2019 Random Spiel Preview, Part IV

Time for another random preview! You know how this works by now, right? No? Sigh…games are randomly chosen from the BGG Spiel Preview, which at this writing is up to 1001 titles (though I only pick from those that are for sale and are not expansions, meaning there’s only 733 to choose from). Got it? No? TOO BAD! On with the show!

image by BGG user joerg_the_elf

Woods of Tarnaris: Path to Luslaria is a self-published game that doesn’t have a designer. It’s a memory game where you’re trying to find different pictures for the elves that live in the forest. It’s a children’s game (ages 4 and up), but I don’t know much beyond that.

image by BGG user myerto

Squire: The Collector of the Glorious Royalties (Pavel Atamanchuk/Anastasiya Elchaninova, Cosmodrome Games) is a game about acquiring art. I think. The BGG description is a little scattered. It seems like it’s an economic/engine building game with forest creatures, but that’s about all I can get out of it.

image by BGG user crimsonandwhite

Sorcerer City (Scott Caputo, Druid City Games) is a tile-laying game where you’re building your city. There’s a real-time element as you build your city, followed by a phase where players can buy new tiles. In each round, you’ll tear down your city and build it anew from the tiles you have. So, it’s kind of a deck-builder with tiles, and it looks amazing. I’ve had my eye on this since it was on Kickstarter last year.

image by BGG user nils_k

Crusader Kings (Tomas Härenstam/Nils Karlén/Jon Manker, Fria Ligan) is an area control game where you’re trying to spread your influence across medieval Europe. It’s based on a video game franchise that I had no idea existed. It looks pretty well produced, but isn’t really my thing.

image by BGG user Sezen

Richard Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung (Enrique Dueñas González, Gen-X Games) is a 15 minute game based on Richard Wagner’s epic cycle of four operas that take 15 hours to listen to. Which makes me laugh heartily. I don’t know how it plays, but I still want to try it just because of the audacity there.

image by BGG user superlectron

Overbooked (Daryl Chow, Jumbo) is a game about trying to fit passengers on your airline. Basically, you’re drafting passengers, then fitting them into seats based on their patterns, and trying not to overbook while completing patterns. It looks like a pretty good puzzle game.

image by BGG user liviayu

Prairie of Beetles (Ming Zhe Chen, MOZI Games) is a kid’s game about trying to catch beetles. You’re flipping over cards, trying to find matches, then trying to catch them with your nets. Seems like some silly fun, especially with kids.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Eye Eye Captain (Helmut Punke, Ravensburger) is a pirate themed game with a giant eye that rolls all over the board. It looks like you’re supposed to collect all the bird poop without the eye rolling in it. Seems weird, but then, there are some weird game topics marketed to kids these days.

image by BGG user Kai_Starck

Vejen (Thomas Nielsen/Kai Starck, Spielfaible) is a game about traders of the late Middle Ages, because we needed another game like that. It’s economic, it’s Euro, and it looks completely boring on paper. It might be great, there’s just nothing about it that grabs from from a quick cursory glance.

image by BGG user primetide

Jagged Alliance (Marko Jelen/Jan Wagner, Underground Games) is a cooperative miniatures game based on a video game franchise that I only just heard about because of this entry. There’s a lot that doesn’t appeal to me about it, most of which can be found in that first sentence.

image by BGG user maruXV

Vivaldi (Marcello Bertocchi, XVGames) is a trick-taking game based on a traditional Italian game called Briscola Chiamata. There’s an auction to determine the strong set for the match (which I assume is trump for the hand). Interestingly, it’s for exactly five players. The cover and title make it seem like they’re basing the theme on the Four Seasons, which was written in the early 18th century by Vivaldi. Which is cool, and weird that this showed up in the same random preview as the Ring of the Nibelung.

That’s it for another random preview. Thanks for reading!

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