Tweeviews!, Vol. 9

Time for another round of Tweeviews, my review format that could fit into a Twitter post. So here come eleven more random Tweeviews from my collection.

image by BGG user Debate

Balloon Cup is a two player game where you’re trying to win trophies by completing hops. Basically, you are playing cards in certain combinations to either have the highest or lowest score. One of my favorites for two, though OOP – Piñata is the most recent version of the system.

image by BGG user monkeyturtle

Rack-O is an older game about putting numbers in sequence. It’s an interesting game, though fairly dependent on luck of the draw. Overall, it’s a fairly nice low-thought game that plays quickly, one of the few older mass market games I might recommend.

image by BGG user bpovis

Morels is a two-player game about hunting for and cooking mushrooms. It has a rotating card supply, and a strong set collection aspect. I don’t like mushrooms myself, but I find this game fascinating, and it makes me want to learn more about them.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

I Can’t Even With These Monsters is a kind of set collection game with an odd scoring premise. Literally – you need to have the highest odd score to win. Get it? You can’t EVEN. It’s a pretty fun game, with interesting special abilities. Very light, good for Halloween gatherings.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Splendor is an engine building game where you’re trying to collect gems to buy new cards that will let you get more gems. It’s a pretty game, and works well for casual gamers. I like how the end game doesn’t bog down as much as it does in some other engine builders.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Equinox is a two-player abstract tile placement game that is a battle between light and dark. Your goal is to have more of your color face up at the end. The tiles all have different abilities to turn stuff over. It’s a really good game that I haven’t played in a while.

image by BGG user WaterZero

HeroQuest was my introduction to dungeon crawls as a youth. I had a lot of fun being the overlord and trying to crush my friends as we played through it. The mechanics haven’t necessarily aged well, but it’s still a nostalgic memory that I still hold on to.

image by BGG user Henning

Famiglia is a two player game where you’re trying to draft gangsters into your family. Each color of gangster has its own ability, and the secret is trying to manipulate the cards to get the ones you normally couldn’t. A quick, fun, and portable game from Friedemann Friese.

image by BGG user gmattie

Scattergories is a party game where you’re thinking of words that start with certain letters to match a category. Like most party games, it’s a better activity than a game, but it is a really good activity. I inherited this when my parents moved.

image by BGG user ArtEmiSa64

Jamaica is a racing game with a programming element. Everyone has the same deck and plays them to move forward (or back), as well as gain treasure or cannons. It’s very light, and it’s better with a house rule that you’re not using the whole card at once.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Gizmos is an engine building game where you’re collecting marbles and using them to build what is hopefully a point-producing powerhouse. It can get slow in the end as your whole engine is running, but it’s fun and unique in its construction. This is the only CMON game I own.

And that’s it for another round of Tweeviews. Thanks for reading – be good to each other.


  1. Morels has a great app (at least on iOS and Android) that I really enjoyed. The multiplayer even works pretty well.

    And I love Gizmos! Have played it a couple of times and always up for more.

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