Boards and Bees Turns Twelve!

This won’t be a long post. Today is the twelfth birthday of this blog. I wrote it pretty consistently for the first ten years, and the last year has been the most sporadic of my career. For those of you just joining us, I’ll do a quick retrospective.

Twelve years ago today, I launched Boards and Bees with the idea of only talking about new and upcoming releases (game buzz, get it?). My first post was about a soon to be released game called 7 Wonders, which, unfortunately, has since faded into obscurity (pause for riotous laughter at my clever use of sarcasm). I soon started doing some reviews, as well as writing some other articles. It was fun.

Close to the end of 2013, I had my first bout with burnout. I was writing something about a game that had just come out at Spiel (I think it was Quantum), and all of a sudden, I didn’t want to do it anymore. I realized I was writing just to write something, and I got very tired. So I took about a month and a half off from the blog, broken up by the first post-holiday gift guide. In 2014, I reworked what I was doing, and started trying to do a lot more reviews. I did 50 that year, one a week, and also started doing a monthly roundup of Kickstarter games. I set myself a goal of doing two posts a week, and kept that up for several years.

And then the pandemic hit. I kept pushing through, doing my posts, but I often felt like I was just pumping out content to keep myself relevant. I wasn’t playing many games, and I found myself less interested in the new hotness – most of the popular games now seem to be highly thematic fantasy games with lots of detailed miniatures, and that doesn’t interest me at all. My burnout hit hard in July of 2021, and with a pile of games I needed to review, I found that I was having to force myself to write. With two kids, one of whom was born at the end of 2020, I just found I needed to let my old pace go.

And so I did. I’m pretty at peace with it. My content is now coming out every once in a while, and I’m not trying to hit that 100 posts a year that I was before. I’ve only done 39 posts since my eleventh birthday, including this one (which incidentally is post #1111 all time). That’s less than one a week. Which is fine with me.

As for the future, I’m going to continue writing for a while. I still like writing, even though it’s harder and harder for written content to get noticed in this video-driven world. Thanks for the last twelve years, and let’s get back to the games.



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