Kickstarter Blitz #80

This is at least the second time this year I almost forgot to do the Kickstarter Blitz. Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something about it. For now, we’ll just proceed as usual. Times are MDT, and all funding levels are accurate as of the day before this posted. Let’s go!

image by BGG user kamus73

Endangered: New Species (Joe Hopkins, Grand Gamers Guild) is an expansion to the cooperative environmental conservation game that came out earlier this year. There are seven new species – jaguar, tapir, sea turtle, polar bear, elephant, California condor, and the Devils Hole pupfish. Add those to the tigers and sea otters from the base game, and that’s a lot of species that need saying. I did a review on the base game prior to its Kickstarter release, and do recommend it. (Ends 8/28 @ 7:59 PM. Currently funded. $45 for the expansion, $99 to also include the base game. Estimated to arrive September 2021)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Northgard: Uncharted Lands (Adrian Dinu, Open Sesame Games) is based on the Northgard video game, which I don’t know, but it’s about Vikings. The game has a modular map, little Viking minis, and in essence is a 4X game where your goal is to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. There are five different clans with their own powers. The game looks pretty interesting. (Ends 9/1 @ 1:00 PM. Currently funded. €50. Estimated to arrive July 2021)

image by BGG user Game Brewer

Arkwright: The Card Game (Stefan Risthaus, Game Brewer) is a card game follow-up to the popular, and very heavy, 2014 game Arkwright. The game is about factories in the Industrial Revolution. Over three decades, you’ll be opening and upgrading factories, improving your quality, building machines, hiring workers, and producing/selling goods. It’s very much an economic game. I’ve never played the original, though I’ve heard a lot about it from places like Heavy Cardboard, so I’m interested to see how this compares. (Ends 9/3 @ 1:00 AM. Currently funded. $29. Estimated to arrive July 2021)

image by BGG user mirobbins

Nova Lux (Max Robbins, Dragon Egg Games) is a sci-fi game where players are looking after orphaned alien species in a rapidly dying galaxy. You’ll draft alien factions and manage your resources to basically try to outlast the universe. It looks like kind of a cool small game that you can play solo, competitively, or semi-cooperatively. (Ends 9/3 @ 10:00 PM. Currently funded. $27. Estimated to arrive February 2021)

image from Kickstarter project page

Button Shy Haul Bag (Button Shy) is a bag that is designed to carry around all your favorite wallet games from Button Shy. Well, 18 of them any way. If you’re unfamiliar with Button Shy, they primarily publish 18-card wallet games. I guess if you have 18 of them, that’s a lot for just your pockets. And Button Shy has over 60 games, so if you’re a frequent customer of theirs, this is a pretty good idea. As part of this campaign, you can also get Interceptor, which won Button Shy’s 18 Identical Card contest. (Ends 9/5 @ 8:30 AM. Currently funded. $10 for Interceptor, $25 for bag. Estimated to arrive November 2020)

image from Kickstarter campaign

Hamburg and Amsterdam (Stefan Feld, Queen Games) are both reprints of Stefan Feld games – Hamburg is Bruges, and Amsterdam is Macao. These are the first two games in what Queen is Stefan Feld’s City Collection, of which at least two more (New York and Marrakesh) have been announced. Some games will be reprints, like these first two, and others will be new games. For now, I know a lot of people who are pretty excited about being able to get their hands on these two games again. (Ends 9/8 @ 6:00 PM. Currently funded. $65 either game, $99 deluxe either game, $130 both games, $198 deluxe both games. Estimated to arrive June 2021)

image by BGG user moonshiners_game

Dining with Dracula (Laura Dorila/Guiliano Draguleanu/Andreea Georgescu, 2Fat2Fly) is a worker placement/time management game where Dracula is looking for an heir. You’re trying to lure tourists around to do your bidding, and try to end up at Dracula’s table so you can brag about what you’ve been doing. The theme sounds more interesting than your standard vampire game, so I’m interested in looking deeper into this one. (Ends 9/10 @ 10:00 AM. Currently funded. $59. Estimated to arrive August 2021)

image from Kickstarter project page

Dr. Finn’s 2021 Games (Steve Finn, Dr. Finn’s Games) is a project covering the four games Dr. Finn is planning to release next year – Biblios: Quill & Parchment is a roll-and-write version of the very popular Biblios; Nanga Parbat is a two-player mountain climbing game; Mining Colony is a game about collecting resources on a nearby planet; and The Butterfly Garden is a second edition of a game about rescuing endangered butterflies. The only Dr. Finn game I’ve actually played is Biblios, which I didn’t like too much, but I have been pretty interested in a number of his other titles. (Ends 9/14 @ 9:59 AM. Currently not funded. $23 one game, $44 two games, $62 three games, $75 all games. Estimated to arrive March 2021)

image by BGG user greenlaser

Deck of Wonders (Dennis Furia, Furia Games) is a solo legacy card game that can also be played by two players. It’s designed to feel like a CCG, but without actually being a CCG. You choose a Villain to fight, which determines some special rules to follow and some cards you must use in your deck. The same deck of cards will be used by the player and the Villain, which is a cool concept. Looks like a fun game. (Ends 9/17 @ 9:59 PM. Currently funded. $35. Estimated to arrive November 2021)

Also, this is just a friendly reminder that the Postcard Games project is still up on Kickstarter. I did an overview of this last week, and to continue my full disclosure, I did design one of the games in the project. The project is running until 9/3 at 6:00, and is fully funded, but there’s always stretch goals, right?

That’s it for today. Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!


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