Tweeviews! Vol. 1

`I’m feeling a little uninspired of what to write about lately, so I’m going to try something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m going to try writing some Tweeviews. These are reviews that can fit into a Twitter post – in other words, no more than 280 characters. So here’s 11 Tweeviews of randomly chosen games in my collection, just so I can see if this format works.

image by BGG user hoje

Volüspa is a very clever tile laying game with a Norse mythology theme. Score points for placing the high value in a line, and each tile has its own special powers. Doesn’t work well with more than 3 players, but a lot of strategy packed in. Great art from Pierô, and recommended.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Professor Treasure’s Secret Sky Castle is a programmed action treasure collection game where you are trying to maneuver your characters into the best position. Great components and an engaging puzzle make for a very satisfying two-player filler game.

image by BGG user pjojo

Topiary is a game where you’re trying to manipulate a topiary so that you can see the most stuff from different vantage points. It’s another puzzly game, kind of reminiscent of the Skyscraper puzzles. Great components, and it’s fun. I haven’t played with more than two players.

image by BGG user Floodgate

Sagrada is a dice placement game where you’re trying to fill in a stained glass window. It’s a beautiful game, and the puzzle of figuring out where all the dice need to go is fascinating. Another puzzly title, and one that works incredibly well.

image by BGG user BaSL

Meuterer is a classic small card game where you’re trading goods for points. It’s one of the first games to use the role selection mechanism (and my preferred game to its predecessor, Verräter). German only, but translations exist on BGG.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

NOIR, which originally came from the Level 99 Minigame Library, is a great two-player deduction game that in this edition has been expanded up to 9. Several different ways to play, lots of characters – it’s great fun, especially if you like deduction games.

image by BGG user ddkk

Fearsome Floors is a very low-luck race game where players are trying to get through a dungeon without being caught be a hideous monster. The trick is trying to manipulate the monster into going after your opponents. It’s my favorite Friedemann Friese foray.

Catacombs – image by BGG user IntvGene

Catacombs is a dexterity-based dungeon crawl. Basically, a team of heroes is flicking pieces through a dungeon to beat a big bad monster. It’s one-vs-many, and fun. I have the first edition, but the current edition has much better art. Doesn’t get played much these days.

image by BGG user FC Dynamo Turbine

Blue Moon City is an area control game where you’re trying to rebuild BMC through offerings of different supplies. There are also fantasy races to use as you try to fill the obelisk. It’s my favorite Knizia game, which isn’t saying much, but I really do love it.

image by BGG user angelkurisu

Innovation is a card-based civilization game where you’re trying to score achievements. Every single card in this game is broken depending on the situation, and it’s genius. Carl Chudyk is a master of controlled chaos, and I tend to really like his games.

image by BGG user DrChek

Mystery Rummy: Jekyll and Hyde is a two-player rummy game with the J&H theme attached. Adds interesting things to the Mystery Rummy system by only being able to play certain cards when the right face is up. My wife dislikes it, which means we don’t play much. But I enjoy it.

So there you go. Eleven Tweeviews. What do you think of this review format? If people like it (or at least, it doesn’t seem objectionable), I’ll do more next time I have nothing to write about. Like it or not, thanks for reading!


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