Expansion Buzz: Draftosaurus Marina AND Aerial Show

One of my favorite really easy intro games of the last few years is 2019’s Draftosaurus, designed by the team of Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc, and Théo Rivière, and published by Ankama. For further details on the game, you can see my review from last year. Two expansions have been recently released, so here’s a quick post looking at them.

image by BGG user Dewit_Ankama

Draftosaurus Marina adds Plesiosaurs and more river to the game. The river is an extra board you attach to the bottom of your board. The Plesiosaurs get mixed in with the other dinosaurs and are drafted as usual. When you draft a Plesiosaur, it goes in the river – you can’t put it anywhere else. However, whenever you draft other dinosaurs, you can move Plesiosaurs further down the river, which lets them score more.

image by BGG user Dewit_Ankama

As you can see, there are bridges separating the different zones in the river. If you were to draft a T-Rex, you could move the plesiosaur on the zoo board into the next zone. If you drafted a spinosaurus on the next turn, you could then move all three plesiosaurs there into the next zone. Only plesiosaurs can move down river – no other dinos you place in the river can.

And that’s that one. On to

image by BGG user Dewit_Ankama

Draftosaurus Aerial Show gives your pterodactyls, as well as mountain range board for them. This board is placed at the top of your board. During set up, each player will draw two dinosaurs from the bag and place them on the egg spaces of their boards. The pterodactyls are mixed in with the rest. When you draft a pterodactyl, you place it on one of the mountain areas, though you can only place on one of the 1 spaces with your first one, and then others will open up. If you land on a spot with another dino, an egg has hatched and you may place that dino on your board normally. Other scoring opportunities are also available in other nests.

image by BGG user Dewit_Ankama

As you see here, this player has placed three dactyls, and has hatched one egg (which was placed below). They still have a stegosaurus that hasn’t hatched yet, but they have unlocked scoring opportunities on two spots. I think these are three points and the ability to ignore the placement die for the rest of the game.

So there you go. Two very simple expansions that you can use to add just a little bit more. I kind of wish they had just packaged these two together, but there you go. I think both modules seem fairly unobtrusive, and while they take away turns from drafting other dinos, they seem like they both make it worth it in different ways. I like how drafting other dinos make your plesiosaurs more valuable, and how dactyls can hatch other species. Both seem cool, and I look forward to trying them.

And that’s it for today. Told you it would be quick. Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

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