Kickstarter Blitz #73

Aaaand we’re back with the 73rd monthly Kickstarter Blitz. As ever, times are MST, and funding levels are accurate as of the day before this posts. Take it away, Kickstarter stuff!

image by BGG user engelstein

The Dice Tower (Tom Vasel) began as a podcast way back in 2005. In the intervening 15 years, it has become on of the biggest media producers in the board gaming hobby (other than BoardGameGeek). It has expanded from its podcast origins to a video channel with a TON of reviews and a variety of shows. It also hosts several conventions a year (Dice Tower East, Dice Tower West, the Dice Tower Cruise, and Dice Tower Retreats). The Kickstarter campaign is their main way to generate income since all podcasts and videos it does are completely free. They really produce a lot of great content, so go check it out. (Ends 1/31 @ 9:59 PM. Currently funded. Pledge what you want.)

image by BGG user JustinDJacobson

Return to Dark Tower (Isaac Childres/Rob Daviau/Noah Cohen/Brian Neff/Justin D. Jacobson, Restoration Games) is a revisitation of the classic 1981 game Dark Tower. That game had a revolutionary electronic component, the Tower itself, which basically drove the game. In this reworking, the game is app-driven, which means that an app controls the Tower based on what happens. The Dark Tower holds a very special place in the hearts of many gamers, and excitement for this version has been through the roof (as evidenced by the over $3.2 million the project has made so far). I never played the original, but I like what Restoration has been doing with its remakes so far, so this is one to take a look at. (Ends 2/4 @ 7:00 AM. Currently funded. $125 base game, $225 all in. Estimated to arrive February 2021)

image by BGG user janos_hunyadi

This War Without An Enemy (Scott H. Moore, Nuts! Publishing) is a two-player block wargame about the First English Civil War. Now, there’s very little about that sentence that actually appeals to me, but that’s really probably because I’ve never been a wargamer. People who are fans of block wargames in particular (that is, games where the units are represented by blocks – see Sekigahara or Hammer of the Scots for examples) seem to be pretty excited about this one, so I’m including it here in case you’re one of that number. (Ends 2/4 @ 9:00 AM. Currently funded. €53. Estimated to arrive September 2020)

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games) is a game I just talked about on Tuesday, so see that post for my thoughts on it. (Ends 2/4 @ 9:00 AM. Currently funded. $90. Estimated to arrive January 2021)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Foundations of Rome (Emerson Matsuuchi, Arcane Wonders) is a city-building game from the designer of the Century series (as well as other games like Reef, Specter Ops, Volt, and others). Play happens on a 10×10 grid, and you’ll be buying plots of land, constructing buildings, or taking income on your turn with the goal of earning the most points in three rounds. The game features some nice 3D buildings. It’s also going to be part of the Dice Tower Essentials line, along with other games like Sheriff of Nottingham and Onitama, making this the second Dice Tower mention this post. (Ends 2/6 @ 8:00 PM. Currently funded. $99. Estimated to arrive January 2021)

image by BGG user netminder69

Minigolf Designer (Alban Nanty, Thematic Games) is a game about designing your own minigolf course. You’re drafting tiles in a method similar to the one seen in Kingdomino, and putting them out to fulfill objectives and create the best mini golf course. It looks like an interesting, if fairly light, game, though I’m not cray about the art style. Still, I think this could be a pretty fun one. It’s a little less than halfway to its funding goal at this point. (Ends 2/11 @ 12:31 AM. Currently not funded. HK $300 [about $39 USD]. Estimated to arrive July 2020)

image by BGG user Jetfox

Tortuga 2199 (Michael Loyko/Denis Plastinin, Grey Fox Games) is a deck-building game of space piracy. The basic goal is to become the best pirate captain, a goal that is achieved through hiring crew, upgrading your ship, and uniting the clans and sectors of planet Tortuga. Grey Fox does a pretty good job with their productions, so I’m interested to see how this one turns out. (Ends 2/13 @ 4:00 PM. Currently funded. $59. Estimated to arrive August 2020)

image by BGG user IngredientX

The Rival Networks (Gil Hova, Formal Ferret Games) is a two-player version of the popular 2016 game The Networks. In the game, you’re competing to have the best lineup that attracts the most viewers. As such, you’ll be putting on shows, filling them with stars, and trying to secure the best advertising. The game comes with cool 3D cardboard houses that store your viewer coins, and of course, it has the same sense of humor as the original. I enjoyed my one demo of The Networks back when it came out, and I look forward to checking this version out. (Ends 2/14 @ 9:59 PM. Currently funded. $25. Estimated to arrive December 2020)

And that’ll do it for another month. Thanks for reading!

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