Kickstarter Blitz #72

As promised, here’s the final Kickstarter Blitz of 2019, one week earlier than you might expect it so I can focus on Christmas with my family next week. Times are MST, and all funding levels are accurate as of the day before this posts.

image from Kickstarter project page

Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Irregulars (Graphic Novel Adventures) is the latest graphic novel game from GNA and Van Ryder Games. The Irregulars are a group of kids who helped Sherlock out in his cases. In this comic style adventure, you’re helping them out and trying to solve cases. There’s also another graphic novel you could get through this campaign, called Sherlock Holmes: The Beginning. I have not yet gotten to try out one of these graphic novel adventures, though I am quite curious. (Ends 12/23 @ 9:00 PM. Currently funded. $19 for The Beginning, $30 for BSI, $45 for both. Estimated to arrive May 2020)

image by BGG user SleeveKings

Red Outpost (Raman Hryhoryk, Lifestyle Boardgames) is actually not a Mars themed game. You’d think it would be since it’s set in space and Mars games are very in right now. Instead, it’s about a secret Soviet mission to found a new colony in space on a habitable planet. It’s a worker placement game, but the workers come from a common pool rather than belonging to any one player. They are communists, after all. It’s an interesting setup for a game, I’m interested to find out more. (Ends 12/31 @ 12:05 PM. Currently funded. $30 regular, $35 deluxe [limited]. Estimated to arrive May 2020)

image by Bold Move Games

Crossing Olympus (Peter Seinau, Bold Move Games) is a two-player battle game where you’re pitting the gods of Olympus against each other. Each god has their own abilities, and you’re battling each other to be the first to get one to the other side of the board. Quite honestly, this is not my kind of game – it’s very much a fighting abstract game, kind of in the mode of Chess. However, I do like Greek mythology, so that sparks my interest. (Ends 1/9/20 @ 8:00 AM. Currently not funded. $35. Estimated to arrive August 2020)

image by BGG user Thepaleprince

Questicus (Austin Forest Lopez) is an adventure game where you’re competing to finish quests and gain the most influence in order to become mayor. This happens through exploration, combat, entering dungeons, and so on. There’s a tile laying element as you explore, and lots of cards. It looks like there’s a lot going on in this one. (Ends 1/15 @ 11:52 AM. Currently not funded. $60. Estimated to arrive May 2020)

December is a month that typically has quite a lull on Kickstarter. And that’s definitely the case this year. I hope you and yours have a great holiday season, and I’ll see you in a few days for the Seventh Annual Post-Holiday Gift Guide! Thanks for reading!

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