2020 Random Fall Preview, part III

More random games that should be available this fall according to the BGG preview list! No more talk, let’s look!

image by BGG user stankewich

Calico (Kevin Russ, Alderac Entertainment Group) is a game of quilts and cats. Basically, you’re drafting patches of different colors and patterns to put onto your quilt, and trying to match the patterns you’re supposed to make. While you’re doing this, you’re trying to attract cats to your quilt. I was pretty interested in this one back when it was on Kickstarter last year, and I’m still interested in checking it out.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Knock! Knock! Dungeon! (Anthony Perone, Blue Orange Games) is a real-time cooperative game where you are exploring a dungeon to find and defeat the Black Knight in six minutes. You’re essentially building out a keep and trying to keep the value of the corners on the cards you’re playing to 5 or less. It seems like a fairly straightforward puzzle game, but I really want to know when you start telling knock knock jokes.

image by BGG user fantasyworld

Ganesha (Maxim Istomin, CrowD Games) is based on the Indian god of wisdom and prosperity. Really, it’s an abstract game where you’re taking gems, then scoring them off a mandala. It looks pretty, but I’m not sure how much is there. Some early reviews don’t make it look great, and some people are upset about cultural appropriation. So who knows how this will work out.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Elf: Journey from the North Pole (Prospero Hall, Funko Games) is a game about Buddy the Elf’s journey from the North Pole to New York. You know…through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, past the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops, and through the Lincoln Tunnel. You’re basically trying to hit certain locations quickly so they score maximum points. Sounds fun, and I do like Elf: The Movie.

image by BGG user pakomonk

4 Data Brokers (Oriol Comas i Coma/Màrius Serra, GDM Games) is a game based on a novel by Màrius Serra, though I’m not sure which one. It’s a game about the distribution of information, but I’m getting a hard time putting together a picture of the game from the available English information, of which there’s not much. It seems to be a card game where players are trying to fulfill their own goals.

image by BGG user Camille_iello

Kitara (Eric B. Vogel, IELLO) is a game about the attempt to reunify the Empire of Kitara in Africa. The art mainly shows people riding different animals (lions, buffalo, rhinos), as well as one lady who is some kind of centaur with cheetah legs. There’s combat and trying to build your own power. I’m interested to hear more about this, but I’m not entirely convinced it’s something I would like to play.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Dodo (Frank Bebenroth/Marco Teubner, KOSMOS) is a cooperative game where a dod has laid an egg on top of a mountain, and you have to guide it safely to the lifeboat waiting at the bottom. This is done in real time on a 3D mountain with a very slow moving ball. I mean it, I watched a video from Spielwarenmesse earlier this year, and it’s amazing how slowly that ball rolls. This looks like a cool kid’s game.

image by BGG user Laurie_Menke

Nomids (Andrew Looney, Looney Labs) is a game that uses the Looney Pyramids, which is a set of plastic pyramids that are used as the basis for all sorts of games (formerly called Icehouse pieces). You have three differently colored pyramids, and are trying to exchange, dump, and acquire pyramids of the same color, which allows you to get rid of them. Having no pyramids left wins you the game. I still want to explore the games available for the pyramids – I’ve only ever played Zendo and Icehouse.

image by BGG user janos_hunyadi

This War Without an Enemy (Scott H. Moore, Nuts! Publishing) is a two-player block wargame set in the first English Civil War. It was King Charles I against those who thought the Parliament should have greater control. Block wargames are, by definition, games that use wooden blocks instead of cardboard counters to represent units. I’m not a warmer myself, but I feel like block wargames are a genre I might be able to get into.

image by BGG user Ronnay

The Damsel’s Tale (Paul Nicholas/Josh Sommerfeld/Alex Wynnter, Red Genie Games) is a two-player asymmetrical game where one player is the baby dragon trying to alert his momma, and the other is the knight trying to steal the dragon’s hoard. I’m not entirely sure how the damsel figures into the plot – it says in the intro that the dragon is the damsel’s and needs feeding, so she’s letting the knight take a shot, but it seems like a weird connection.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Volterra (Julien Griffon, Steffen-Spiele) is a city-building abstract game where you are building up towers and trying to defend them from being taken over from your opponent. There’s not a whole lot of info on this one, other than the brief description on BGG. But Steffen-Spiele is primarily known for their abstract games, which is a genre I typically enjoy. So this is one I’d like to check out.

And that will do it for yet another random preview. Spiel Online is next week, so I’ll probably have a non-random preview up soon. Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

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