Buzzworthiness: The Cupid Crisis

Thanks to Grand Gamers Guild for providing a review copy of this game.

With Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon, it’s a great time to take a look at the latest game in the Holiday Hijinks series, entitled

image by BGG user kamus73

The Cupid Crisis is the fourth game in the Holiday Hijinks series, designed by Jonathan Chaffer and pubished by Grand Gamers Guild. The Holiday Hijinks are essentially 18-card escape room games, each themed around a different holiday. I’ve talked about The Kringle Caper and The Independence Incident in the past, and The Pumpkin Problem came out this past Halloween.

To summarize gameplay, you open the packaging to find your 18 cards, which are all kept facedown until you’re ready for them. There are numbers on the back of each one so you know which ones you need. There’s a website ( that drives the game, and will tell you your starting card. It will also tell you if your guesses are correct, give hints, and provide outside knowledge that you may need in order to solve the puzzles.

The case this time involves what happens when you show up for your Valentine’s date, but I don’t want to get into spoilers. Let’s just say that things don’t go precisely according to plan.

As with the other Holiday Hijinks games, the Cupid Crisis comes in a fold-out box that contains your instructions. It’s pretty easy – just take the first card, solve, move on. The cards are pretty well made, with all the information you need to solve it right there. It’s all a nice, portable package so you can take it and play it anywhere. It is an escape room game, however, so be aware that you’re only going to play it once.

This title is the toughest one I’ve played. It’s listed as having a 3/3 difficulty, and I agree. You’re thrown in with no information, and you just have to figure it out. I ended up needing quite a few clues as I went through, and while I did solve it, it took me a while and I didn’t feel like I did great. But, I did enjoy the experience, and that’s the important thing to me. I was pretty satisfied when I was able to solve a puzzle on my own. I don’t really care about my score, but you can just try to play as efficiently and quickly as you can to maximize that.

One thing I did like about this game was that it was far less linear than the other two I’ve played. Those basically went just through the deck, but this one had you skipping around, trying different paths, and I appreciated that. My experience with escape room games is limited, but the one Unlock game I tried was non-linear like that, and I think that’s the way to go.

There’s not a whole lot else I can say without spoiling stuff. The puzzles are challenging, and it’s going to take some time to complete. I played by myself, and probably having others would have helped. Also, be sure you have some table space. Just sayin’.

IS IT BUZZWORTHY? I think this one is my favorite of the series that I’ve tried. It’s challenging, has a fairly cohesive theme, and works quite well. I do recommend it if you’re looking for a small footprint escape room experience.

Thanks again to Grand Gamers Guild for providing a review copy of The Cupid Crisis, and thanks to you for reading!

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