Kickstarter Blitz #78

With all that’s happening in my life right now (including, but not limited to, baby boy on the way in December!), I almost forgot it was the end of the month. That means it’s time for yet another Kickstarter Blitz! As always, times are in MDT, and funding levels are accurate as of the day before this posted. Let’s get to it!

image by BGG user ritaorlov

The Emerald Flame (Rita Orlov, PostCurious) is a puzzle adventure game that takes its cue from escape rooms in order to create its experience. In the box, you get three different scenarios, each in its own envelope. There are a series of puzzles to solve in order to win. Like most games of this ilk, it’s a one-time experience, although the game comes with a refill kit so someone else can play it when you’re done. It looks quite pretty. (Ends 6/26 @ 1:00 PM. Currently funded. $69. Estimated to arrive August 2021)

image by BGG user Iantacular

Merchants of the Dark Road (Brian Suhre, Elf Creek Games) is set in a world that is perpetually dark for half of the year. You play as a merchant who is traveling the dark roads between cities. The game uses an interesting action selection method, as well as a rondel mechanism. It looks like a very cool game. (Ends 6/26 @ 7:00 PM. Currently funded. $49. Estimated to arrive January 2021)

image by BGG user scottredracecar

1822: The Railways of Great Britain (Simon Cutforth, All Aboard Games) is an 18xx game that was originally published in 2016. Not being an 18xxer myself, I originally heard about this when it won the Heavy Cardboard Golden Elephant award for that year. The 18xx series consists of heavier economic train games, and has a pretty devoted following. Again, I’ve never played an 18xx game, but it seems like I really should in order to become a more complete gamer. (Ends 6/30 @ 9:00 AM. Currently funded. $120. Estimated to arrive December 2020)

image by BGG user Boardgame_girl

Tales of BarBEARia (Julie Ahern/Walter Barber/Ian VanNest, Greenbrier Games) is a sequel to the 2018 game BarBEARian Battlegrounds. In this one, you’re building up your empire before winter hits and you have to “hiBEARnate”. The game looks pretty cute, and it has a simultaneous action selection mechanism, which always appeals to me. (Ends 7/1 @ 8:00 PM. Currently not funded. $40. Estimated to arrive March 2021)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Terraforming Mars Big Box (Jacob Fryxelius, Stronghold Games) is basically a storage solution for the extremely popular Terraforming Mars and all of its expansions to date. The big feature here is a bunch of 3D tiles to use in your game. You could also get a small box that ONLY holds the 3D tiles, and not all the other game pieces. Note that getting the big box does not also get the game – you have to get that separately or add it on. (Ends 7/3 @ 9:01 AM. Currently funded. $79 small box, $99 big box, $144 with the base game, even more with expansions. Estimated to arrive March 2021)

image by BGG user timeisner1

Canopy (Tim Eisner, Weird City Games) is a two-player game about building a rainforest. You’re trying to attract the best animals through what you plant over the course of three seasons. It’s a beautiful game, with art by the great Vincent Dutrait, and I really like the theme. I hadn’t heard of it at all before I started researching this post, and now I want to know more. (Ends 7/10 @ 2:00 PM. Currently funded. $19. Estimated to arrive June 2021)

image by BGG user ArkusGames

Shelfie Stacker (Shem Phillips, Arkus Games) is very much a meta game for the board game hobby – you’re trying to build the best board game collection. You draft sets of dice from the middle and place them on your shelves. It looks pretty good, and comes from a designer who is best known for the North Sea and West Kingdom games, so he has a good pedigree. (Ends 7/11 @ 12:00 AM. Currently funded. $60 New Zealand [$39 US]. Estimated to arrive March 2021)

image by BGG user kmatejka

Roll Player Adventures (Keith Matejka/Peter Andrew Ryan/James William Ryan, Thunderworks Game) is the latest title in the Roll Player universe. In the original Roll Player game, you built your character. In this, you are taking fully formed heroes out to fight.It’s a cooperative storybook game with 11 core adventures and a repayable side quest. I’m to the point where I’m interested in just about anything Thunderworks does, so looking forward to learning more about this one. (Ends 7/17 @ 12:00 PM. Currently funded. $100. Estimated to arrive June 2021)

And that does it for another edition of the Blitz. Thanks for reading!


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