2019 Random Spiel Preview, Part III

Time for another round of random games that will be available at Spiel 2019 in Essen, Germany. As always, these are games that, according to the BGG Preview List, will be for sale and are not expansions. To give you an idea of how fast this list is growing – when I did this list two weeks ago, there were 619 items with 454 eligible for my list. This time, there are 869 items with 631 eligible for my list. So, let’s get to it.

image by BGG user lufloyd85

Noises at Night (Floyd Lu, B&B Game Studio) is a deduction game where everyone is trying to figure out who everyone else is. You play cards to different locations, use the special abilities of those locations or cards played, and try to figure out who is benefitting. It seems like kind of a neat game for the family.

image by BGG user wankayee

Dim Sum Jam (Liu Xiao, Broadway Toys) is a cooperative game about inheriting and running a dim sum restaurant. You’re trying to fulfill orders without getting too many complaints. It looks a bit like Wok Star, but there are some differences.

image by BGG user uhlik

Spring on a String (Tomas Uhlir, Czech Board Games) is a lacing game. You’re pacing your laces through different flowers, scoring points per petal on each flower you collect. Animal cards will change the rules somewhat as you play. It sounds like an odd little game. I’m curious to hear more.

image by BGG user micheleq

De Vulgari Eloquentia (Mario Papini, Giochi.it) first came out in 2010, and is now getting a deluxe edition. It’s a game about the development of the Volgare language in Italy during the late Middle Ages. It’s a very interesting theme for a game – something quite unique. I’ve been interested in this game for a while, glad to see a new edition coming out.

image by BGG user IELLO_Robin

Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon (Bruno Cathala/Evan Singh, IELLO) is a tile laying game where you’re trying to build up the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Tiles will be drafted from a rondel, and you’re trying to control flowerbeds, collect gems, activate skills, and ultimately score the most points. It seems like a pretty neat game.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Zoo Run (Florian Sirieix, LOKI) is a game that can be played cooperatively, with players trying to help animals escape, or competitively, where animals are trying to win a race. It seems like it’s a game about matching animal fronts and backs. There’s not a lot of non-French information, but it’s a game aimed at young kids. I’m not terribly interested, not really even for my daughter (who is right in the target audience).

image by BGG user matzot_contact

Paris: New Eden (Florian Grenier/Ludovic Maublanc, Matagot) is a post-apocalyptic game focused on the rebuilding of Paris. It’s a dice drafting game where you’re recruiting survivors and trying to build up your shelter. The art in this game looks really cool, and since Matagot has such a good track record, I think this is definitely one I want to know more about.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Tricks and the Phantom (Takashi Saito, Oink Games) is a kind of deduction/trick-taking game where you try to win tricks while playing face down. You only know the color of a card, not the number, and some cards have special abilities, so you have to try to figure out what’s going on. Also, there are only a few cards. Oink does some weird stuff.

image by BGG user Rola2007

Garum (Ricardo Jorge Gomes, Pythagoras) is a game about the preparation of a type of fermented fish sauce that was popular in Portugal and Spain during the Roman Empire. It’s a tile-laying game, and seems like an interesting Eurogame. But geez, what a theme.

image by BGG user SkelligGames

Ambrosia (Uwe Brusik, Skellig Games) is a bee-themed game (which we’re all about here). Unlike a number of other bee games that usually come out, this one is not so much about the building of a colony as it is getting to flowers and blocking others. At least, I think so – not too much information about it yet.

image by BGG user pacornic

Trainsilvania (Paco Yanez, Zacatrus) is a pick-up-and-deliver game where players are transporting monsters around to different train stations. Not a lot of English information about this one either, but it looks like a cute family game.

There’s another random Spiel preview for you. Thanks for reading!

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