Tweeviews! Vol. 2

Back by popular demand, the Tweeviews! OK, maybe not necessarily popular, but one guy said he liked them, so here we go with eleven more reviews long enough to fit in a Twitter post! The games featured here are all part of my collection.

image by BGG user ackmondual

Rummikub is a game based on Rummy, though with tiles. On your turn, you play as many as you can before drawing new tiles. It’s a fine game, especially as a remnant of my pre-hobby days, but can be annoying if you can’t meet the 30-point threshold for your first play. Nice bits.

image by BGG user ColtsFan76

Imaginiff is another pre-hobby game, and a party game to boot. You see what everyone thinks would be the answer to a hypothetical question about someone, and majority scores. Not a bad party game, but suffers from some uninteresting questions and too long of a play time.

image by BGG user KlydeFrog

Star Realms is a deck-building game set in space. Some potential for huge combos as you collect factions and make synergies. Destruction of your opponent not my favorite victory condition, but this one is fun, and a great game for such a tiny package. Combos can be ridiculous.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Cloud 9 is a push your luck game where you’re deciding how long to stay on a balloon ride. Decisions can be agonizing even if people don’t usually get too far. The bones are fairly solid, but it has been replaced completely for me by the remake, Celestia (which I don’t have).

image by BGG user Steverino

Jungle Speed is a great speed-based dexterity game where you’re matching patterns. Or trying to. A lot of the patterns are evilly close to each other. This is a game that can result in some seriously injured hands, especially if you have a wood totem (the only way to play).

image by BGG user BigWoo

Carcassonne is a classic for a reason. It’s a great game of tile-laying and manipulating the development in order to score the most points. Mostly suffers from too many expansions, but just the base and Inns & Cathedrals is fine. Don’t play with the maximum number of players.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Arboretum is a tree-based game where you’re trying to create the most pleasing paths. Very much a brain-burner, especially for such a small game. Doesn’t get much play for me because the people I first played it with didn’t enjoy it. Great art, and I still want to play.

image by BGG user karel_danek

Dungeon Lords is Vlaada’s epic tribute to Dungeon Keeper. You’re building a dungeon and fighting off stinky adventurers. It’s a deviously difficult puzzle game, and REALLY hard to get to the table because of how long it takes to teach. I love it, just wish I could play it again.

image by BGG user kevintlee

Labyrinth is a kid’s game where you’re trying to manipulate a path in order to pick up certain treasures from around the room. It works really well as a mental exercise for kids, and can be a nice light exercise for adults as well. The maze is very well designed.

image by BGG user CapAp

Ingenious is an abstract game by Reiner Knizia. It’s domino-based, where you’re trying to line up colors and try to get the highest low score to win. I’m not a huge Knizia fan, and this doesn’t get played much, but it is quite a decent abstract game. My 4yo likes the pieces.

image by BGG user diehard4life

CribbGolf takes the basic mechanisms of Cribbage and makes you play a game of golf with them. It’s actually kind of a brilliant game once you get past the mess of the rules. It makes you think about Cribbage completely differently. I got this one at a thrift store. Great find.

And that’s my second set of Tweeviews done. Hope you’re enjoying it. It’s a nice challenge to put my thoughts in 280 characters, as well as to revisit some older games. Thanks for reading!

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