Game Buzz: Hashi

In the wake of my post on roll-and-writes I haven’t played, here’s a recently released flip-and-write game called

image by BGG user W Eric Martin

Hashi is game for 1-4 players designed by Jeffrey D. Allers and published by Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag (NSV). It’s a flip-and-write game, which means the randomizing element is cards instead of dice. It’s based on the Hashiwokakero logic puzzles, in which you are building bridges between spaces with numbers on them (for an example to try out yourself, you can go here). In this game, however, you are adding the numbers.

Each player gets a dry erase board that shows 18 islands, 3 of which have blue flags and 4 of which have red flags. Each player takes one board and writes a 3 or 4 on any island without a flag. The board is then passed to the player on your left. The 18 cards in the game are shuffled up, and one is discarded from the game.

image by BGG user Ludus Mundi

On each turn, one player flips over the top card of the deck. This will tell you a number (1-6), and a number of bridges (1-3). Each player will cross the card off from their bottom track (as it will never appear again), and will write the number on one of their islands and draw the number of bridges between islands. You can only do one of these if you choose, or neither, but they have to be done in order if you do both.

WRITE A NUMBER: Put the number on any free island without a flag, or on an island with a flag as long as a bridge leads to that island.

PLACE A BRIDGE: Draw the bridges along the dotted line that connects any two islands, as long as one of the islands already has a number. You can split up the number of bridges you draw, and you can always come back and draw a second bridge on a line. Bridges can never cross.

Once the number of bridges leaving an island equals the number on the island, circle it. You can never have more bridges leaving an island than the number indicates. The first to finish all four red flag islands scores 9 points. Anyone else who does it scores 5. The first to finish all blue flag islands scores 7 points. Anyone else who does it scores 3. The first to connect six finished islands by bridges scores 8 points. Anyone else who does it scores 4.

Once all 17 cards have been drawn, score 2 points per finished island. The winner is the player with the most points.

image from rulebook

I really like the Bridges puzzle, or Hashi as it’s also known. So, when I saw this, I was intrigued. And the game seems like it works. Apparently, it was originally a roll-and-write, but I guess the randomness of the dice took away something, so there needed to be more structure. The game looks fun and quick, and while this is one of those classic multiplayer solitaire games (apart from the setup), I think it’s one I’d have fun with, especially since I enjoy doing the puzzle. So I’m going to be looking out for this one.

That’s it for today! Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

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