Kickstarter Blitz #85

Welcome to a new year of Kickstarter Blitzes! As always, times are in MST, and all funding levels are accurate as of the day before posting.

image from Kickstarter project page

Paper Apps Dungeon (Tom Brinton) is basically a 50-page notepad filled with randomly generated dungeons. Gameplay is pretty simple – you roll a die and move in a direction of your choice, interacting with stuff as you go. It’s a cool concept for an uncomplicated portable game, and especially cool that there are 100 different pads you could get. (Ends 2/1 @ 10:00 PM. Currently funded. $5. Estimated to arrive April 2021)

image by BGG user caljassar

Tinners’ Trail (Martin Wallace, Alley Cat Games) originally came out in 2008 from Wallace’s own Treefrog Games, and is now getting a much anticipated reprint. In the game, you are buying plots of land and mining them for tin and copper. Thematically, it’s classic Wallace. I’ve never played the original, but it’s something that’s pretty well regarded, so I’d like to check it out someday. (Ends 2/4 @ 4:58 PM. Currently funded. £33. Estimated to arrive September 2021)

image from

Button Shy is well known for their 18-card wallet games. Periodically, they do a reprint of some of their lesser known targets, and that’s what this campaign is doing. Right now, the campaign is offering Ahead in the Clouds, Antinomy, Arcane Bakery, Hierarchy, Liberation, Seasons of Rice, Smoke & Mirrors, Supertall, and Why I Otter, with others that may be added as the campaign progresses. I’ve done a bunch of reviews for Button Shy (including a few of these), and they produce high quality stuff. (Ends 2/6 @ 8:30 AM. Currently funded. $10 for one, $9 for each additional. Estimated to arrive June 2021)

Carnegie (Xavier Georges, Quined Games) is a game about steel mogul Andrew Carnegie. In the game, you’re trying to build the most prestigious company over the course of 20 rounds. It uses a follow mechanism – the active player picks an action, and the other players may follow. The game has a lot of hype around it, partly because the designer has been involved in very popular games like Troyes, Gingkopolis, and Carson City. (Ends 2/7 @ 9:00 AM. Currently funded. €65. Estimated to arrive September 2021)

image by BGG user PKTyson

Ping Yao: First Chinese Banks (Wu Shuang, Jing Studio) first came out in Chinese in 2017, but is now getting an English edition. It’s an economic game with a dice drafting system similar to Yspahan – roll your dice, organize them by value, then take actions based on the values. It’s getting some good buzz as a medium weight economic game, and looks very nice to boot. (Ends 2/11 @ 8:54 AM. Currently funded. $55. Estimated to arrive September 2021)

image by BGG user xocarla

Kingdoms of the Deep (Ian Zang, Galactic Raptor Games) is a simultaneous action area control game about gaining control of the deep. I haven’t really looked too closely into how it plays, but it’s an attractive game with a modular board, and I tend to like simultaneous action games. This one is being called a follow up to Animal Kingdoms, which also looked interesting, though it was by a completely different designer. (Ends 2/11 @ 8:00 PM. Currently funded. $39. Estimated to arrive February 2022)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Ted Alspach, Bézier Games) first came out in 2014, and is now getting a collector’s edition. It’s a game with a kind of I Cut You Choose mechanism where one player sets the prices for rooms, but the other players get to buy first. You’re building up your castle and trying to score the most points. I’ve played once and enjoyed it. This collector’s edition ups the already good component quality a lot. (Ends 2/18 @ 10:00 AM. Currently funded. $99. Estimated to arrive December 2021)

image by BGG user MathueRyann

MOB: Big Apple (Steve Finn, TGG Games) is a two-player area control game set in New York during the Prohibition era. Players control crime families and are trying to be the most powerful. It has quite a striking table presence – I think they nailed the look of the era. Plus, the game looks fun too. (Ends 2/24 @ 11:00 AM. Currently funded. $30. Estimated to arrive July 2021)

That’s another Blitz in the books. Thanks for reading!

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