Kickstarter Blitz #61

Welcome to the sixth year of the Kickstarter Blitz. I should really do some stats of how many games I’ve covered in that time, but I’m lazier than I was at the first anniversary mark. Instead, we’ll celebrate by changing the format! Rather than any full write-ups, each game is going to be covered with a short blurb. Ones that interest me the most will be marked by their picture. Let’s see how this works out. As always, times are in MST and funding levels are accurate as of the day before posting.

Kraken Ataken (Michael Kozak, Titan Forge Games) is a silly looking game where players control krakens (yes, plural) trying to steal treasure from pirates. Seems like a light, family style game. (Ends 1/26 @ 5:01 AM. Currently funded. $25, estimated to arrive October 2019)

image by BGG user moughonsolo

Onimaru (Steven Avery, Penguin & Panda Productions) is a cooperative game where players are Japanese warriors defending your village from supernatural invaders. The setup is much like that of Ghost Stories, but the game plays different. It looks very nice, seems challenging, and has been a hit so far on Kickstarter. (Ends 1/28 @ 9:35 AM. Currently funded. $59, estimated to arrive September 2019)

AVGhost (Beatriz Alvarez/Pablo Miras, Mystical Games) is a cooperative game that is meant to be played in the dark. It’s app supported, and the heroes in the game have lights in the bases. Seeing this on Kickstarter was a blast from the past for me – I covered the first unsuccessful attempt to fund this back in my sixth Kickstarter Blitz. (Ends 1/28 @ 1:00 PM. Currently funded. €85, estimated to arrive February 2020)

Circadians: First Light (SJ Macdonald, Garphill Games) is the first sci-fi game from the company that brought use games like Raiders of the North Sea and Architects of the West Kingdom. Players are leading a team of researchers onto a new planet, and doing all kinds of scientisty things. (Ends 1/29 @ 7:00 PM. Currently funded. $78 NZ [$53 US], estimated to arrive October 2019)

image by BGG user Quined Games

La Stanza (Nuno Sentieiro/Paulo Soledade, Quined Games) is a Euro-style game where players are patrons of the arts trying to get creators in their own stables. The board is set up as a kind of rondel, with players hiring artisans as they progress to make their actions stronger. Seems like a pretty solid game. (Ends 1/31 @ 3:37 PM. Currently funded. €45, estimated to arrive September 2019)

Born to Serve (Nick Sauer/Diane Sauer, Shoot Again Games) is a game where players are underfunded superheroes that need to make ends meet by working at a local restaurant. I like the theme here a lot – it reminds me of a story I wrote a number of years ago where supervillains teamed up to found a restaurant in order to raise money for their various doomsday devices. (Ends 1/31 @ 8:00 PM. Currently funded. $29, estimated to arrive August 2019)

image by BGG user Letimangames

Animal Kingdoms (Steven Aramini, Galactic Raptor Games) is an area control game with a variable set up in terms of how many points each kingdom are worth and how to play cards. There’s a different rule in each kingdom, and it will be different every round. It’s a pretty cool looking game with a lot of variability, and seems as much a simultaneous auction game as an area control game. (Ends 2/1 @ 5:00 PM. Currently funded. $29, estimated to arrive November 2019)

Coral Islands (Richard Maass/Rohan Dagard, Alley Cat Games) is actually two games in one, both using a dice stacking mechanism – “Coral”, where you’re making shapes out of your dice, and “Islands”, where you’re drafting cards and moving dice around. It’s from the people who brought us Dice Hospital, which seemed pretty popular. (Ends 2/5 @ 3:30 PM. Currently funded. £25, estimated to arrive October 2019)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising (Tom McMurchie, Calliope Games) is the latest title in the popular Tsuro line. In this one, you’re not only creating paths, but creating stars. You also have the ability to come back from the dead (like a phoenix). I like Tsuro as a nice light game that plays well and quickly with lots of players. It remains to be seen whether this one will carry on that tradition. (Ends 2/9 @ 12:00 PM. Currently funded. $40, estimated to arrive September 2019)

Tokyo Series (Jordan Draper, Draper Games) is three Tokyo-themed games – Tokyo Coin Laundry, Tokyo Game Show, and Tokyo Tsujiki Market. I covered the first three games in this series last January, so it seems like this is now an annual tradition. (Ends 2/12 @ 2:00 PM. Currently funded. $35 for Coin Laundry or Game Show, $45 for Tsujiki Market, $99 for all three; estimated to arrive October 2019)

Suburbia Collector’s Edition (Ted Alspach, Bézier Games) is the revamped version of the very popular 2012 game Suburbia. It’s got all the elements of the original, plus massively updated components (including a light up first player marker), and all the expansions. It’s probably a must for the Suburbia fan in your life…though they likely have most of the original stuff already. (Ends 2/12 @ 9:59 PM. Currently funded. $99, estimated to arrive October 2019)

image by BGG user Orange Nebula

Vindication (Marc Neidlinger, Orange Nebula) is a game that came out last year that I missed, but now is getting another printing and an expansion. It’s a fantasy-based Euro-style game that I don’t know a whole lot about (but am planning to do a writeup on soon), and has been getting a lot of very positive praise. So check it out. (Ends 2/13 @ 7:00 pm. Currently funded. $29 for just the expansion, $79 for just the base game, $99 for both, estimated to arrive October 2019)

image by BGG user robzgod

Gardens of Babylon (Stavros Polyviou, Cackleberry Games) is all about building one of the (possibly mythic) wonders of the ancient world. It’s a tile laying game where players are building a ziggurat and planting seeds to cascade down the structure. It looks like a kind of puzzly game I would enjoy. (Ends 2/15 @ 8:01 AM. Currently funded. $35, estimated to arrive November 2019)

Valor & Villainy (James Van Niekirk, Skybound Games) is a one vs. many game where players are teaming up against the evil Mordak. There’s exploration, dice rolling, and some great looking components. Definitely one to check out. (Ends 2/15 @ 6:00 PM. Currently funded. $39, estimated to arrive January 2020)

Rival Restuarants (Rob Chew/Jon Kang, Gap Closer Games) is a competitive restaurant game, which is a theme I like. Players are picking up items and trying to build their restaurants to be the best in town. It looks pretty fun. (Ends 2/19 @ 12:59 AM.  Currently funded. $49, estimated to arrive October 2019)

Battle of the Bards (David Gerrard, Junk Spirit Games) is a game about competing bards. You’re doing some deck building and dice gathering as you play in order to try to impress the fans. I like the theme, and it looks like a good time. (Ends 2/20 @ 10:00 PM. Currently not funded. $45, estimated to arrive November 2019)

Ore: The Mining Game (Joseph W. McClintock/Jason Lyle Steingisser, Quick Simple Fun Games) is a worker placement game about mining. You’re collecting materials and contracts, and trying to become the most profitable miner. (Ends 2/21 @ 8:56 AM. Currently funded. $49, estimated to arrive October 2019)

Want to make sure your game gets featured on the Kickstarter Blitz?  You can either leave it to chance that it caught my eye when perusing the list of live projects, or you can click the Contact Me link at the top of this page and let me know that it’s out there.  These almost always go up the last Friday of the month, so let me know in advance of that and I’ll see if it’s something I want to include.

As always, thanks for reading!


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