Tweeviews!, vol. 11

It’s the return of the Tweeview! These are my occasional reviews of games in my collection in a tweet format – in other words, 280 characters or less. Let’s go!

image by BGG user Camdin

FUSE is a real-time dice rolling game where you’re trying to make patterns to defuse bombs. You have ten minutes. I tend to like this one more as a solitaire game than multiplayer – with more than one, you have to share rolls and chaos ensues. Solo is challenging enough, thanks.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Infiltration is a game set in the Android universe. You’re trying to get as far as you can into a facility, steal what you can, then escape in time. It’s one giant push-your-luck game. I enjoy it, but it doesn’t get much play these days. Designed by Donald X. Vaccarino.

image by BGG user karel_danek

Space Alert is Vlaada Chvátil’s cooperative game. You program actions to try and save the ship. It’s very challenging, and has one of the funniest rulebooks ever. I would love to play more, but it’s a tough one to teach, and I never seem to be able to get a group playing enough.

image by BGG user Eeeville

The Ravens of Thri Sahahsri is a two-player cooperative deduction game where one player gives clues and the other tries to interpret them. It is beautiful, and complex. I would love to play more as there are envelopes to open at some point, but it’s hard to play casually.

image by BGG user keebie

Forbidden Island is Matt Leacock’s more family-friendly version of Pandemic. You’re trying to collect treasures and escape before the island sinks. It’s challenging, and fun to play. Racing for the helicopter can be exciting, and it’s a great production for a great price.

image by BGG user NickKellet

GiftTRAP is a party game about giving and receiving gifts. Each round, you score points for being a good giver as well as being a good receiver. There’s a nice variety of “gifts”, and it’s fun. It can go too long, but it’s a party game I would say succeeds at being a game.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Space Base is a dice game where you’re trying to upgrade your ships in order to score points. You roll dice, collect stuff, and then try to get the best ships possible. There’s stuff to pay attention to in downtime, which is good because it can feel long. But it’s a great game.

image by BGG user Dewit_Ankama

Draftosaurus is a roll-and-write style game with no writing. You have a hand of dinosaurs which you place on your board before passing the rest. It’s very simple, very quick, and pretty fun. It’s an easy one to explain, and I think this one will go down as a classic intro game.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Ninja versus Ninja is a two-player abstract game where you’re trying to get into your opponent’s territory to score points. It’s a good game for kids with some very cool bits (ninja minis, four sided dice with katana through them). This is a game that needs a reprint.

image by BGG user Livinus

Roborally is the archetypal programming game where you’re telling robots where to go. You’re racing around, trying to tag flags in order and get back to base. But you have to watch out for others that can inadvertently destroy your plans. It’s an amazingly fun game.

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Sellswords Olympus is a two player game where you’re playing cards and trying to claim the greatest amount of territory. Cards have special powers and strength on each side. It’s a sequel to the original Sellwords, and just as good. A nice tactical game with a cool concept.

And that’s it for another round of Tweeviews. Lots of longer form reviews coming up in the next weeks, so stay tuned, stay safe, and thanks for reading!


  1. I actually played Infiltration once, on a random game night when somebody brought it out. It seemed ok though I would need more plays to see if I enjoyed it or not.

    I’ve played Draftosaurus on BGA and it seems like a fun game! Very quick and while I’m not good at it at all, it’s still fun.

    Space Base is one of my all-time favourites! It’s right now sitting in my office at work for our lunch-time games when I’m actually back in the office. Which may be a while, unfortunately.

    Some great choices here!

    • The only real problem I have with Draftosaurus in real life is that you’re supposed to keep the dinosaurs secret in your hand, and pass them covertly. This seemed gross even pre-pandemic. If you ever get this (which I do highly recommend), I’d suggest using cups when passing the dinos around.

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