2019 Random Spiel Preview, Part V

More random games from the upcoming Spiel convention! My never-ending quest to randomly find the gems no one else is talking about, and also to talk about games that I don’t have to do any work to find (thanks, Fate). The BGG Preview list (at the time of this writing) is up to 1130 titles, 791 of which are eligible for this particular list because they are both for sale and not expansions. Let’s go!

image by BGG user spiritguardian1

Cat Lady (Josh Wood, AEG) is the premium edition of a game AEG released in 2017. You’re collecting cats, food, and toys, trying to score the most points. Apparently, you’re among some of the most famous cat ladies in history, like Marie Antoinette and Ernest Hemingway. I’m not terribly interested in this one.

image by BGG user clayross

Irish Gauge (Tom Russell, Capstone Games) first came out in 2014 from Winsome Games, and is now getting a second edition. It’s a train game set in Ireland, and has all the hallmarks – stocks, cubes, a map, etc. I’m not big on train games, but this one seems to have some good buzz around it. Capstone is using it to launch a line of train games.

image by BGG user Djeco

Gloutons (Yannis Lidy, Djeco) is a speed-based dexterity game where you’re feeding strings to your monsters. You flip a card, then use a pair of tweezers to pick up the indicated strings. When you think you’re done, you should “GLUTTON!” and see if you win or if you’re out. Seems like a silly game that kids will get a kick out of.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Quantik (Nouri Khalifat, Gigamic) is an abstract game where you’re trying to place four pieces in a row, column, or area. All pieces in the grouping must be of a different shape. It seems similar to Quarto (also from Gigamic), except in that one, all four pieces must have at least one attribute in common. Looks nice.

image by BGG user alpec73

War of the Worlds: The New Wave (Denis Plastinin, Grey Fox Games) is a game based on the original novel by HG Wells. It’s an asymmetric game for two players, with one playing as the Martians, and the other playing as the UK defense forces trying to keep the aliens from annihilating Great Britain. Some nice minis in this one.

image by BGG user Korea Boardgames Dev

Mine Deeper (Jonathan Lee, Korea Boardgames Co) is kind of a logic puzzle game with a 3D board. What you’re trying to do is find the five gems of your opponent, and what you push out will give you some information. It seems like a pretty interesting game.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Sine Tempore (Luca Bernardini/Andrea Colletti, Ludus Magnus Studio) is a cooperative sci-fi game where players are participating in a campaign that leads to one of three different endings. It’s a game of exploration with missions and miniatures. I think it’s one I would want to learn more about before saying anything.

image by BGG user Ostia Spiele

VILNIUS (Malte Meinecke, Ostia Spiele) is a cooperative game where players are trying to defend their city against the German knights who are trying to overthrow it. It looks a lot like a Eurogame, but the theme sounds more like a wargame. It sounds interesting, I might check this out.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Noch mal so gut! (Inka Brand/Markus Brand, Schmidt Spiele) is YARNW (yet another roll and write). You can deduce this because there are dice exploding from the cover. As all of them have. I’m actually interested in this one (I like roll-and-writes and I like the Brands), but I do wish they’d vary their covers.

image by BGG user StFrantic

NINE (Gary Kim, Sorry We Are French) is based on the designer’s games Koryō and Chosōn. Basically, you’re trying to spread influence in order to control cards. I played Koryō years ago and really liked it, though I was shocked at how much the MSRP was for a 45 card game. This one uses the system and expands on it.

image by BGG user ZaNaBoZa

Chio Hero (bonebone, YOKA Games) is a card game where you are trying to defeat your opponents through different tactics you get through use of heroes or spells. Looks like a dueling mage game, not my favorite genre.

That’s all for another random preview! Thanks for reading!

One comment

  1. Cat Lady is an awesome filler card game, but there’s no way I’m interested in the Deluxe Edition with that cat-shaped tin. Ugh.

    And War of the Worlds is very cool as a 2-player deckbuilding conflict game. It’s also very tense! Three games played so far. All of them were within a turn or two of going either way.

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