Tweeviews! vol. 3

Time for another round of Tweeviews! In case you missed volumes 1 and 2, Tweeviews are reviews long enough to fit in a Twitter post, i.e. 280 characters or less. I’m doing these off of randomly selected titles from my collection, so let’s take it away!

image by BGG user angelkurisu

Impulse is a Carl Chudyk game through and through. Lots of cards, lots of ways those cards can be used, lots of paths to victory. It’s not quite as fun as some of his others, but it’s definitely a cool 4X style game. I’ve only played the Asmadi edition, not the Czacha reprint.

image by BGG user MasqGames

Epigo was the first game anyone ever sent me to review. I haven’t played in a while, but love that it’s basically RoboRally: The Abstract Game. Very minimalist in graphic design, with lots of variations to the game included right in the box. I think a reprint would serve it well.

image by BGG user Kyokai

Infinity Dungeon was part of the Level 99 Minigame Library. It’s a story-driven game where you’re given situations and must decide how to deal with them. Can be fun, but like most story games, it’s very dependent on the crowd you’re playing with. Haven’t played since my review.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Once Upon a Time is another story-driven game, where you’re playing cards and trying to get rid of your hand in service of the story. I dislike this one immensely. We keep it because my wife sort of likes it, but we haven’t played in years. Don’t know who would take it off of us.

image by BGG user Hagrid

Backgammon is a classic abstract game where you’re trying to get your pieces off the board. The genius of the game is that it’s a roll and move that doesn’t feel like one. This is one I recommend all gamers try, even if they don’t play it up to the point of mastery.

image by BGG user AEGTodd

Point Salad is one of my newest acquisitions. It’s a game where you’re trying to make the most points by building a salad. Really, you’re just collecting sets of vegetables, but it’s very cleverly put together. Looking forward to playing with higher player counts.

image by BGG user Surya

Race for the Galaxy is a classic tableau building game. It’s a great implementation of the role/action selection system of Puerto Rico, and is a fun game that takes a lot of heat for its use of symbols (which isn’t that bad). The Gathering Storm expansion is the only one needed.

image by BGG user nrihtar2

Coloretto is a great set collection card game where you either draw a card for a row on your turn, or take a row. The mechanisms used where the basis for Zooloretto, but I like Coloretto a lot more. It’s simple, it’s portable, and it’s a tough game to get good at.

image by BGG user Siegfried

Loony Quest is a spatial awareness drawing game. Each round, you get a task and must draw certain patterns just by eyeballing the picture. It’s a very clever game, and has a nice leveling up system reminiscent of old video games. Definitely recommended for families.

image by BGG user binraix

Jambo is one of the best two-player games I own. It’s basically a buy/sell game, where you’re trying to get goods and sell them, and it’s very well implemented. Pity it and its expansions are OOP, because I really need to get a copy of the second expansion for completeness.

Fantasy Flight Edition – image by BGG user Surya

Cosmic Encounter is a negotiation game with a lot of random elements, and despite that, I love it. It was unique when it first came out for its use of variable player powers, and FFG has taken that to its extreme. No two games are ever the same, and it’s a blast to play.

And that’ll do it for another round of Tweeviews! Hope you’re enjoying them – thanks for reading!

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