Game Buzz: Funkoverse Strategy Game

Ok, so I’m a year late in posting about this game. But I’ve heard a lot of good things, and they keep coming out with new content, so let’s take a look at

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Funkoverse Strategy Game came out in 2019 from Funko Games, designed by the team known as Prospero Hall. It’s a 2-4 player system where you are running around and completing scenarios using those little Funko Pop characters that are so popular these days (old guy that I am, I even have one of them – a little Weird Al figure that I keep on my desk at work). There are already a bunch of different sets for this game – Aggretsuko, Back to the Future, DC Comics, Game of Thrones, Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Kool-Aid Man, Rick & Morty, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. The game really is a system, and you can combine sets to your hearts content. For the purposes of this overview, I’m looking at the rulebook for the Harry Potter set.

It is recommended that you play the game with two players at first, though there are rules for playing 3-4 as well. In any case, there are two sides. Each player has two characters, as well as token representing their side (in Potter’s case, an Auror or a Death Eater). Each character has character cards, and some have status cards. Characters begins in their starting area, and you’re ready to play.

image by BGG user kalchio

In a round, players will alternate taking turns with the characters. So, for example, maybe Harry Potter goes first, then Bellatrix Lestrange, then Hermione Granger, the Voldemort. On a character’s turn, it takes two actions. These actions are move two spaces in any unobstructed direction, challenge an adjacent rival, stand up an adjacent ally, interact (only used in scenarios), use an ability by spending a token, or use an item. You can also rally, which stands yourself up using both available actions.

Some specifics about challenges. You can challenge any rival you’re adjacent to. As the challenger, you roll two dice and score one hit for each pow symbol, and three hits for rolling the exclamation points. The defender rolls one die, blocking one hit with a shield and three hits with the exclamation points. If you roll more successes than the defender, you knock them down. Otherwise, nothing happens. You can challenge a knocked down character in the same way. If you win that, you knock them out.

Each character also has specific abilities. to use them, you’ll have to spend the appropriate token. This means you place the token on the cool down track. At the end of each round, the tokens will move down on the cool down track, and return to you when they move off the track.

Your objective in your first game is to knock out an opponent. But there are some scenarios in the game as well, each with their own objectives. Winning in these games is usually determined by points.

image by BGG user NPCChris

This seems like a very light system, but it’s pretty ingeniously designed in that you can insert any character into any game, and it works out the same. So, in that sense, it’s kind of like a collectible board game – gotta catch ’em all. I can just imagine facing off Blanche and Dorothy against Bellatrix and Voldemort. Or even Batman and Jaws teaming up to take down the Kool-Aid Man and Jack Skellington. And from all reports, the game works pretty well. So it’s one I want to check out.

That’s it for today. Sorry I’m being a little irregular with my posting lately – life, you know? Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

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