends 1/4 @ 10:59 PM.  Currently funded.  $39, estimated to arrive August 2019)

Valda: Race to the Gods (Nathan Vermeulen, Bannan Games) is a mythic Viking game, which is a popular theme lately.  You’re collecting resources, drafting cards, exploring the world, and gaining enough followers to win.  The game looks really nice – hopefully the gameplay lives up to the look.  (Ends 1/6 @ 2:00 PM.  Currently funded.  €49, estimated to arrive April 2019)

Chai (Dan Kazmaier/Connie Kazmaier, Deep Aqua Games) is a tea-based game, which oddly also seems to be a popular theme lately.  You visit the market for ingredients, collect pantry items, reserve customers, and fulfill orders to score points.  It’s a nice looking game, and seems like it might be fun, especially for a tea aficionado.  (Ends 1/7 @ 12:05 PM.  Currently funded.  $50, estimated to arrive September 2019)

Yoz (Andrew Bergmann) is a handcrafted cooperative adventure game.  It seems like a game that follows traditional RPG archetypes – a band of heroes adventuring to become powerful enough to win the day – but has its own charm as you travel around a random map to pick up treasure.  I think it looks like it’s worth checking out.  (Ends 1/10 @ 12:00 PM.  Currently funded.  $36 basic, $89 complete, estimated to arrive May 2019)

Thanks for another great year here at Boards and Bees!  See you in 2019!


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