Kickstarter Blitz #71

How was your Thanksgiving? Avoiding the Black Friday rush? Rejoice – it’s time for another Kickstarter Blitz! As with last month, I’m paring down what I actually want to talk about since I don’t want to do too much work talking about games I have only a minor interest in. As always, times are in MST, and funding levels are accurate as of the time I finished writing this post. With that all said, let’s KICK IT!

image from Kickstarter project page

Button Shy is a company that has been making wallet games for several years now. They started with three titles they were hoping to reprint, and have been unlocking additional games as they hit stretch goals. As of now, they’re up to twelve possible titles (plus some expansions), a number of which I have reviewed on this blog. As a side note, and in the interest of full disclosure, I do get review copies from Button Shy every now and then, but they aren’t providing me any compensation for mentioning this. They’re just a company putting out some great games, and I think they’re worth your attention. (Ends 11/30 @ 8:30 AM. Currently funded. $10 for one game, $9 for each additional game)

image by BGG user jasonbrooks

Legacies (Jason Brooks, Brookspun Games) is not a legacy game, but rather a game spanning multiple generations. It’s actually about legacies. Over the course of 300 years, you’ll be trying to cement your name in history. You’ll be building strategic relationships, making investments, and doing all kinds of things to establish your own legacy, including choosing your successors. It’s a Euro style game, and I like that it seems to deal with the passage of time in a pretty thematic way. (Ends 12/5 @ 8:00 AM. Currently funded. $69. Estimated to arrive December 2020)

image by BGG user yonostudio

On the Origin of Species (Gerard Ascensi/Ferran Renalias, Artana Games) is a game based on the work of Charles Darwin, the scientist who came up with the theory of evolution in the 19th century. Specifically, this is about his research on the Galapagos Island. You’ll be observing the native species of the island, researching their traits, and discovering new species. Artana is pretty well known for their scientifically based games, like Tesla vs. Edison or Lovelace & Babbage, so it will be interesting to see what they do with this. (Ends 12/5 @10:00 PM. Currently funded. $25. Estimated to arrive May 2020)

image by BGG user elisaprashad

On Pointe (Elisa Prashad, Analog Game Studios) is a game about becoming a professional ballet dancer. You’ll be learning new moves, rehearsing, performing, and competing to become Prima Ballerina. Now, I know that the world of ballet is a very overused theme in the world of board games, but…no, never mind. I love that this game has a very unique theme, and it looks like a very interesting game. I took a few ballet lessons myself when I was a kid, and definitely wasn’t cut out for it, though I do have a good amount of respect for all the work that goes into those performances. (Ends 12/12 @ 9:59 AM. Currently funded. $39 Canadian. Estimated to arrive April 2020)

image by BGG user duckiez15

Ducks in Tow (Stephanie Kwok, First Fish Games) is a game about feeding the ducks at a duck sanctuary. When you start feeding them, they start following you (hence the name of the game), and it’s your job to lead them to their favorite spot in the park. After taking a selfie with the ducks, they leave you. What that translates to mechanically is that you’re completing location cards in order to score points. It looks like a cute family friendly game, and who doesn’t like feeding ducks? (Ends 12/12 @ 10:00 AM. Currently not funded. $45 Canadian. Estimated to arrive June 2020)

image by BGG user mirobbins

Apidaia (Max Robbins, Blue Flame Games) is a game about bees, so of COURSE I had to include it here. In the game, players are queen bees establishing their hives. You raise up workers to go out into the world and collect the nectar you need. I’m actually really interested in how many games have been coming out lately that are themed around bees. Their lives are very structured, and I think that appeals to a lot of game designers and players. (Ends 12/18 @ 6:55 AM.

Programming note! I traditionally take a break for most of the month of December to recharge my batteries a bit, and this year is no different. The next Kickstarter Blitz will be posted on December 20 rather than the final Friday so I don’t have to think about it during Christmas. We’ll follow that up with the seventh annual Post-Holiday Gift Guide on the 25th, and then I’ll be back to a regular schedule come January 1. Thanks for reading!

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