Kickstarter Blitz #84

Time for the final KSB of 2020. I know it’s a week early, but I usually do it on the last Friday of the month, and that’s Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be busy that day. There’s usually a lull in games I’m interested in around this time of year, and this year is no different. But I found a few. As always, times are in MST, and funding levels are accurate as of the day before this posting.

image by BGG user VGAMES

Twinkle (Theodore Karvounis, V Games) is a constellation building game. On your turn, you’ll add one polyhedral die to a branch off some starting stars, with each subsequent die being of a lower value. It’s a cool looking game, and looks like an interesting way to use polyhedral dice in a game. I think this would be one I’d have fun with. (Ends 12/21 @ 2:59 PM. Currently funded. €30. Estimated to arrive June 2021)

image by BGG user franktest77

Momiji (Dale Massarenti/Francesco Testing, 3 Emme Games) is a game about collecting autumn leaves in ancient Japan. Very simply, you are collecting leaves, playing them out, and trying to fulfill objectives. It’s a lovely looking game, and autumn is a theme that I can really get behind. Definitely one to look into more. (Ends 12/23 @ 12:00 PM. Currently funded. €15. Estimated to arrive September 2021)

image by BGG user natecm

The Boys: This Is Going To Hurt (Jon Levin/Josh Stilts/Nick Accardi, 1First Games) is based on the popular anti-superhero comic series that has also been adapted into a series on Amazon Prime. The goal of the game is to bring down Homelander, who is basically Superman but evil. I have watched the series, and it’s pretty intense, so I’m interested to find out how this game works. (Ends 12/24 @ 7:00 PM. Currently funded. $60. Estimated to arrive June 2021)

image from Kickstarter project page

12 Months, 12 Games (Print and Fun) appears to be a project where they are releasing print-and-play roll-and-write games about every month. This campaign has three games for the winter season – Crime at the Abbey, which is a hidden roles roll-and-write; ArkaRoll, which has an arcade theme; and Roll Type, which is a solo game shoot-em-up game. The games are print-and-play, so you’ll get the files and print them out yourself. (Ends 12/28 @ 10:00 AM. Currently funded. €3 for one game, €7 for all three. Estimated to arrive January 2021)

image by BGG user Orange Nebula

Vindication (Marc Neidlinger, Orange Nebula) was published in 2018, but is getting a reprint with a new expansion. The original game is about exploration and becoming more and more heroic. The Chronicles expansion adds more of a story, including character backstory and history of the locations on the island. I’ve had my eye on this one since I first heard about it, really want to check it out sometime. (Ends 12/30 @ 7:00 PM. Currently funded. $29 for Chronicles Expansion, $89 just the game, $229 game with all expansions. Estimated to arrive January 2022)

image by BGG user DeriusDen

Winter Queen (Yuri Zhuravijov, CrowD Games) is a game about a competition between sorcerers. You’re using crystals to create magical ornaments that the queen can buy. It’s apparently pretty abstract, but the art is quite nice. (Ends 12/31 @ 9:00 AM. Currently funded. $29. Estimated to arrive May 2021)

That’s it for Kickstarter Blitzes this year. Back in a few days for the annual Post-Holiday Gift Guide. Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

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