Kickstarter Blitz #81

Time for another Kickstarter Blitz, covering gaming projects that are currently seeking funding. As ever, funding levels are accurate as of the day before this posted, and all times are MDT.

image by BGG user Falco84

Monsters on Board (Ivo Neskovic/Aleksander Mikic/Samoil Petreski, Final Frontier Games) is a monster-themed game where you’re trying to get ready for the Blue Moon Monster Mixer. It’s a dice drafting game where you’re trying to get lots of Spook Juice and basically make your party the best. It’s got some cool minis and cardboard cars, and it looks like fun. (Ends 9/30 @ 3:59 PM. Currently funded. $54. Estimated to arrive June 2021)

image by BGG user DaveClarke

Streets (Haakon Gaarder, Sinister Fish Games) is a tile-laying city-building game. You’re working together to build different streets in this new city, and then people are going to move in and give you money. The game has a pretty distinct look to it that relates to last year’s Villagers game. Seems like a cool game. (Ends 10/1 @ 6:00 AM. Currently funded. £23 standard, £38 deluxe. Estimated to arrive June 2021)

image by BGG user Bsobol1

The Reckoners: Steelslayer (Brett Sobol/Seth Van Orden, Nauvoo Games) is an expansion to the 2018 board game The Reckoners, which in turn is based on the book series by Brandon Sanderson. It’s set in a world where people have developed super powers, but instead of using these powers for good, these so-called “Epics” have all become incredibly evil. This expansion has new Reckoners (who are the only ones willing to fight back), new equipment, new Epics, new Boss Epics, and new Cities. The original game was an incredibly well-produced game, and I really want to play it. (Ends 10/1 @ 9:00 PM. Currently funded. $59, $129 with base game. Estimated to arrive August 2021)

image from Kickstarter project page

Sharks Feeding Frenzy (Rocky Davies, Loud Cats) is a game about being a shark and eating as much food as you can. There are action tiles to place, ways to mess with your opponents, and some truly silly art. Honestly, it looks like kind of a dumb game, but a highly entertaining one. (Ends 10/13 @ 2:17 AM. Currently not funded. $29. Estimated to arrive May 2021)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

The 7th Citadel (Ludovic Roudy/Bruno Sautter) is the highly anticipated follow-up to the massively successful The 7th Continent. Set in a post-apocalyptic medieval fantasy world, you’re exploring the world and setting yourself up for the finale against The Threat. I haven’t gotten to play the original, though I’ve heard very good things. And this one seems to be doing quite well for itself so far. (Ends 10/15 @ 3:00 PM. Currently funded. €69. Estimated to arrive May 2022)

image by BGG user mgnade

Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin (Todd Walsh, Rock Manor Games) is a standalone expansion to Set A Watch, which came out last year. It’s a cooperative game where adventurers need to work together to defeat enemies, but someone has to stay behind to watch the fire every round. The original was something I was very interested in when it was first coming out, and it’s one I still need to play sometime. (Ends 10/15 @ 9:00 PM. Currently funded. $28, $59 with original deluxe game. Estimated to arrive September 2021)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Dinosaur Island: Rawr ‘n Write (Brian Lewis/David McGregor/Marissa Misura, Pandasaurus Games) is the roll-and-write version of Dinosaur Island. You draft dice, use those dice as workers, then place polymonioes to try to earn points. This is being funded with a sequel to Dinosaur Island called Dinosaur World. Because one disaster is never enough. (Ends 10/16 @ 10:59 PM. Currently funded. $30 Rawr ‘n Write, $70 Dinosaur World. Estimated to arrive July 2021)

image by BGG user SECOND GATE

Cactus Town (Raúl Luque Torner, Second Gate Games) is an asymmetric action programming game, and honestly, they had me at that. There’s an Old West theme, and you’re programming your actions much like in Colt Express (in a common pile). The trick here is that you’re programming in reverse order. Programming is one of my favorite game mechanisms, so I’m eager to see more about how this one works. (Ends 10/20 @ 1:00 PM. Currently funded. €25. Estimated to arrive October 2021)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Cascadia (Randy Flynn, Flatout Games) is a tile laying game set in the Pacific Northwest, where players are building up habitats for the native animals. It’s kind of abstract, kind of puzzly, and looks amazing thanks to art by the wonderful Beth Sobol. It looks like a game I’d really enjoy. (Ends 10/21 @ 10:00 PM. Currently funded. $29. Estimated to arrive August 2021)

image by BGG user jonathanngkh

Lord of the Chords (Jonathan Ng/Phang Jun Yu/Keith Teo, Lord of the Chords LLP) is a music theory based card game that first came out last year, and is now getting a reprint. Basically, you’re playing cards to create chords and claim key signatures. You have musical instruments, and can play different actions to mess with others. There aren’t enough good music-themed games, and I think this is one. (Ends 10/22 @ 8:00 AM. Currently funded. $34 Singapore [$25 US]. Estimated to arrive July 2021)

And that’ll do it for another Kickstarter Blitz! Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading.

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