Tweeviews!, Vol. 8

It’s the return of the Tweeview, my patented (not really) review format that fits an entire review of a board game in a single tweet! I’m been running through my own collection for these, so here are 11 more for you!

image by BGG user jayboy

Takenoko is a very cute game about a very cute panda trying to eat some very cute bamboo. Production is great, and the game is a very fun introductory style game. A lot of choice in the direction of your strategy, and also some randomness. A nice relaxing game.

image by BGG user unfathomable

Word on the Street is a team tug-of-war game where you’re spelling words based on categories, and trying to get the letters on your side. You can play with two, but it’s better with more. Glad it got reprinted after Out of the Box went belly-up.

image by BGG user Fawkes

Ticket to Ride is a classic game of route building across the US. There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said – it’s simple to learn, fun to play, and has a good amount of strategy for a gateway game. It’s been an industry leader for 16 years for a reason.

image by BGG user kaylex

Animal Upon Animal is one of the best children’s dexterity games out there because kids can be competitive and adults can have fun without them. You’re basically just stacking cool wooden animals on a crocodile and trying not to make them fall. It’s great fun.

image by BGG user SpiderOne

Lost Cities is a Knizia two-player title that is basically Put Cards In Order: The Game. It’s fine, it really is, but there are so many other two-player games I’d rather play. This one gets a lot of attention, partly because it’s so accessible, partly because people love Knizia.

image by BGG user Toshirauma

Lotus is a flower-building game. Seriously. You’re playing cards that become the petals of different flowers. It’s a beautiful game with a lot of thinking involved, and I don’t play it nearly as often as I should. There’s an unofficial solo variant I should check out.

image by BGG user binraix

Alea Iacta Est is a dice game set in ancient Rome. Basically, you roll, then assign your dice to different sites to position yourself best to get stuff you want. It’s a lot like a simultaneous auction game with dice, and I enjoy it. I got this as a door prize at a local con.

Pentaquark is a solo game from Button Shy about subatomic particles. The real science behind the game is reflected in the theme and mechanics really well, and the game is an interesting puzzle challenge. This is another one I need to pull out again sometime.

image by BGG user tehero22

Millennium Blades is a game about playing a game. You’re playing a fictional TCG, opening packs to get the best cards and then building a deck out of them. It’s an insanely brilliant concept, very well executed, and totally worth the price of admission. TONS of cards.

image by BGG user stooge

Machi Koro is a dice and card game where you’re building a city. The main mechanism, rolling dice to generate resources, was better executed in Space Base. This one has some fairly obvious strategy, and expansions improved it. My copy got warped and is basically unplayable now.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Reef is a brilliant abstract game where you’re essentially trying to make patterns. Cards are played for two purposes – placing pieces and scoring. It’s a beautiful game with a meaningless theme, but really fascinating in the way it builds combos. Highly recommended.

That’s it for another round of Tweeviews! Thanks for reading!

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