Kickstarter Blitz #87

Here I go again on my own, goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known. It’s time for another roundup of current Kickstarter gaming projects. Times are in Mountain Daylight Time, and all funding levels are accurate as of the day before posting. Let’s get to it.

image by BGG user jgrahammacht

Caper: Europe (Unai Rubio, Keymaster Games) is a two-player game that reimplements the 2018 game Caper. The basic idea is that you’re a criminal mastermind trying to recruit thieves to your cause and send them off to pull heists across Europe. This is done through drafting. It’s a cool looking game – I like the art style. (Ends 3/26 @ 8:00 PM. Currently funded. $39. Estimated to arrive September 2021)

image by BGG user mborda

Death Valley (Kevin Ellenburg, Button Shy Games) is the latest 18-card game from Button Shy. In this one, you’re traveling through the iconic low spot, playing cards to your Journey or your Scrapbook. Hazards on the cards make playing cards more dangerous, and you’re trying to survive with the most points. This game, like last year’s Skulls of Sedlec, was a finalist in Button Shy’s contest where people sent in designs based on real locations. (Ends 3/27 @ 8:30 AM. Currently funded. $10. Estimated to arrive July 2021)

image by BGG user caljassar

Eternal Palace (Steven Aramini, Alley Cat Games) is a game about rebuilding a palace that has fallen into disrepair. Workers in this game are dice, and you’re trying to make the most valuable contributions to gain the favor of the Emperor. It looks beautiful, and seems like a pretty solid game. (Ends 3/31 @ 4:59 PM. Currently funded. £33. Estimated to arrive February 2022)

image by BGG user riddlen

Three Sisters (Ben Pinchback/Matt Riddle, Motor City Gameworks) is a new roll-and-write game from the designers of Fleet. It’s named after an agricultural technique where you plant three different crops near each other (in this case, pumpkin, corn, and beans). I’ve liked the games by these designers that I’ve played before, and this is certainly an interesting take on a farming theme. (Ends 4/1 @ 3:00 PM. Currently funded. $29. Estimated to arrive September 2021)

image by BGG user ebaraf

Floriferous (Eduardo Baraf/Steve Finn/Keith Matejka, Pencil First Games) is the latest collaboration between the time that gave us games like Herbaceous. It’s a game of flower collection where you’re strolling through your garden, stopping to pick up flowers, or fulfilling desires. These guys have been doing some good work with small games like this from what I’ve heard, so this is probably worth checking out. (Ends 4/5 @ 10:00 AM. Currently funded. $20. Estimated to arrive May 2022)

image by BGG user MenthaDesigns

Prosperitea (Al Gonzalez III, Mentha Designs) is a game where you run an artisanal tea shop. Your goal is to become the best known tea shop in town, so you’re sourcing ingredients, blending them together, and hopefully making lots of money. In addition to the game, there’s also a pledge level that’s just for tea. Which is a cool marketing strategy. (Ends 4/12 @ 12:06 AM. Currently funded. $29. Estimated to arrive March 2022)

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Fjords (Franz-Benno Delonge/Phil Walker-Harding, Grail Games) is a reprint of a 2005 game that people have been pining for. It’s a tile laying game where people are exploring/building the fjords, and then trying to claim area. Franz-Benno Delonge died back in 2007, so Phil Walker-Harding did some extra development work for this edition, including some new modules for play. (Ends 4/13 @ 9:52 AM. Currently funded. $33. Estimated to arrive November 2021)

image by BGG user Falco84

The Girl Who Made the Stars (John Shulter, Final Frontier Games) is a game based on a traditional story that comes from the San in Africa. It’s a worker placement game about the creation of the stars. It looks gorgeous, and is getting Kickstarted with another game called Solani, which has a Navajo theme. These two are the first in Final Frontier’s Pillars of Creation series. (Ends 4/14 @ 3:59 PM. Currently funded. $49 for one game, $95 for both. Estimated to arrive December 2021)

image by BGG user leandrep

Clash of Deck (Léandre Proust, Grammes Edition) is a conflict-based card game that was originally released in a print-and-play format in France last year. It was fairly successful, so the English version is now being released in an interesting format – it’s free. Well, you have to pay shipping, so it’s really $3. And if it does well, there will be expansions and stuff that is not free. But if you’re at all interested, you literally can’t beat the price. (Ends 4/15 @ 4:59 AM. Currently funded. €2. Estimated to arrive September 2021)

image by BGG user BoardGameTables

Ghosts of Christmas (Taki Shinzawa, is a trick-taking game based on A Christmas Carol. Tricks are played to the past, present, and future, but you don’t have to play in order. It’s a retheme of the game Time Palatrix that came out in 2019. It’s being Kickstarted with two other games: Bear Raid and the reprint of Factory Funner. (Ends 4/15 @ 10:00 PM. Currently funded. $15 for Ghosts of Christmas, $34 for Bear Raid or Factory Funner, $69 for all three. Estimated to arrive November 2021)

image by BGG user Reversal_Games

Tome: The Light Edition (Anthony Tharp, Reversal Games) is another trick-taking game. This one is team-based, where players are competing for points, with trump changing each round and special abilities on the cards (spells) that make you stronger or your opponents weaker. I like trick-taking games, and this one looks very pretty. (Ends 4/22 @ 10:00 AM. Currently not funded. $15. Estimated to arrive December 2021)

Also, a reminder to check out the Kickstarters for Match ‘Em Up and RPG Quest Calendar, both of which I’ve recently done reviews for (here’s the one for Match ‘Em Up, and here’s the one for RPQ Quest Calendar). That’s all for this month, and thanks for reading! (Also, a bonus point for anyone who caught the Monty Python reference somewhere on this page.)

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