Kickstarter Blitz #74

Coming to you live from nowhere in particular, it’s the 74th Kickstarter Blitz! As always, funding levels are accurate as of the day before this posts, and times are in MST (that is, until March 8 when they switch to MDT). Here we go!

image from Kickstarter project page

Universal Rule (Chip Beauvais, Button Shy Games) came out in 2017, but is now introducing a new edition, as well as a solo mode that can be used in any of the three versions. It’s a 4X game with 18 cards, and any of the three versions (Universal Rule, Second Wave, or Singularity) can be combined into one game and used with the solo AI. Universal Rule is one of the Button Shy Games I haven’t gotten a chance to play, but it does look pretty cool. (Ends 2/29 @ 8:30 AM. Currently funded$10 per version of the game you get. Estimated to arrive May 2020)

image by BGG user CuratorOfIntrigue

Danger Park (Jono Naito/Ben Sobine, Story Machine Games) is a game about building a theme park with no regards to patron safety. Basically, you draft rides and “improvements”, put them in the park, and try to make as much money as you can before you get shut down. It looks like all kinds of chaos, and the theme looks amazing, so of course I want to know more. (Ends 2/29 @ 9:24 AM. Currently funded. $45. Estimated to arrive September 2020)

image by BGG user mepstein73

Chiseled (Michael Epstein, Copper Frog Games) is a deck deconstruction game, where you are trying to sculpt your deck into a fine work of art that will please the critics. Basically, each turn you will choose one of the shared tools and perform its action, which could be trashing cards, rearranging cards, etc. The critics all have different aspects of your deck they’re looking for, so you’re keeping that in mind. It seems interesting, and the sculpture theme looks like it fits the mechanics well. (Ends 3/2 @ 10:29 AM. Currently funded. $35. Estimated to arrive September 2020)

image by BGG user CFMoss

Wonderland’s War (Tim Eisner/Ben Eisner/Ian Moss, Druid City Games) is a game about Alice’s return to Wonderland, although it’s now a world where everyone is fighting with each other. This particular game is set at the Hatter’s tea party before everyone goes off to war. As you move around the table, you’ll be making preparations – recruiting, upgrading, building towers, and eating cake. Tim Eisner and Druid City were the team behind the very popular (and extremely well produced) Grimm Forest, so it’ll be cool to see what they do this time. (Ends 3/4 @ 4:00 PM. Currently funded. $50. Estimated to arrive March 2021)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Marvel United (Eric M. Lang/Andrea Chiarvesio, CMON) is a cooperative game set in the Marvel universe. And it’s by CMON, so of course it has miniatures. In this case, chibi miniatures. In the game, you’re moving around, trying to accomplish different tasks, and defeat the villain for the game. It looks cute, which is not necessarily what I want from a good superhero game, but the designers have a good track record, so I’m interested. (Ends 3/4 @ 5:00 PM. Currently funded. $60. Estimated to arrive March 2021)

image by BGG user kamus73

Gorinto (Richard Yaner, Grand Gamers Guild) is an abstract engine building game that I have played and enjoyed. See my review for more info. (Ends 3/4 @ 7:59 PM. Currently funded. $35. Estimated to arrive February 2021)

image by BGG user IDW_Ryan

Batman: The Animated Series Adventures – Shadow of the Bat (Peter Walsh/Kevin Wilson) is a game based on the greatest cartoon ever. There are 24 different scenarios in the game, so there’s a wide range of villains to take on, as well as lots of minis, dice, tokens – you know, standard Kevin Wilson fare. I think it’s a bit weird to call something “The Animated Series: The Board Game”, but man that show was incredible. (Ends 3/12 @ 9:00 PM. Currently funded. $125 base game, $225 all in. Estimated to arrive December 2020)

And that’s another Kickstarter Blitz down, folks. Thanks for reading!

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